Weekly Plan: 4/14 – 4/20 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 12)

Instead of reviewing and planning my training last night, I threw myself a bit of a pity party. After spending all day Saturday and most of Sunday grading papers I was pumped to go for a run….and then everything kind of fell apart.


I was all excited to run in my new shoes because running in new shoes is awesome and amazing and wonderful.

But? They’re too big 😦

My heel kept slipping out and I finally turned around and stomped home.

I was extra bummed until I realized I can exchange them no questions asked for up to 30 days.

So then I poured myself a glass of wine and watched The Good Wife.


Monday 10km easy 4km – my legs were like lead.
Tuesday 6x1mile strong 4×1 mile (10.11km)
Wednesday Off – Massage!! Off!!
Thursday 15k tempo 8.5km tempo. Ish.
Friday 12k easy 12k easy
Saturday 15k easy 2k walk
Sunday 29 long 😦

Total planned mileage: 91km; actual 55.7km

As of today there are 47 days until my race. I keep telling myself that the crappy running days are “mental training” days, I had a lot of them this week.

After running 21.1km on Sunday, my run on Monday was hard. Unbelievably hard.

That said, I did notice my legs felt good on Tuesday, so that counted for something. I felt great on Tuesday until my stomach decided it had other plans. Like lead in my tummy. I really wanted to get in my last two intervals but it just wasn’t happening. At all.

Thursday was a mess of “what can go wrong”. First, I decided to do a hard run the day after my massage therapist stripped my shins. Yeah, probably not a great idea. Then I wore stiff speed shoes. Again, not a great idea. I did make it half distance, which felt good – and confirmed that it really does take me 30 minutes to get warmed up when running.

This weekend didn’t quite go as planned. At all. I’m a bit bummed about it, but I’m also not going to beat myself up over it. I so rarely end up working all weekend, and I’m pretty certain one weekend of low mileage won’t kill me.

Here’s what week 12 looks like…

Monday 10km easy
Tuesday 4×1.5 miles strong
Wednesday Off
Thursday 15k tempo
Friday 12k easy
Saturday 15k easy
Sunday 16k long

Total planned mileage: 78km

I’m feeling good about this upcoming week.

I’m pumped about having Friday off, so I can sleep in, be lazy and run.

Today is gorgeous, so I brought my running gear to work with me so I can run at lunch. This means my run will probably only be about 7km, but I think it’s a fair trade off to be able to enjoy a bit more of the evening 🙂

Tell me: How long does it take you to get warmed up for a run?

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Help! I’m Running An Ultra Marathon

Although I may have signed up to run this race back in December, it’s been more of an idea; an intangible thing that I set out to do.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that on June 1 I actually will be running 50k.

In less than two months (I’m not even going to look at the number of days) I’m going to *ahem* willingly run for > 5 hours.

What was I thinking?! <– I’m mostly joking here. Mostly.

With this race becoming reality, I’ve realized I need to consider the logistics of the race.

When I ran Disney, I didn’t bother with a fuel belt because there were water stations every mile. I never worried about getting thirsty or dehydrated as the longest I’d go without a stop was 15 or so minutes.

Looking at the course map for the Wild Rose Brewery 50k (can I just say how freaking awesome it is that a brewery is the sponsor for the 50k?! LOVE IT!! I’ll take a Velvet Fog at the finish line please 🙂 ) there are points where I’ll go upwards of 4k (that’s 2.5 miles) without a water stop, and there are only 2 gel stations on course as well.

This means I should probably have some sort of a water and fueling plan.

Or something.

In the past I’ve carried my 3-bottle fuel belt, but even that wasn’t enough to get me through my marathon, so I’ve been considering a camel back.

Someone suggested one to me a few months ago and I scoffed because I’m not sure if I’d enjoy running with something possibly sloshing on my back. But, it’s likely better to have something sloshing around than to get dehydrated and not finish. So I’m considering one, but I have no idea what one to get. Which is really the entire point of this post.

As a first time ultra marathoner, what do I need to know?

I’ve heard of people using real food for fuel when running ultras but I’m not sure if my stomach would be able to stomach it. In the past I’ve been fine with gels, but how many do I need? How much water do I need?

Aside from water and fuel, what do I need to consider?

As Dean Karnazes will be speaking at the expo (along with Bart Yasso!) I’m sure I could ask questions then, but I’m asking them now because I want to be prepared.

I’m running the Calgary Police Half Marathon on April 27 as a training run and I’d like to try out a camel back at that point to see if I like it or hate it. I also hope it doesn’t snow.

What the heck do I wear?!

The Calagary Marathon has also thrown in a bit of a wrench buy offering three amazing prizes for the three best dressed runners. Since the race is celebrating the 50th anniversay of the marathon, people have been asked to dress in costume.

Now, I’m uncertain if I will dress up for a 50k (that’s a long freaking time to run in costume) but I also think it could be fun, and anything to add a smile on my face when running would be a good thing. So if anyone has any (non-chafing) suggestions for a costume, I’m all ears!

Tell me: Please give me any and all advice you have! I’m a total n00b at the ultra marathon!


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Hansons Method: Strength

It sure has been a while since I posted an update on my Hanson’s Method training plan. This is because 1) I was dealing with not always hitting my scheduled runs and 2) the first half of my program was speedwork and then it moved to a strength run.


These are totally new to me, as my programs in the past were focused on tempo. steady, speedwork and long runs – so what in the heck is a strength run?! I even had to review the chapter in my book to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into on Tuesday.

Strength workouts are still runs, but ones that emphasize volume at a slightly lower intensity with the goal of stressing the aerobic system at a high level. While the speed sessions are designed to be short enough to avoid lactate accumulation, the strength sessions are meant to force the runner to adapt to running longer distances with moderate amounts of lactate accumulation.


The benefits of strength workouts include:

  • improved lactate clearance
  • improved lactate tolerance
  • improved endurance at faster paces
  • improved O2 delivery
  • improved running economy

All of that sounds really good to me, especially since come race day I’ll be running and running and running and runni……You get the idea.

My speedwork sessions started with 400m (0.25 mile) repeats and progressed to 1200m (0.75mile) repeats. Strength workouts don’t start our nearly as kind. I started with 6x1mile (1600m) with 400m (0.25 mile) rest and will progress to 2x3miles (just shy of 5k) with only 800m (0.50 mile) of rest.

However, these are at a much slower pace than speedwork. I was running my speedwork at an average pace of 5:13-5:32/km and 5:00-5:18/km or 8:24-8:55/mile and 8:03-8:33/mile.

My super handy pace chart (click here) tells me for a 4:00-4:15 marathon time, I’ll want to run my strength workouts at a pace of 8:59-9:34/mile or 5:34-5:56/km.

That sounds….doable.

The lack of rest will probably be a challenge, but really, that’s the whole point of these runs – to get my body used to pushing hard and maintaining pace for a looong time.

Since there aren’t really pace times out there for the 50km, I plugged some expected finish times (anywhere from 5:00 to 5:30) into this site (<– also very handy if you need to convert min/mile to min/km and vice versa!) and here’s what it spit out.

5-00 5-15 5-30


To be honest, these all seem pretty reasonable to me. The 5 hour finish is definitely a stretch and I’m not even going to have that as a goal, but I really feel like a 5:15-5:30 finish is doable (provided I don’t cramp like I did in my marathon). I even looked up my average pace for my full and it was 6:19/km even with all the cramping and walking, so I feel like if I stay healthy, running at a 6:18/km pace for 50km is actually achievable.


The First Run

Tueday I set out to do my first ever strength session.

To be honest I really just wanted to lay on the couch. I was tired. It was my seventh day in a row of running. But, I knew I’d get to rest on Wednesday (can we pause for a moment to honour the awesomeness of a rest day) so I decided to get out there and just do it. You know, like the commercials said.

It went….okay.

My dinner on Monday probably didn’t help matters: fish, beans and four (yes, four) beets. Holy fibre.

It was also hella windy. Welcome to spring in Alberta. (I could look up how windy, but I think hella windy works).

The plan was to run 6×1 mile intervals, due to the wind, every second interval was running into the wind, so that was super fun. Then came my tummy.

Whenever I have speed work to do, I always tell myself I must complete more than half the intervals and then I can decide if I want to continue. 99% of the time I do them all. Not this time.

I made it to 4 intervals and my tummy had other plans. I tried to do a slow run for the 2.5km back home and even that didn’t help, so I walked.

All in all, my run was over 10km and I definitely think these workouts are dobale. For the majority of my running I was running a near 5:30 min/km pace and I felt really good about that.

Tell me: Have you ever ran a program with a strength run?





Long Runs

Training Plan


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The Leg Bone’s Connected to the Shin Bone

I’m pumped to (cautiously) say that I think my peroneal tendonitis has been mostly cleared up!

A huge shout out to Kelsey at Spine Guys and Dr Hayer at Back and Body Health for getting my body back to normal. Ish.

Last Tuesday I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment and boy, did my body ever need it! After my Tuesday adjustment I noticed a huge difference in my running on Wednesday. So much so that I think a lot of my leg issues have to do with my hips being uneven.

For years I’ve battled with my left hip rolling up and in, basically shortening my left leg and the left side of my body.

I’ve also dealt with shin splints and peroneal tendonitis on my right side as well as my right ribs slipping out.

So in my completely not-a-doctor opinion, I’ve decided it’s all connected. I’ve used my epic skills in MS Paint to draw a diagram which will hopefully help with my explanation. If not? It’s still a totally epic drawing.

Crooked Body

I hope my drawing and summary makes sense.

After my adjustment last Tuesday and my speed work on Wednesday I had zero pain in my right leg. Seriously. ZERO!

My chiro instructed me to do some work to get my body used to being even (confession: I may have made a zillion trips to the bathroom mirror on Tuesday and Wednesday to check the alignment of my hips) so I’ve been doing squats, lunges, bridges and leg lifts to help isolate my glutes and convince my left side to start engaging.

And? Here is where I eat my words from last week. I said I don’t post mini-workouts on my blog and now I’m going to post one for you. I suppose that’s a perk to this being my blog – I can change my mind if I so choose 🙂

bum workout

I try to complete this workout after every run, it takes about 4 minutes. How do I know it takes four minutes? Well, when I make tea I set a time to steep it (otherwise I’d completely forget) and in the time it took my tea to steep I was able to complete my workout 🙂

Amanda also has a wonderful post on overcoming quad dependence and strengthening glutes here

I also found an excellent workout from the NTC app I spoke about last week. It’s in the Get Focused section and is the Perfect Alignment workout by Gabby Douglas. The first time I did this I thought I was going to die after 10 minutes, so I guess that means it’s working, right?!

photo (2) photo (3)

The five exercises above are repeated three times for 15 minutes (go math!!) and, guys, it’s hard.

Note: since the NTC app is a free app and not a paid program or a workout prepared by a personal trainer I decided it’s okay to share on the blog. If you don’t have the app already, seriously – get it! 🙂

My hope is that by strengthening the weaker areas of my body (core and glutes) I’ll be able to teach my left hip to stay put and that will help prevent (or, at the very least, reduce) any injuries in the future.

Tell me: What are the weak areas in your body? What do you do to strengthen them?


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Weekly Plan: 3/24 – 3/30 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 9)

So. Happy Monday?

weekly plan


I did have the awesome weekend I was hoping for, I had dinner plans Friday, watched Need for Speed Saturday, went for brunch on Sunday (after I ran) and saw Divergent, so it was far busier than my last weekend.

I think the fun (or eating not-so-great food) hit me as I woke up with a migraine this morning and was late for work. Certainly not how I anticipated spending my Monday :/


Monday 7k easy 7.5k at lunch. Yay
Tuesday Off – Chiropractor A much needed adjustment 🙂
Wednesday 6x800m speed Done! Total mileage 14.5km
Thursday 9k tempo Nope. I went for a walk at lunch in my work shoes and could feel in it my shins. Oops.
Friday 7k easy My shin was still bothering me so I rested
Saturday 10k easy Alonther day of rest. I had my chiro work on my shin and figured it would be better to ice than run
Sunday 16k long 10km. Our weather was crap and my motivation on the treadmill waned after 6.2 miles.

Total planned mileage: 56km. Total actual mileage: 32km. Not quite what was planned, but double last week. So, yay?

The bad news of this past week is that my shin was still bugging me, the good news is its a different part of my shin and the tendonitis seems to have been cleared up.

I’m obviously still struggling a bit with my training, and our cold and snowy weather (yup. still) isn’t helping with my motivation. I’m even on the fence about running today because of my headache from this morning. I’ll have to see how the rest of my day goes and just take it from there…

Here’s what week 9 looks like…

Monday 7k easy
Tuesday 5x1km speed
Wednesday Off
Thursday 15k tempo
Friday 12k easy
Saturday 7k easy
Sunday 29k long

Total planned mileage: 80km.

Ummmm. Yeah. So things really start to ramp up this week. The first half (9 weeks) of my training program were base building and now it’s really getting into training since there are only *gulp* 9 weeks until my race.

I’m definitely feeling a bit nervous looking at my mileage, especially my long run on Sunday…

I’m also linking up with AmandaKrysten and Ericka for #bestfoot Monday today :)

Bestfoot This Week Link Up[4]

Tell me: What was the best part of your weekend?


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Let’s Talk Cross Training

I think by now, after me posting many (many!) weeks of running and workout plans, y’all can see I’m fairly good at running (provided I’m not sick or injured) but I’m absolutely awful at fitting in cross training.


I really really want to change that, but I really struggle with the want to pick up weights after going for a long run.

I have no problem making myself run on the days where I may not exactly want to run, but for some reason I’m awful at applying that same mentality when it comes to cross training.

I’m not exactly sure what the answer is, but I do think making it easy it key for me. No fancy equipment, no crazy, “I will work out six days a week” plans.


In. Out. Done. <– That’s what she said. Heh. 😉

So starting this week I’m using the Nike Training Club app on my phone for workouts. I’ve had this app for nearly two years and every time I use it I remember why I absolutely love it.

Some of the workouts require very little equipment, many of them ask for dumbbells (which I own), a stability ball (own one too!) or a resistance band (own that too!) so it’s pretty darn easy for me to do it in my living room.

My condo also has a full gym that I can use, so, not much room for excuses there!

I set myself up with a 4-week plan (new in the last update of the app) with the goal of “get toned”. The NTC app has three goals: get lean, get toned, or get strong and in each of those you can select beginner (me – for now!), intermediate or advanced. There are also 15 minute quick fix workouts that include abs, yoga, stretching and focused workouts.

My plan for the next four weeks is to complete my three strength workouts M/W/F and also do a 15 minute ab workout 3x/week as well. I know my core is really week and that definitely makes running a challenge, so to help with that, abs it is!

I’d like to include yoga, but I really don’t want to get too crazy with my plan here. If it works, I’ll do yoga 2-3x per week, but if not, I won’t beat myself up over it.

I also hope this will help strengthen my legs so I can stop dealing with lower leg issues.

Tell me: How do you motivate yourself to cross train?

Glass Slipper Challenge: Race Photos

I bet you thought you were done having to read about the super amazing time I had in Disney, didn’t you?

Well, if you did, you’re mistaken.

See, I neglected to include some of the race photos in my post. My recaps (one, two) were already really really long and I figured no one wanted to see a bunch of race photos.

Then I found some super hilarious (and semi-embarrassing) photos and knew you needed to see them. Especially on a Friday since Friday’s are for fun (and drinking).

ham Finish Castle 10k

I plan on ordering the picture of Ann and I in front of the castle because it’s awesome.

Tell me: Do you order race photos?


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Injuries Happen

When I think about my training over the past few months, I feel very up and down about it. When my training goes well, it goes really, really well. When it goes poorly, it goes especially poorly.

For example: December. I was sick and ran all of 22km in an entire month. No joke. December was a super, duper crappy month.

January was much, much better. I was healthy (yay!) and was able to train for the Glass Slipper Challenge and I felt pretty good about my runs. (Total mileage 100km).

February was better than January, with the exception of the cold that took me down for a few days – I managed 127km in February.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because if you look at my mileage for January and February and then I tell you I ran 54km in seven days in March, it’s pretty easy to see why I have some lower leg pain. I ran more than double of my December mileage, over half of my January mileage and 43% of my February mileage in one week.

I think that’s probably the definitely of too much too soon. Whoops.

And so this week? I’ve been resting and researching.

I’ve struggled with outer lower leg pain for a quite a while. When I first experienced it, I mentioned to my old massage therapist and my chiropractor that it felt more like tendonitis than what I thought shin splints would feel like, mainly because the pain originates near my ankle bone.

After doing some research with Dr Google today, it seems it might actually be tendonitis. Peroneal Tendonitis to be exact.

So, what the heck it is?

Symptoms of peroneal tendonitis include pain and swelling on the outside of the ankle just below the bony bit or lateral malleolus. Pain is often worse during activity but gets better with rest. There may be pain when pressing in on the peroneal tendons on the outside of the ankle. Pain may be recreated by stretching the peroneal muscles by inverting the foot or turning it inwards as well as attempting to do the reverse against resistance.



In my highly non-doctor opinion, this very much sounds like what I’m experiencing, and not actual shin splits. This can also be caused by high arches (check!) because additional pressure is put on the outer edge of the foot.

I first started experiencing this pain in yoga (weird, I know) because in wide-leg poses, I tend to put more pressure on the outer edge of my foot and not equally over the 4-corners of my foot (in yoga-speak).

Lucky for me, I have a massage therapy appointment this evening, so I’ll see what my therapist thinks and what she recommends for rehab. Having a crazy insane race scheduled in 11 weeks is a tough balance for me. I have a lot of high-mileage weeks coming up, so taking a lot of time off scares me, but so does injuring myself further, so I need to come up with a good plan of attack.

The last time I saw her I asked what her feelings were about the Graston technique (and, if you remember, I think my therapist is pretty awesome) and she’s not a fan. Her reasoning is that it’s similar to massage, but can create additional swelling and scar tissue due to the intensity of the procedure, thus increasing the risk of injury. So, while I’m intrigued by it, I think I’m going to hold off and try some other rehab techniques instead.

What rehab am I looking at?

First off, massage. I’ve used both massage and chiropractic techniques to treat the majority of my running pains and it’s always worked very well for me. My massage therapist uses both massage and cupping to treat tight areas and it’s worked very well for me.

My chiropractor uses active release and electrotherapy and is very encouraging when it comes to running and not stopping (so long as it won’t make it worse).

For at home recovery, I’m a big fan of ProCompression sleeves for recovery when at work (they hide well under pants!) and KT Tape. When my legs are quite bad, I find taping works wonders and I’ve been using KT Tape for years without issue.

photo (34)

Athletic tape is now fashionable – look at me coordinating to my shorts!!

I’m also considering purchasing a PowerPlay compression wrap. I first heard about these from Danielle and given I’m a fan of compression for healing, I think a wrap that includes both compression and icing is a great idea.


What’s holding me back? The price tag. Since I’m still in saving mode (and I should probably write a post about this since my debt free timeline has been moved by about 3 months, and not in the good direction) I’m hesitant to pay $350 for this, but if it works, it would definitely be worth it!

I’m also, not-very-seriously-but-it’s-in-the-back-of-my-mind, considering a Compex electrotherapy device for at-home use. These guys are also pricey, so it would certainly be purchased after the wrap (possibly well after). The Compex Edge (the lowest model) is $399 and while I’m certain it would be helpful, I can also see my chiropractor eight times for the price of the Compex.


I’m definitely a bit bummed that I’ve missed my scheduled Monday and Tuesday runs, but I know rest is the best way to approach this. I’m hopeful I can come up with a plan with my massage therapist this evening and maybe dial down my mileage a tad so I don’t keep injuring myself – this one was definitely all on me.

Tell me: How do you approach injury? What do you use to recovery quickly?


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Hansons Method: Tempo

Here we go again – another post breaking down the Hansons Training Method!



This week I’m going to blabber about tempo runs. I’ve previously talked about tempo runs using the Running Room method, and I’ll warn you, the Hanson method is a bit different from the Running Room.

A lot of training plans (Running Room included) have you run your tempo runs at a pace that is slower than your marathon or half marathon goal pace. While speedwork is included in these training programs, you don’t really run at race pace until the day of the race.

The Hansons method has you run your tempo runs at your marathon goal pace, so quite a bit different from the other methods.

Similar to the speedwork, they include a handy calculator to determine your pace per mile for tempo runs.

photo (53)

Again, I’m going to stick with my 4:00-4:15 marathon pace for my tempo runs (these are actually a little quicker than my guesstimated finish times of 5:00-5:30 for the 50k).

This means my tempo runs will be completed at a pace of 9:09-9:44/mile or 5:41-6:02/km.

Looking at these paces and seeing what my average pace is for a tempo run, I’m pretty much on par with where I should be.


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Glass Slipper Weekend Recap – Part 2

I realize it’s taken me a while to recap this past weekend and it’s because I’ve been struggling with how to put it all into worlds. I mean, I can pull a page out of The Bachelor and use the word amazing about a hundred times, but I’m pretty sure you’d all leave comments with a link to a thesaurus at the end of the post.

I really wanted to write it all in one post, but I have way too much to say (not a surprise) so it’s going to have to be a two parter.


I remember getting out of bed around midnight to do….something. Check my phone? Go to the bathroom? I’m not sure, but I do know still being awake at midnight and having an alarm set for 3:15 is not a fun feeling. Also, with the time change I realized when I went to bed people in Calgary were going to to bar and when I woke up people in Calgary were still at the bar. *sigh*

I dragged my bum out of bed with minimal complaining and tossed on my running outfit. I did; however, leave my running underwear at home so I was wearing my Rundies instead – I even went with my Easy Six pair for the 10k 🙂

At 3:45 the six of us piled into the Swaggar Wagon and headed off to Epcot to park and get Ann her bib so she could run. Thankfully the bib pickup was a breeze. Although I had been assured we’d be able to grab the bib, you just never know. Once Ann had her bib safely secured (and Lexie ran back to the van to grab hers!) we made our way to the runners are to use the porta-potties and get situated.

photo (2)

Just before 5am we all headed off to our respective corals, Ann, Kelly, Kelly and I were all in corral A so we took a seat and chatted until it was time to move to the starting area. At this point the lack of sleep was catching up with me a bit and I was ready to RUN!

Right at 5:30 off went the fireworks and off we went!

photo (3)

photo (4)

Ann and I settled into an easy pace and Kelly and Kelly shot off like we knew they would 🙂

Just after mile 1 we stopped for a photo with the White Rabbit.

photo (6)

I stopped at mile 2 for a picture with Ariel since she was the inspiration for my outfit.

photo (5)

As we ran past the different stations I’d break into song and dance while running and Ann would resist the urge to punch my chipper face 🙂

Somewhere just past mile 4 we saw a sign that said Almost Finished (thanks Lori’s FaceBook page for the photo).



2.2 miles left is not almost finished.

I was chipper enough to laugh at it, but really. Not cool 🙂

After running through some back lot sections (boring!) Ann and I finally hit Epcot and stopped for a selfie.

photo (7)

Notice the sweat glistening off our foreheads? Yeah, it was humid.

We ran and ran through Epcot until we hit the mile 6 marker and saw Kelly and Kelly waiting. Then? We hung out and waited for Lexie and she hung out with us.

See, it was Lori’s first 10k, so we all decided we’d surprise her at the mile 6 marker and run her in – and surprised she was! You should have heard us hooting and hollering at her when we saw her running toward us!! People must have though we were crazy.

Then we joined to run her in and with the finish line in our sights she took off like a rocket! We all looked at one another and ran across.

We grabbed our medals, water, PowerAid and food and headed back to the van to shower and eat.

Considering all six of us needed to shower and get presentable, we made pretty good time getting out the door for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to the Expo to get Ann her swag and to make a lap. About 2 minutes after getting into the Expo I was done. Just done. That lack of sleep was catching up with me and my brain wasn’t braining at all.

photo (8)

Team A-Team.
See, it’s funny because our names both start with A AND we’re both Type A personalities.
Get it?!

We decided to do a quick lap and then head home for a nap (Expo purchases will be shared on Tuesday!).

Nap you say?

Yeah. I did not nap. My body didn’t know what way was up and sleep just wasn’t happening for me, so I joined Lexie on the pullout for snacks, because that’s how we roll.

Slowly everyone else joined us on the bed for snacks and beers.

Then it was time to make a lap of the Outlets. Well, six females making a “quick lap” of the outlets is usually never quite as fast as one would hope and before we knew it it was 6pm and we needed food in our faces. Stat.

Once again we were all tired and hungry and wanted food NOW and our brains wouldn’t brain. It was also kind rainy-ish and the pool bar wasn’t seating people outside. Thankfully we were able to find a seat in the cafe so we could stuff our faces full of burgers and fries. Instead of, you know, thinking ahead, I crammed it all in my facehole <– that’s what she said.

After getting our race gear together, into bed we went at 9:30pm.

And? I slept!!

And angels sang 🙂


Since we didn’t need to pick up a bib before the half marathon, we decided to set our alarms a bit later on Sunday and woke up at 3:45 with the goal of leaving at 4:15. (Please note that I normally wake up at 7am and start work at 8am, morning are not my forte).

photo (9)

We did not run in sashes. We may be crazy enough to run a race that starts at 5:30, but we’re sane enough to know the sashes would be a terrible idea.

This turned out to be either a great or terrible idea – none of us have decided. We assumed we’d be able to park in the same place as last time, but that didn’t happen this time. We ended up parking in the Magic Kingdom after following a winding road in the dark. Then we had to hop on a tram to make to the start line. Yeah. To say we were stressed would be an understatement.

None of us remembered reading anything other than “road closures” in the book, so that we had to take a completely different route was a complete surprise to all of us.

After riding the tram to Epcot and meeting up with a sea of thousands of other runners, we all relaxed a bit. Thanks to Lexie we were even able to find some porta-potties with no line. Let me say that again: we found porta-potties with no line.

Then? It was off to the corrals, which were a 10-20 minute walk from the finish area.

Ann and I were the last people in corral C and when they announced it was the sub-2:00 corral we just laughed. Yeah, that was not happening this race. At all.

Our plan was to run to each mile marker and stop and take pictures along the way.

photo (10)

Mile 2

photo (11)

Mile 3

photo (15)

That says Magic Kingdom. Promise.

Mile 4

photo (12)

Mile 5

photo (16)

Mile 5 – this line totally killed the rest of our run

photo (17)

Right after this picture I found a real bathroom and then treated Ann with her very on damp paper towel. I think in that moment she may have married me.

Mile 8

photo (13)

Mile 9

photo (18)

At this point Ann and I were doing far more walking than running, which I was okay with because it let us check Twitter and the hockey scores 🙂

The guy at the water station was totally hot.

(For anyone who ran, he was the dude in the Hollister shirt at the first table on the right hand side. We pegged him around 19, I mean, he was wearing a Hollister shirt, but dayum, he was a nice treat at mile 9).

Ann may have also wanted to murder me over announcing that Canada was winning. #sorrynotsorry

Right before mile 10 I announced to Ann that we were going to pull a T-Rex (woo! Danielle!!) and run in the last mile. I think I used up all my damp towel credit in that moment and she wanted to kill me.

Thankfully we also found out they had cold towels at the end.

(Please note that Kelly ran this race in 1:53 and was Tweeting while running. She’s a beast!!)

We decided to walk to the mile 12 marker and then run it in. So we walked. And chatted. And truly had the most wonderful time ever. That said, it did seem to take for-freaking-ever to get to mile 12. And when we were there? I was ready to run. Except then at mile 12.1….I had to poop. We’re runners, we’ve all been there. Let me tell you, with one mile left there was no freaking way I was stopping.

We did it. We ran in the last mile (while complaining about the stupid turnaround in Epcot. I dislike turnarounds that are really only there to add mileage. I get it, but I’m also annoyed by it) and ran our slowest and funnest (shut up, it’s a word) half marathon ever.

Fun beat times. Every time.

Kelly, Kelly and Lexie had all finished long before us (it was Kelly’s first half and Lexie beat her SeaWheeze half time by 10 minutes woo!!!!!) and we grabbed our medals (x2!) towels, water, PowerAid, and food and met up.


WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Then was the decision of 1) what to do. We were sweaty and gross and hungry and wanted food but also had to take a freaking tram back to the Swaggar Wagon.

Finally we decided to look for a Starbucks, got turned around in Magic Kingdom, drove the race route again and yelled at people who didn’t step on the gas a green lights. Since there didn’t appear to be a Starbucks in sight our bellies decided Panera would do the trick and in we went. Sweat, medals and all.

Sandwiches and coffee later we arrived back at the hotel to greet Lori, rinse off and head down to the pool.


I’m a huge fan of pool time after a race now.

After the pool was more resting, real showers, snacks and dinner.

Upon arriving at dinner we realized we’d all ran a half marathon that day but never ate lunch. Yeah….I don’t recommend it. We. Were. Starved. That guacamole and queso never stood a chance.

Our last stop of the day was Downtown Disney. The tired was really setting in and after going into the Disney store I decided I was going to probably/possibly kick a child, so it was decided we’d head back to the hotel to pack and sleep as *sniff* Ann, Kelly and Lori were going home in the morning 😦

All six of us agree that we truly had the best weekend and are already working on plans to get together at least once a year to drink and gossip and run.

Thank you ladies for making this weekend so, so memorable!!



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