I Don’t “Do” Tired

Originally I had hoped to share my awesome new running gear with y’all today. On Thursday I walked to visit Victoria at The Tech Shop and picked up some spiffy gear – obviously that should be my treat, right?!

TYT April 22

Except last night I just crashed.

Straight up.

So I treated myself to an evening on the couch with hot chocolate and hockey in the background.

I didn’t even run.

No joke. Not even Marathon Monday got me to run. Yikes!

That’s how I knew I needed some time to just chill. I put on my running gear and made it about 15 steps outside before I felt like I might cry. When I say I don’t “do” tired well, I’m truly not exaggerating. When I’m tired I completely melt down. It’s not pretty. This is the number one reason I don’t think I’ll ever be able to participate in Ragnar – no one wants me crying and throwing a tantrum in their van. #diva

photo (57)

100% how I felt on Monday

Aside from an evening on the couch, I did treat myself this weekend, so let’s talk about that instead 😉

Friday I managed to sleep in and it.was.glorious. You have no idea. I did attempt a run, but my left shin was being a bit of a bitch, so I called it 4km in and just chilled on the couch for the rest of the day. I watched some more of Season 5 of The Good Wife and watched some hockey. I’ll call that a great day.

photo (58)

This was my view on Friday. #sigh #sickofwinter

Saturday I was up early-ish for a hair appointment. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a trim, but I always feel so nice with fresh hair 🙂 I managed to get groceries and head out for a nearly 16km run and I even added in some hills. Awesome! After showering and chilling I met up with some girlfriends for snacks, wine and Cards Against Humanity. Oh, I laughed so hard.

Saturday's run in the sun after snow on Friday

Saturday’s run in the sun after snow on Friday

Unfortunately it’s my lack of sleep on Saturday evening that’s catching up with me now. I wouldn’t say I got home super late, I was in bed just after 1am, but Merlin decided to be a bit of a jerk and pull out all of his toys and play – in my bedroom – until 2am. This was then followed by a 6am wakeup call. Like I said, it’s a really good thing he’s cute!

I very much debated not going for my run on Sunday, but I headed out and had an amazing run. 15km and under a 4-hour marathon pace. Woo! It’s been a while since I felt that strong after a run. It’s probably due to the insane amount of Tostitos I ate on Saturday evening 😉

Sunday's super kick ass run #fueledbywine

Sunday’s super kick ass run #fueledbywine

After my run I watched some more hockey, set up online accounting for a company I’m doing some work for (nerd alert!) and ate some gelato with a friend.

Not to be outdone, I met up with two girlfriends for lunch on Monday. We headed to a new restaurant and I had a delicious ramen for lunch. Sooooo good!

It’s been a while since I was able to treat myself to running outside in great weather (I got a tan!!) and laughs with girlfriends – it was so good for my soul.

Up next week – I’ll share with you my awesome running gears!

Oh, and I also did a dorky blog quiz and since this post is already awesomely random – here ya go!


PS – you can find the quiz here

Tell me: How did you treat yourself this Easter Weekend?


I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday today.


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Running Makes Me Smile

Have you ever had a day where you know exactly what you’re going to post about, but you just can’t seem to do it?

That was me last night and earlier this morning.


Topic was determined (yay for Tuesday!!) and I knew what I was going to say, but the discipline, or motivation, or whatever was completely lacking.

Having a messed up ankle sure doesn’t help when talking about the awesome running gear I bought for myself, considering I’m NOT ABLE TO RUN RIGHT NOW 😦

In case you missed it last night, here’s a super sexy picture of my turgid (heh) ankle.

photo (83)

In case you’re uncertain of the turgid reference, here’s a YouTube video for you….

And then there’s the knowledge that it’s the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. And that just makes me all sorts of emotional. I feel like it’s wrong to not acknowledge it, but I also don’t have anything thought-provoking or profound to say about it.

But I am thinking about it.

Now that y’all know all about why this post took me a bit to write, let’s get to the meat of it.


Today’s are all running focused – first up clothes!

This means you’ll be subject to a lot (seriously, a lot!) of bathroom mirror selfies. #sorrynotsorry

photo (75)

photo (76)

photo (77)

photo (78)

photo (79)

photo (80)

photo (81)

I told you it was a lot 🙂

lurve Oiselle clothes. A lot. ❤ They’ve become my absolute favourite clothes to run it.

1 – they’re totally cute and soft and BIRDS. Yay!

2 – I love what they stand for.

I’ve worn everything with the exception of the Lesko Shimmel and I have to say, I love of them.

Next up?


photo (82)

Since my mileage is approaching crazy-ville, I reasoned I would benefit from more shoes. I know, I know, but still.

These arrived on Friday and I was pumped!

Yesterday I mentioned one of the pairs was too big – that would be the pink ones – the Gravity III’s. I’ve already heard back from Newton and the exchange to a half-size smaller is no problem at all.

Newton Running gets a HUGE thumbs up from me for amazing customer service!

With these purchases I should be set for training and races for the next little while, but as every runner knows, we can always justify a purchase 🙂

Tell me: What’s your favourite brand of running apparel and shoes?


I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday today.


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Boots, Movies and Gelato – Oh my!



TYT April 8

What was once my not-so-favourite day, has now become one of my favourite days because I get to focus on me 🙂

This week I did buy myself some fun treats – first up, BOOTS!

Hunter Boots

Last year I went on a hunt for rainboots the day before the awful floods and I couldn’t find any. I decided then (and while dealing with the aftermath) that as soon as I saw them back in stores I was buying myself a pair of Hunter boots.

It may not rain a lot in Calgary, but I’ve been wishing for rain boots for a looooong time!

Black Hunter Rain Boots Cowgirl Runs

I spent some time deciding what colour to buy and finally settled on boring black because I reasoned it would go with whatever I wanted to wear them with.

The pink pants also help 🙂

Captain America

After my random half marathon on Sunday I went for lunch (pizza!!) and saw Captain America. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect since I remember the first one not being awesome, but this was awesome.


So very awesome.

Loved it!!

Fiasco Gelato

Confession: I have a gelato problem.

This isn’t helped by the fact that Calgary has an amazing artisan gelato company, Fiasco Gelato, that makes the most ridiculous flavours ever.

When I saw their Easter line (mini egg, lavender vanilla, carrot cake and strawberry lemonade) I couldn’t get them out of my head.

Fiasco Gelato Cowgirl Runs

So I treated myself to some gelato.


Then this happened.


Would you believe that’s all of the gelato I’ve eaten? No joke. Just one taste from each all weekend.

And my freezer looks like this.



Anyone want to come over for a gelato party?

Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?


I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday today.


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My Costo Favourites

It seems that hitting Costco after payday has become a thing for me, this is the third time I’ve done this in 2014. I really do love me some Costco finds.

I’ve made a decision to make some changes in my diet (more on that later this week!) and I reasoned picking up some staples from Costco would be the most efficient way to bring about these changes.

I do go to Costco with a budget (odd, I know) and I even walk around with my phone in my hand adding up each item I put in my cart. The good thing is that after I pick up my monthly staples at Costco, I only spent about $100 the rest of the month on food. This is the third month I’ve done this and I’ve seen my grocery budget go way down. Yay!! 🙂

The weather this weekend was truly awful. Again. Still. Whatever.


I know hitting up Costco on a weekend is always busy, but thankfully I was in and out in under and hour. I didn’t have much in the way of a list, but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and I do tend to stick with buying many of the same items.


Peppers for snacking, carrot juice for smoothies, beets for salads (and maybe smoothies), spinach and kale for smoothies and veggies for my lunches.


Greek yogurt, crab ravioli (a yummy treat!), fish filets, the best soup ever and cheese. Because, cheese 🙂


Oats for work snacks and morning fun fuel, unsweetened coconut milk, frozen cherries for smoothies, frozen berries for smoothies and dates for snacking.

Even Merlin helped out with the picture-taking.


Last week I mentioned how my treats are going to focus on me and my well-being, and this is the first in that. I feel good about the food I purchased and spent time on Saturday and Sunday prepping food for the week and organizing. It really is true, it’s easy to eat healthy when you have it in your home.

Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?


I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Thanks for hosting, love ❤


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Treating Myself Well

For the past few months I’ve been joining Becky from Olives ‘n Wine for her Treat Yourself Tuesday link up. When Becky first started TYT this is what she said:

Do whatever feels best for you. Do something that will make you feel relaxed and loved and happy. Remember this is about treating YOURSELF – not your friends, not your family, not your spouse, not your dog – so make sure you really focus on you. Treat yourself well and treat yourself often so that you will become the best you possible and in turn be your best for others in your life!

Now, I think we can all agree that I’ve been pretty awesome (maybe a bit too awesome) at treating myself, but for the past week or so, I don’t feel like I’ve been doing things that make me the best possible me.


As awesome as Peeps and Reese’s and PB2 is, I’ve been using TYT as an excuse to indulge and, in turn, I haven’t truly been the best me.

Instead of treating (or honouring myself) by eating well, I filled my body full of beer and sausages and KD and (OMG) butter poached lobster (okay, I don’t feel sorry about that one) and Easter candy this weekend. I mentioned yesterday I woke up with a migraine. I used to get food-induced migraines constantly, and I have a feeling my lack of care of my body over the weekend contributed.

So, why am I writing such a downer of a post when I’m supposed to talk about treating myself?

Because I think I lost sight of Becky’s ultimate goal: to be the best me I can be and instead I was just doing whatever.

Sometimes in life that’s okay. It’s okay to not over think things. That said, I’m 9 weeks (cue terrified screaming) out from a 50km road race and I’ve yet to successfully complete a full week of training. Halfway through my training program I’m still making excuses and skipping runs. I’ve run races that I haven’t fully prepared for, they suck. I also know I can’t fake a 50k race – not without doing irreparable damage to my body.


I’m definitely still going to treat myself by painting my nails (my toes especially) and going to movies (I’m already pumped for Noah and have plans to see it with a friend either this weekend or next) and going to Costco (mmmm, Medjool dates) and the like, but I also need to treat myself by feeding it well (sorry frozen pizza), hydrating it (sorry wine and beer) and training (sorry tired muscles).

I’m quite good at going to bed on time (yay!) but I would like to be better at waking up early. I was great when I got back from Orlando, but then I kept on hitting snooze and was losing time in the mornings.

I also want to have better self talk. Somewhere along the line I got it in my head that I had gained weight. Well, over the weekend I took a peek at My Fitness Pal and realized I’ve pretty much been at the same weight since July of last year. March 2013 saw me at my lowest weight in 6 years and right now I’m maintaining well, so no more negative self talk about my weight.

For the next few weeks, I hope to centre my posts on treating myself by loving myself better. Sometimes when things are stressful it’s easy for me to fall into the habit of not actively loving myself, but I know I’m worth it, so that’s what I commit to.

Tell me: How was your week last week? Did you do anything fun to treat yourself?

Lest y’all think I did nothing fun this week: I met a friend for dinner on Friday, saw Need for Speed on Saturday, met girlfriends for brunch on Sunday and went to see Divergent with a friend on Sunday. So I had fun and did treat myself, I just had an overall feeling of ickiness this past week and wanted to address it.


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Treat Yourself Tuesday: 3/18

Since I’ve been doing this since January – it’s now two months until my birthday. 😀 Feel free to send cards and money 😉 Heh.


I’m back today linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Originally, I thought my treats this week were going to be a little bit lame, but a quick trip to the store on Sunday to pick supplies for the week has made my treats just a little bit more interesting.

Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we?

photo (41)

Yup. Reese’s Pieces mini eggs.


Amazingly, I haven’t opened the bag (yet!) but I will not share when I finish it because I’m certain it’ll be embarrassingly quick.

And, keeping with the Easter theme…

photo (42) photo (43)


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen these in a Canadian store and I’ve never had one, so when I saw them I first restrained myself from buying a package in every colour (I may be back for more) and then I picked some up.

No, I haven’t tried one yet – I’m sure it tastes like sugar and chemicals, which, in my experience, is delicious.

Now on to the not-so-fun-but-still-awesome treats!

photo (44)

I was finally able to find PB2 on Amazon and was making another purchase (I’ll get to that in a sec) so I added these to my bag for free shipping.

The verdict?


I’ve been adding them to a new smoothie recipe (I’m sharing it with the I’m Fit Possible blog, so I’ll link up once it’s up) and I’m in love. It doesn’t taste like fake PB at all, it really does taste real and it’s delicious.

So, what else was buying?

photo (45)

A spiralizer!


I’m so pumped to finally have one! Yay!

Again, I haven’t tried it out yet, but I did pick up two zucchini at the store on Sunday, so I’ll be whipping up some zucchini pasta for dinner during this week.

If you’re interested in spiralizing, check out Inspiralized. Ali has some awesome recipes, which I’ll be following until I feel creative to branch out on my own.

I was also hoping to include my yummy dinner, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work out 😦

Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?

Treat Yourself Tuesday: 3/11

I hope today is going a bit better than Monday for most people. While I had no troubles getting out of bed on Sunday, Monday was a very different story. I was also a bit of a crank on Monday as well. Sorry friends.


Once again I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday.

This week my treat is very much of the grown up variety.

I’m sure we’ve all had the realization that we’re a “grown up” when we’re out running errands on a weekend and realize we’re excited about something we’d have rolled our eyes at just a few years prior.

You know, things like steam mops, Dyson vacuums, new dish soap, whatever floats your boat.

Well, this weekend I was excited about a new printer!

And not just any printer, a colour all-in-one printer that also prints….wait for it…..double sided! And?! Wirelessly!!

printer1 printer2

Other grown up purchases I’ve been excited about recently include: boot shapers, new Soda Stream cartridges, a bowl for my miscellaneous jewelry and new Method cleaning products.

Oh yes, I’m such a barrel of fun; it’s ridiculous!

Lest you all think I’m the lamest person on the face of the planet – I also hosted a girls night at my place last night for the finale of The Bachelor. I mentioned it yesterday but I am just not a fan of Juan Pablo. At all. I didn’t dislike him on The Bachelorette (and he was pretty nice to look at) but the more we got to “know” him on the show, the more I just plain old disliked him.

My girlfriends and I do a Bachelor pool and I ended up having both Clare and Nikki in my pool, so I won (yay!) but I wasn’t thrilled about winning because he’s such a misogynistic loser. I actually feel bad for [redacted] <– no spoilers here!!

Anyway, I picked up lots of yummy goodies like a layer dip, humus, cookies and wine. So I also treated myself to not running and filling my face full of food 🙂

photo (40)

Tell me: What the lamest grown-up purchase you’ve been excited about?

Tell me: If you watched, what are your thoughts on The Bachelor?


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Treat Yourself Tuesday: 3/4


It feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve done one of these posts.


I’ve now been back from Orlando for a week, but I’m still thinking about it with today’s post – I’m sharing the goodies I picked up while I was there 🙂

tumblr_loti4hiXHm1qf9unmo1_500 (1)

tumblr_loti4hiXHm1qf9unmo2_500 (1)

I will never get sick of those.

My first stop on the way out of Jacksonville was Walgreens. I wanted to pick up a sewing kit (that I never really used, but the scissors totally came in handy) and then I picked up a bazillion (okay, four) Eos lip balms. Kelly thought I was a bit crazy, but really, these are hella expensive in Canada and they had flavours I hadn’t tried before. I also live in the freaking desert so my lips are dry all the time!!

photo (25)

I also did some damage at the Expo picking up two belts (what? One holds my bib). Buying two came in handy as Lexie borrowed one for both of her races. I actually picked them up because I realized I didn’t bring anything to carry my phone/fuel in. Oopsie.

photo (24)

I also picked up some Nuun – again, fun new flavours!

photo (26)

On our Saturday trip to the Expo I grabbed a pair of shoes. Shoes! I wasn’t planning on buying any, but they were 30% off and Ann said she’d disown me if I didn’t. I’d been eyeing the Newton Distance shoes for a long time, so it seemed like a good time to pick them up!

photo (23)

Finally on Monday I treated myself to a trip to Universal Studios. Kelly, Lexie and I headed there mainly to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and make ourselves sick on rides.

photo (20)

It. Was. So. Fun.

photo (19)

photo (21)

Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?

Thanks to Becky for hosting 🙂


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Treat Yourself Tuesday: 2/18

First things first, I feel it’s important to declare that my birthday is in three months. Three. So, start thinking of what awesomeness you’d like to get me 🙂

(Kidding. Mostly).


It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time to treat myself; however, I’ve been a terrible blogger and didn’t take pictures of anything; you’ll just have to bear with me and read words instead of looking at pictures 🙂

Friday afternoon I left work a bit early and treated myself to a gorgeous run outside it was amazing.


It was so nice to actually feel the warmth of the sun on me as I ran…..I think spring may be making an appearance soon 🙂

After my run I enjoyed a tasty steak dinner, some wine and cuddles from Merlin while watching The Mindy Project.

photo (66)

I’m now all caught up on season two (OMG!!!) and now have to wait until April 1 for new episodes. Ahhh!!

On Sunday met up with a girlfriend for $25 fondue for two. It. Was. So. Good. Seriously.

It was so wonderful to be able to catch up and enjoy some cheese and chocolate. Yum 🙂

I was off work yesterday (woo!) and treated myself to lunch with a friend including margaritas and guacamole. I love me some margaritas and guacamole. So. Freaking. Good.

Finally, I’m also treating myself by extending my vacation by a day next week. I realized my flight lands at midnight on Tuesday, so going to work on Wednesday would be rough. I carried forward a bunch of vacation days from last year, so I’m treating myself with a day to (hopefully) sleep in and get organized after my time in FLORIDA!

Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?

Thanks to Becky for hosting! (All the way from Jamaica!!)


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Treat Yourself Tuesday: 2/11

Happy Tuesday my lovely friends!

I’m happy to say this week is off to a much better start than last week. 😀


I’m so excited about the treats I have to share with you today 🙂

First up, I got my hair “did” on Saturday!

Aside: for the past year-and-a-bit it seems that in the week leading up to my hair appointment something stressful always happens. I think the solution to this is to stop scheduling hair appointments? Wait….that can’t be right.

I also treated myself to some new lululemon.

I know, I know, not spending money and all that jazz, but if you had my week last week, you’d have bought yourself some lulu as well.

I picked up this super cute pair of printed Wunder Under pants in black.

wunder under

And this super cute wrap sweater in teal (actually called Bali Breeze – if only I were in Bali!!)


And, finally, one last treat!

Yes, I did spoil myself this week!!

I’d been eyeing this sweater from Oiselle for a loooong time and it went on sale and was an additional 15% off, so I snatched it up 🙂


Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?

Don’t forget to head on over to Becky’s and link up!


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