I’m super pumped to be able to legally stalk Danielle and work with Natalie at Ramblen.

How am I able to legally stalk someone, you ask? Why by being an ambassador and reviewer for their awesome company Ramblen.


I’m tasked with reviewing awesome areas in Calgary for you to get your fit on (<– I just made that up, did it sound stupid? Probably). In addition to posting the reviews on the Ramblen site, I’ll also be compiling them here for you, should you have a desire to check out all that Calgary has to offer. (Spoiler: it’s a lot! We’re a heck of a lot more than just cowboys and oil!)

Calgarians: if you have a suggestion for a review, please let me know!

PS – you can check out my bio on the Ramblen site here, and don’t forget to give the other Ambassadors some love too!

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