February 2011: Hypothermic Half

Time: 2:10, or 2:15. I don’t remember. I also didn’t train.

Half marathon walk break

There’s nothing quite as awesome as a runners high, and with the runners high comes the desire to run more.

This desire to run more is usually what causes The Cowboy and I to sign up for the next one, two or three races.

About 3 weeks out from the race we start to wonder if we’re crazy.

Did we train enough?

Can we actually do this?

I don’t want to die……

And then, on race day, things seem to come together.

I may not have been that fast on Saturday – I added 17 minutes to the race time from Thanksgiving, but I knew I didn’t train that much and I didn’t want to feel like death at the end. So I took it easy. And I really enjoyed myself.

I promised Kassie and Rusti race pictures, but I was enjoying myself so much that I only remember to take two pictures.

Half marathon walk break

Luckily I had a running buddy cheering us on and snapping pictures.

It may be out of focus, but it certainly captures the moment at the 15km mark. I was feeling good. I was enjoying myself. I was in the groove.

I can’t say I felt that good when I crossed the finish line 6.1km later, but I sure was glad that I signed up for the race.

Next up?

3 half-marathons between April 17 and May 29.

Yes, I realize that’s a bit crazy, but it sure will be awesome!

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