Marathon Playlist

Although I’ve been running and racing since 2010, I only started listening to music on my runs in June of this year. I took pride in not needing music to get through my runs. Then? Enter Songza. As soon as I found out about Songza and started using RunKeeper instead of my beloved Garmin, my runs changed.

I now love listening to music on my runs. There are times when I’ll be in the zone running and two or three songs will go by and I won’t really have heard them, but there are also some songs that just push me to run harder and faster.

Since both Songza and RunKeeper use data and; therefore, battery life on my phone, I’m actually kind of nervous that my battery will die before I finish my marathon in 11 days. (Yes, I’m going to keep counting down until the day arrives. I love countdowns – hence the countdown button in my sidebar. Sorry I’m not sorry).

Enter: the play list.

My goal this weekend is to spend some time making a roughly 4.5 hour playlist for race day (and then cross my fingers I finish in 4:30 or less!).

There are two songs that will be making multiple appearances on list. There may also be dancing while running and listening to these songs.

How can you not want to rock out in your living room while listening to this song?!

I’m a huge Avicii fan. HUGE. I loved this song from the second it was released and the entire album is great.

Never fear – once finished I’ll post my playlist for y’all.

What are your favourite running songs?

Anything I MUST include on my playlist?

4 thoughts on “Marathon Playlist

  1. Those two songs were added to my running playlists when I did Ragnar Colorado and I am so in love with them, especially ROAR. Great anthem for coming back from an injury. I also added a bunch of Mumford and sons, how did I live without them for so long? I will have to check out the rest of the Avicii album. Good luck with your marathon!!

    I just HAD to check out your blog because of the name 😉 I am a running cowgirl nurse from Montana.

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