3 Week Break

After kicking my own butt training for a marathon, and in preparation in healing my body before I start my crazy half marathon training plan, I wanted to put a plan in place for my 3 weeks off.

What? I work best when I have a plan in place.

Runner’s World recommends taking one day off for every mile raced, so a 26 mile marathon means I should take 26 days off from running.

For each mile that you race, allow one day of recovery before returning to hard training or racing.

That means no speed workouts or racing for six days after a 10-K or 26 days after a marathon. The rule’s originator was the late Jack Foster, the masters marathon world record holder (2:11:18) from 1974 to 1990. Foster wrote in his book, Tale of the Ancient Marathoner, “My method is roughly to have a day off racing for every mile I raced.”

Now I’m not quite taking 26 days off, but I am definitely giving myself a break before jumping into a new training plan.

That said, a break to me doesn’t mean sitting on the couch eating junk food (although that’s not a bad plan), I want to keep my body strong, but still give myself a chance to recover and heal from running for a very (very) long time.

(Week one starts on Sunday October 13, 2013)

Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
1 MARATHON off off Yoga Strength Yoga Yoga
2 5k SLOW off Strength 5k SLOW Strength Off Yoga
3 7k SLOW off Strength 7k SLOW Strength Off Yoga
4 Half Training

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