Ways in which living with a cat is similar to living with a toddler

Thank you all so much for your love and comments on my post yesterday. I’m torn between feeling glad that I’m not alone in this and feeling sad that magazines and the media have completely skewed our way of thinking of food and calories. I have something a little more light-hearted for you today, so I hope you enjoy it!

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen the occasional picture of my pretty guy, Merlin. (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, why the heck not?!).

photo (54)

Some days his pretty is his only saving grace. Truly. I’ve often uttered, “You’re lucky you’re cute” in response to something he’s done.

I’m also fairly certain that he’s training me to be able to one day (maybe?) live with a toddler. (Or convincing me I should stick to cats. I haven’ yet determined which).

1. You pee with the bathroom door open. Now, I’m sure this is likely for somewhat different reasons, but I’m also sure toddlers will likely cry outside the door like the cat. However, I’m pretty certain a toddler won’t hop up on your lap for cuddles while you’re peeing. Maybe.

2. You’re woken up at early hours because they’re hungry. Unlike a Merlin, who tells me this at 5am by jumping on my bed and meowing, I have a feeling a toddler would more likely call out from their bedroom. But what do I know, maybe toddlers also like to hop up on the bed and roll around until you a) kick them out of the bedroom and shut the door, or 2) feed them.

photo (16)

3. They crawl up your leg whenever you’re in the kitchen. Merlin does it because he wants to be picked up. I think toddlers do it for that reason also?

4. If they eat and then play, they puke. Pretty self-explanatory there.

5. They celebrate poops. Again, pretty self-explanatory. But really, don’t we all?

6. They make up silly little games. Merlin’s current favourite is “I must beat you into the bedroom anytime you walk into the walk-through closet. He zooms past me and jumps up onto the bed.

photo (56)

7. You’re constantly asked “Why? Why? Why?”. Maybe Merlin doesn’t so much ask, “Why?” as he does chat all.day.long. Yes, it does eventually stop being cute.

8. Forget the actual present; boxes are the best! Put a big empty box in front of a cat or a toddler and I’m sure they’ll be pleased as punch!

9. At the end of the day when they curl up into you and purr (okay, maybe purring is only the cat) everything is right with the world. Whoa. How is that for super sappy? 🙂

photo (55)

Tell me: What would you add to the list?

Thinking Out Loud: 3/6

First off, a big happy birthday to my dad today!! 🙂


Today, I wanted to talk about my favourite part of my day.

Well, I actually have two favourite parts of my day. One is when my alarm goes off and I sigh in frustration, but then remember getting out of bed means coffee. So I get out of bed to get some 🙂 I’ve been waking up earlier this past week, at 6:20 instead of 7:00 and it’s been giving me time to eat breakfast and get to work on time. We’ll see how this goes after the time change on the weekend…

My actual favourite part of my day is when I get to bed and get Merlin snuggles.

He rarely wants to snuggle when we’re on the couch, but as soon as it’s bed time, it’s snuggle time!! I’ll get into bed and read and at some point he’ll wander in and meow at the side of the bed. I’m not sure if he waits for me to invite him up, or if he really just takes 20 seconds to decide to jump up. I’m going to pretend he waits for the invitation 🙂

If I had someone around, I’d take a picture of how Merlin and I snuggle, but since I live alone, that’s not really possible. Plus, if I didn’t live alone, I probably wouldn’t have this weird snuggle ritual with my cat 😛

After he hops up on the bed, he waits for me to make room beside me and crook my right arm out similar to that of someone doing the robot.

Perfect Robot Dance

My arm positioning is not dissimilar to this.

Once I’ve assumed the position (<– that’s what she said) Merlin will use my bicep as a pillow and curl up to sleep. And the purrs. The purrs make this the best. This guys purrs like his life is complete and it just warms my heart.

photo (27)

Sometimes I think it would be cool if people could purr like cats. Like, when you’re hanging out with someone and they really really make you happy, you’d just start to purr. Then I realized I’d probably also hiss, and, well, there are a few people that I don’t think I’d be able to keep from hissing at. Oops.

Thinking-Out-Loud (1)

Thanks to Amanada for the link up!

photo (28)

Tell me: What’s the favourite part of your day?


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Friday Randomness

I'm Ange!

I’m super pumped to be the featured Runner of the Week on Forks to Feet today. 🙂 If you’re clicking over from there today, welcome! I’m so happy you took the time to stop by!


I’m feeling a little quirky today, so instead of my usual Friday Fave’s post, I thought I’d just ramble on (and on and on) instead 🙂


The super fun images I’ve been posting on my blog for the past few days are designed in Canva. I was looking for something idiot-proof because I am not a graphic designer and this is free (or $1/image if you’re fancy) and so far, I loves it!

It’s in Beta right now, so you’ll need to register and wait (I waited less than a week), but I say it’s worth it! Because you know, free and all.


About a month ago I lost a bra in my condo. My condo is 650 sq ft so I’m not entirely sure how I managed to lose a bra, but I found it Wednesday evening when Merlin was digging around in my closet looking for his toy mouse.

It was my favourite bra, so I’m pumped to have it back.

Sorry, no pictures.


I’m convinced the world would be a better place if everyone did the following:

  • ran
  • listened to awesome music while running
  • had a cat like Merlin who will hardcore cuddle and purr
  • took more naps
  • smiled

Seriously, this cat, y’all. Yesterday I received a text from my awesome concierge “Your cat is soooo cool!”. No joke. The stinker tricked her into playing with him when engineers were inspecting my unit. I’m pretty certain this cat could convert even the most avid cat-hater.

Related: this face

photo (65)


I’m ridiculously excited about the amount of sports on this weekend!

Saturday evening I plan on watching the UFC fight because I loves me some Georges St-Pierre. Like, it’s inappropriate.

I might have once said I wanted to lick the TV when watching him fight.


I totally did say it.

On top of UFC, there’s also Formula 1 and football (okay, CFL, not NFL). I think it’s safe to say my bum and the couch will be besties this weekend.

Well, besties after my 8km run on Saturday and my 14.5km run on Sunday, that is. Gotta stick to the training plan!


I updated my budget yesterday (midway through the month and all) and I’m so insanely happy to say that I’m on track. I even saw things I wanted and didn’t buy them.

Sure, that may be normal for people not like me, but my attitude before was “OMG winter running gear. I MUST BUY IT ALL NOW BECAUSE WHAT IF THERE’S NEVER WINTER RUNNING GEAR EVER AGAIN.”

And then I’d buy it.

And then there’d be more winter running gear.

Because, duh!


The little redesign I did on the blog yesterday has made me crazy happy.

I love it.

Did you notice my website is now cowgirlruns.com instead of the WordPress address?

I feel like a grown up blogger now!


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Treadmill Pace Conversions <– for anyone stuck on a treadmill this winter, this chart gives you elevation and mph to simulate your outdoor pace (pace converter not needed as the treadmill is in miles and not kms)

Work it Out via Runner’s World <– I’m reading Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong right now and I keep having to put it down because it’s so powerful and emotional.

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I just solved all of your holiday problems via The T-Rex Runner (aka Danielle) <– if you’re looking to buy me something (and I know you are) here’s a good list 🙂

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Apple Pie Panini via Eat Live Run

Happy Friday, my friends!

Tell me: something that made your week awesome! Something quirky about you! Something you’re looking forward to this weekend.

Who likes cat videos?!

I realize the answer to this question is pretty much everyone. I mean I’ve lost hours of the day watching cat GIF’s on Buzzfeed, so I’m pretty certain I’m not the only person who loves a good cat video.

Carly requested a video of Maverick fetching, so I did my best to film it, but, like a cat, he wasn’t 100% on board with the whole fetching thing. I’ll see if I can get him to cooperate later this evening, but I’m gonna be packing up my laptop pretty soon to make the trip back to Calgary.

I also have a video of Maverick being vacuumed. As Merlin is absolutely terrified of the vacuum (he hides in the closet if I even move the vacuum, let alone turn it on) it’s pretty funny that Maverick thinks it’s quite possibly the greatest thing ever!

Yes, I know I held my phone the wrong way for both of those videos – I’ll try to do better next time 😉

I’ve spent most of today resting, while I’m feeling pretty good, it’s obvious the race depleted nearly all of my energy reserves, so my butt is firmly planted on the couch at my dad’s and I enjoyed some delish lobster mac and cheese for lunch (that I neglected to take a picture of because I was hangry and needed to get it into my face-hole stat!).

I’m flying home ass early tomorrow and hope to have the recap up for y’all before the end of the week.

Now it’s time to stuff some leftover turkey and pumpkin pie in my face-hole.

Cat Tuesday

I know the internet thing is to actually be Caturday, but it’s Tuesday and my planned post for today didn’t quite get finished due to spending four hours with technical support last night.

No, the problem isn’t fixed.

No, I don’t want to talk about it.


Anywho, I did manage to pass some time by taking pictures of the items I’ll be posting on the blog – as you can see, Merlin was quite helpful.

photo (8)

He was also quite fed up with how long it was taking me to get to bed, so he decided to get comfortable and wait for me.

photo (9)

Stay tuned for a post all about running supplements later this week!


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