The land of purple

Yesterday ended up being a very red and purple day.

I swear I don’t plan these things, they just happen.

First up, our CSA (community shared agriculture) pickup from yesterday.

This is totally the best thing ever! for $110 we get a HUGE amount of winter veggies every other week for 16 weeks. Very, very awesome! We’re hoping they have room for us to join the summer CSA as well.

Our entire haul – all these veggies for only $13.75 – and it definitely lasts us for 2 weeks!

Definitely the most amazing carrots – EVER. They’re a million times better than supermarket carrots.

Purple item #1: beets. Mmmmmm. Beets. I see some beet-carrot juice in my future!

Purple item #2: Russian purple garlic

Purple-ish item #3: red cabbage. I’m not terribly good at cooking cabbage, so I’ll need to do some recipe searching.

Purple-ish item #4:  red potatoes. Okay, not entirely purple, but close enough, right?!

Purple-ish item #5: red onions.

Seriously, that’s a heck of a lot of purple/red items in one CSA box. The only thing that didn’t make the cut were the carrots.

Speaking of carrots, I roast up some of the carrots from our last CSA pickup and oh my gosh. Best. Dinner. Ever.

Dinner: fried tofu with sweet chili sauce;  kale sauteed with garlic, onions and white wine; carrots roasted with olive oil and vegetable seasoning. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

My next purple venture was yoga last night. It was the last day of my (failed; miserably failed) 30 day yoga challenge (I made it 13 out of 30 days) so I thought I should probably go.

Also? They had cupcakes. The icing was pink so I didn’t take a picture. I also may have been too busy shoving it into my piehole to take a picture.

Purple yoga items #1 and #2: tank top and water bottle

Purple yoga item #3 – towel

Purple yoga item #4: mat strap

Purple yoga item #5: hoodie. Perfect for wearing to and from.

My final venture into the land of purple was my breakfast this morning.

Thankfully my poached eggs weren’t purple…

…but they were delicious! 50 seconds in a microwave egg poacher results in the most perfect medium poached eggs. Mmmmmm.

My purple adventure was the coffee much I purchased when The Cowboy and I were in Disneyland in October.

My final thought for the day: How the heck is it December already?!

Is there any colour that you gravitate towards?

2 thoughts on “The land of purple

  1. Ange,

    My mom makes an awesome purple cabbage salad. It has shredded cabbage, raisins and Miracle whip. It has to be MW. It doesn't taste the same otherwise.

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