Down and Out

Hello friends. 

Did you miss me this week? Did you notice I was missing?

I’m sad to say that although I promised downloadable training plans tomorrow, I wont have them for you. 

Monday evening I was taken down by the flu, the real flu, not a stomach bug. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and all but 2 hours on Thursday home from work. 🤒

Whether I make it to work on Friday is still yet to be seen. I can pretty much guarantee I won’t make it a full day, and extra sleep is something I wouldn’t say no to. And, if you heard my cough, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want me near you 😷

I did make it to my doctor in time to get Tamiflu, but not eating much for 3 days has definitely taken its toll on my energy. 😴

I don’t have much else to say, but wanted to pop in and say “hi”. 

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