October Goals Wrap Up


Forgive me for saying this, but where did October go?!

I’m certain I posted my original October goals post just a couple of days ago!

So, how the heck did my October go? Did I meet my goals? (And what the heck were my goals, anyway?!)

1. Embrace the taper

I’m happy to say this was a success. I did embrace my taper! It wasn’t easy, but I did it 🙂

2. Enjoy my marathon

With the exception of a few really difficult miles,  Ireally really enjoyed my marathon. So much so that I’m even tentatively planning my second marathon for Spring 2014! (Man, runners are crazy!).

3. Cross train

I sort of did this? I think?

I really took the six days off immediately after the marathon and have run 3 times, gotten all caught up on my ab work and have managed to fit in a few sessions of Nike + Training Club for cross training. Holy moly lunges make my quads scream!

4. Rest!

And rest I did! It wasn’t easy taking six whole days off, but I know my body really needed it and I’m feeling awesome now and ready to tackle my training for my February Half Marathon!

5. Stay in the green zone for my budget

I did relatively okay this month. It was better than September, and I figure so long as each month is better than the previous month then I’m moving in the right direction.

(As an aside, as I was reviewing my budget last night, I realized I made a pretty big error in my pay off debt calculation and I’m kinda peeved about it. With correcting the error (and, assuming things go well between now and then – no more impulse buys!) I will be debt free by May 30, 2014 instead of April 30, 2014, but this leaves me a lot less breathing room than before. I’m trying to roll with it, but it’s hard to not kick myself for making such a dumb Excel error.)

Tell me: did you make any goals this month?

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