Friday Faves

I have to say, last week felt like a bit of a downer week. For some reason I was totally in a funk and just could not get out of it!

I’m happy to say that this week has been much better 🙂

I can’t pinpoint just one thing that turned this week around, but I do know there are so many things making me smile this week.

Housewife Glamour

My Girlfriends

I have to say it, my girlfriends are the best. They don’t hesitate to tell me when I’m acting like a crazy person and are always there for me. This week has been filled with emails, Facebook messages and texts and it’s just been wonderful!


I can’t say when my love affair with owls started, but now I want ALL THE OWLS. Wednesday evening I met a friend for dinner and a movie and when we were walking through the mall to the theatre the home decor display in Chapters caught my eye.

A peacock!


And owls!


So many owls!


I want them all!


Now, I can’t say what I would do with them, or where I would put them, but I definitely want them.

So, if you’re thinking, “Hey, Ange is pretty awesome and I’d surely like to buy her something” there ya go. Owls, baby.

A New Training Program

I think the sign of a crazy runner is being excited when training for a new race. I started my sub-2 hour half marathon training program on Tuesday and I just love the feeling of working toward something.

Instead of running on Thursday I took the day off as my knee was a bit ouchy <– look at me being all running responsible!

Thursday Nights

I know normal people look forward to Friday because it’s the weekend, but I look forward to Thursday. I love knowing that Friday is just one sleep away (yes, I’m 30 and count in “sleeps”) and the awesome TV shows make the day even better!

Since I took the night off from running, I was perfectly content to chill on the couch with Merlin, an ice bag and a glass of wine and take in Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Parenthood.

Halloween Candy

Since I live in a condo, I didn’t get any trick or treaters last week; however, I did buy Halloween candy. All for me. Muahahaha. I’m pretty sure it’ll take me forever to eat it, but that’s okay.

photo (63)

Posts of the Week

Here are some of my posts that have been getting lots of love lately

Health Canada warns VegaOne Shakes Contaminated

November Yoga Challenge (part 2) – featuring ME

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Did I just say “Ultra”?

Marathon Playlist

2014 Glass Slipper Challenge

Ab Challenge

November Yoga Challenge (part 1) – featuring an awful YouTube video

Link Love

The posts that made a difference in my week.

The 35 Best Signs from the NYC Marathon via Buzzfeed

Fatspiration is just as bad as Thinspiration <– I’d really like to year your thoughts on this post

Should Food Bloggers Be Responsible for Teaching Us How to Eat? via Greatist <– I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on this! I know what my answer is – feel free to shout out yours (and why!) in the comments.

Here’s to Healthy! A Letter From Our Founder via Greatist

35 of the Best and Worst Things About Living Alone via Thought Catalog

Try This Tuesday – Make a Winter Survival Plan via The Small Change Project

My Winter Running Tips via Hungry Runner Girl

An Open Letter to Girls Who Ignore My Texts for Hours on End via Thought Catalog

Free November Wallpaper via Jess Lively <– I update my desktop wallpaper at work every month with these. I love them.

What Brings You Happiness? via Jessie Loves to Run

21 Things You Should Force Yourself to Do Everyday via Thought Catalog

Tell me: What has made your week better?

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