Link Love: 4/19

I’m told not everyone had Good Friday off for the Easter weekend. Major bummer. I was pumped for a long weekend. Sleeping in. Running. Relaxing. It was needed after working all weekend last week.

Yesterday I slept for 10 hours. I needed it, oh, did I ever. I don’t often sleep that much (lies, I do every weekend that I can) but I enjoy it when it can!

Link Love April 19

Last night I was supposed to attend a bonfire with my girlfriends, but we had to postpone it due to snow. Yup. Snow. In April. What. The. Heck?! As bummed as I was to have to reschedule, it meant that I was neither tired nor hungover for my 9:45 hair appointment today. No, I’m not sure why I decided to book a 9:45 hair appointment on a Saturday – I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time?

Fun Fact

At my massage a week and a half ago, I was commenting to my massage therapist that nail polish will never ever stay on my nails. My theory was that it had something to do with the natural oils of my nailbed and it was confirmed!

She actually can’t make bread that requires kneading because her natural oils affect how it rises. So, ladies (and gents!) if you ever want to get out of needing to knead bread, blame it on your natural oils!!


my quote

I love this owl. I think he should be my mascot. Well, aside from Merlin, that is.

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Running Makes Me Smile

Ultra Marathon Training Week 12

I Think I Need to Eat More <– THANK YOU so much for all of your amazing comments on this post. It was a bit scary to put all that out there, and I’m so glad to see I’m not alone! ❤

WIAW – Minus Dinner

Link Love

I’ve been having a ton of issues with Bloglovin’ lately. When Google Reader disappeared I went with Bloglovin’ over Feedly because I liked that I was able to see the blog and I thought the set-up was great, but over the past week nearly one-third of all blogs I follow look like this.


Sad face is RIGHT.

If I’ve noticed I’ve missed your blog, I’ve tried to remember to go to your site, but I know there are some I’ve completely missed and even thought it’s not my fault, I feel badly. I’m certain I’m missing out on some kick-ass posts and that bums me out.

So, if anyone has any recommendations for a new reader, send ’em my way! 🙂

I Am Not Special via Erica House <– I looooove this post, and I’ve felt the same as Erica. I’m really not that special because I do crazy things like run. I just do it.

 I didn’t wake up one morning and just start running with ease. Just two years ago I celebrated being able to run one full mile without stopping!

Our Grocery Budget is $800 (And Why We’re Okay With It) via Back To Her Roots <– I can totally relate to this. I spent a LOT on food for someone who only ever cooks for one. I enjoy food. And I enjoy preparing food, so sometimes my budget is a teeny bit higher than it should be. Oops.

Antibiotics via A Gutsy Girl <– I fully support not running to antibiotics as soon as something is wrong, but I was surprised at the backlash Sarah received for choosing to take antibiotics after being ill for five days.

9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week via BuzzFeed <– I’m highlighing one that you should watch. You need to watch. Trust me, just click play.

Individual Greek Yogurt Cheesecake via Pretty Little Grub <– YES PLEASE!

5 Tips to Improve Your SEO via The Healthy Maven <– 5 tips that are pretty easy to implement. Now I’ve added a TON to my blog “to do” list. I promise I’ll get to it eventually (actually, probably not until after my race – but after that? WATCH OUT!)

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies via The Little Honey Bee <– I recently purchased almond flour and I keep looking for recipes so this is perfect! Yum!

Effort Is Not Pain via A Life Less Bullshit <– I’m not even sure how to sum this up, other to say, Nicole nailed it with this one. Go read it 🙂

76 Genius Ways to Use Coconut Oil In Your Everyday Life via Greatist <– since I have the world’s biggest tub of coconut oil from Costco, I might as well use it, right?! 🙂

The Difference Between Building MUSCLE and Building STRENGTH via Cotter Crunch written by Suzanne Digre <– as someone who needs build muscle and strength this was super helpful to me.

Can I Run a Marathon? via Mile Posts <– last weekend I was talking to a girl on a break and the subject of my ultra came up (doesn’t it always?) and she made a comment about needing to walk when she runs. I chuckled and said, “Oh, I totally take walk breaks” and she was amazed. So, yes, you, anyone can run a marathon.

What Are Macronutrients: Protein via Jessie Loves To Run <– I can’t share just one post in a series, so here’s Jessie’s post on protein (links to the other two are in Jessie’s post for y’all).

An Unusual What I Ate Wednesday via Oatmeal With A Fork <– I’m glad Lauren addressed what’s become a bit of a trend for WIAW, and that is questioning what people eat. I don’t see it stopping, but I’m glad she she was so transparent in her writing.

The Answer to Every Fitness Question via Brittany Lesser <– as much as I don’t want this to be the answer, I know it’s true.

FYI Friday – Practising Mindful Eating via Pretty Little Grub <– another awesome post from Jen, and it’s perfect timing with Easter being this weekend.

11 Helpful WordPress Plugins for Your Blog via . running with spoons . <– Amanda’s timing is absolutely perfect on this post as I bought a self hosting package on Thursday. I’m waiting for my domain to transfer from to my new host and I’m really hoping I don’t break my blog when I end up making the transfer. I ended up reading all the comments and entering them into my list in Wunderlist (thanks for the recommendation, Kim!!)

photo (17)

Can Being Religious Make You Healthier? via Greatist <– the biggest takeaway from this is community and connections improve your health. So go forth and make connections (religious, or not).

Do You Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight? via Bring Joy <– very timely considering my theme of the week. I definitely agree that tracking food for a period of time to get you “on track” is extremely helpful.

 Tell me: What’s your favourite post from the week?

PS – since I forgot to do this yesterday: it’s one month less one day until my birthday 😀

Link Love: 4/12

I’m so glad y’all love reading my link love posts as much as I love writing them! I really enjoy sharing my awesome finds with y’all!

This weekend while the majority of you are sleeping in and relaxing on your couch with coffee, I’ll be working my bum off marking exams. It puts a bit of a damper on my weekend, but I can’t complain too much as they do pay me well 🙂


Fun Fact

(I started this last week and I’m hoping to continue it!) Eating beets at dinner will turn you pee pink. And then you’ll get scared and think you might die until you remember you ate beets. Then you’ll laugh at yourself and post it on Twitter. #noshame



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Eating Like A Runner

50k Ultra Plan (Hanson’s Method)

 Help! I’m Running an Ultra Marathon <– I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions on this! ❤

Link Love

Stay Lean Without Tracking Your Calories or Macros via Nia Shanks <– this is pretty much what I’ve done in my life. While I take time to plan my meals for the week, it’s much simpler than needing to track every dang thing I shove into my facehole 🙂

Blogging: 13 Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner via Bring Joy <– thanks to Erica for introducing me to Janae, I’m loving her blog!! This post is wonderfully written. I loved all of it.

How to Speed Up Recovery and Get Fit Faster via Eat Spin Run Repeat <– Angela (yup, another one, also Canadian, also a runner) has some great tips for reducing inflammation after exercise. I don’t consume all the foods listed here, so I’m going to add them to my grocery list this weekend!

It’s Okay, part 7 via Snack Therapy <– yay, Carly’s back with another awesome no-nonsense post. She’s been busy with school or something important like that (pfffft, whatever) and I’ve been missing her sass something fierce! ❤

Why You Should Never Ever Get a Tattoo (but having a baby is fine) via The Ugly Volvo <– ha! I loved this. Related: I think I decided on what two (yes, two) tattoos I’d like. I obviously decided while running because that’s when I make the best decisions (see: signing up for a marathon and subsequently signing up for an ultra marathon).

A surprise, a new accessory and a change in plans via Kara Goucher <– Kara’s outlook on her unexpected (obviously!) injury is inspiring. I had chills reading about her decision to move to Oiselle and am so inspired by her attitude surrounding her injury.

Overtraining and Taking a Step Back via Altra Drop Zero <– With my massive increase in mileage and running days I’ve been very conscious about overtraining. I’m constantly asking myself if I feel okay, if I need to sleep more, etc etc. I’ve started checking my heart rate in the mornings to determine if I need to slow things down for a day or two, so far so good, but I’m working to pay attention to my body for the next few weeks.

Why I Wasn’t Convinced by ‘It Starts With Food’ via Better With Sprinkles <– I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m pretty reluctant to hop on any “paleo” “whole 30” whatever restrictive diet bandwagon. I really like reading Sam’s critical take of this book that’s making it’s rounds through the HLB world.

Streaking for Three Years and Counting… via Running with Rhyno <– could you run every day for 3 years? Una has ran a minimum of 5k every day since January 1, 2011. I’m taking part in #RunToCanadaDay (I just keep forgetting to tag my runs and I think I even forgot to mention it on the blog. Whoops) where we’re running (or walking) a minimum of 2k for 90 days and I’m sure I’m going to have troubles fitting it in at times.

What If You Don’t Eat Enough? via Fit ‘n Cookies <– this is something I’ve been really conscious of. I’m running 6 days/week right now and am burning a buttload (technical term) of calories. After tracking my food and making some changes, I stepped on the scale and I had a moment where I thought about cutting calories because I didn’t like the number. I’m working on a post about this, but suffice it to say, eating enough is important, especially when training for something crazy like an ultra marathon.

10 Free Blogging Printables via The SITS Girls <– Are you a blogger? Do you want your blog to be awesome? Then click the link and get some printables!

WIAW: Resting Metabolic Rate via My Healthy Happy Home <– after tracking my calories last week, I came to the conclusion I wasn’t eating enough. Based on the calculations in Giselle’s post, I need to eat nearly 2700 calories a day to keep up with all the running I’m doing. What even. That’s just….insane. Wow.

Stop Playing Small. If You Want It, Own It via A Life Less Bullshit <– I kind of want to be Nicole’s best friend. Seriously. I love her no-nonsense approach to life.

So often, our fear of failure makes us shy away from admitting what we want most. Guess what? Fuck that. I’m over it. WANT WHAT YOU WANT You don’t want to fail? Neither do I. But it’s time to redefine “failure.” Why does failure have to mean not reaching your goal? Why can’t failure instead be marked by not giving your best?

WIAW: Why 1200 is so, so wrong via The Real Life RD <– so the theme of this week seems to be how much do I need to eat and this post is just perfectly timed.

Post Workout Nutrition: What do we need and why? via The Little Honey Bee <– Confession: I never took recovery seriously until last year. In the past I’d run, no drink water, kind of eat dinner and go along my way. No wonder I was tired and sore all the time! Amy breaks down what we need any why and it’s super easy to understand. Also? This:

Drink water. Pee often. It shouldn’t be too yellow.

Google Translate for Runners via Fleet Feet <– LOVE! ❤

9 Things To Know Before You Marry A Runner via Shut Up + Run <– so true. So, so true. Love it!!

It doesn’t get easier, but it isn’t that hard via Run To The Finish <– I love Amanda’s message here – healthy living isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s surely not as difficult as we like to pretend it is. I believe it and it’s so, so true!

Getting healthy, losing weight, feeling happier, they all require the same incremental progress approach.

But here’s the thing, being overweight and taking pills, visiting the doctor frequently, not being able to run around with your kids…that doesn’t sound easy either. Eating food that makes you feel bloated and lethargic, gives you mood swings…hmm easier than 5 minutes to steam some broccoli??

My response? NAILED IT!

My Least Favourite Running Saying via The T-Rex Runner <– this post from Danielle really got me thinking. So much so that I might have to write a post on my thoughts – if I can get them to make sense, that is.

Ask Me Anything – Happy Heart 5km via Darwinian Fail <– if you’re a runner and are probably going to do a training run sometime between April 22 and 25 please sign up for Krysten’s Happy Heart 5k! The money goes to a great cause and you have a chance to win some killer prizes! And – if you’re in Calgary maybe we can meet up for a run?

Apparently water transfer painting is a thing.

And this is what my face looked like while watching the video.


Sorry about that. 🙂

We Have To Be Thin. via Lift Me Up Fitness <– I’m having a moment where I suck at words and I’m not good at articulating what this post meant to me. So I’ll leave you with this

When can we just realize that our bodies are OURS and they aren’t for anyone to “decide” they aren’t good enough?

FYI Friday – Organic is NOT a Synonym for Healthy via Pretty Little Grub <– I LOVE Jen’s posts and I LOVE that she’s a Registered Dietician and she knows her stuff.

Somewhere along the way, organic became a trendy marketing term and people lost sight of what it truly means. Organic refers solely to the method of farming and processing used for agricultural products, it has no relevance to the nutritional value of the product. 

I couldn’t agree more!!

Tell me: What have you loved this week?

Link Love: 4/5


The fourth month of the year.

Less than two months to my first ultra marathon.

Link Love April 5

Both my mental health and my physical health are really hoping for a change in the weather. It’s needed. Never ending winter is tough, and it’s especially tough for me. Running keeps me (mostly) sane (I’m sure some people might argue that point) and the lack of sun is really getting to me. I’m also sick of listening to myself complain. I mean really, how many times can one person complain about the weather?! Goodness.

Random Factoid

A really close friend of mine is studying to be a pilot. Every so often he has an awesome factoid for me….

Question: Why is first class in the front of the plane? (Hint: It’s not so us lowly folk can feel jealous as we walk past).

Answer: Planes are more fuel-efficient with the weight in the back of the plane. The further back the centre of gravity of the plane, the more fuel-efficient it is. So having fewer people in the front of the plane (aka – first class) makes the plane more fuel efficient.

Isn’t learning fun?! 🙂




Popular This Week

Once again you guys totally blew me away with your support and comments ❤ Seriously!

And, two totally amazing ladies (Katie and Christina) offered to pop some items in the mail for me! 😀 (more on that when they arrive).

Picky About Bananas <– so glad you could relate!!

A Day of Food: Run Day

Eating Like a Runner: Part 2

Eating Like a Runner

Link Love

Instead of just collecting links and posting them on Saturday, I’ve also tried to Tweet out links to my favourite posts throughout the week. I think it’s important to share the blogging love, so I’m hoping you may have seen some of these awesome posts throughout the week as well.

Tell me: How do you promote your favourite posts?

Improving Fitness via FueledbyLOLZ <– Hollie has such a realistic approach to her running and training. I adore it. It’s refreshing. That’s she’s insanely fast also helps 🙂 She also recently got engaged. Congratulations!! ❤

Social Media Sunday: Blog Stats Reveal via Running with Ollie <– I really love that Lea is so open about her blog. I’ve learned a lot from her social media series and through her blog planner (which I should probably start using).

40 Must Have iPad Apps for 2014 via LifeHack <– I had to bookmark this because I was reading it on a break and really wanted to remember some of these.

What the Number On the Scale Really Means: A Primer On Weight Fluctuations via Greatist

Giveaway: Get Powered Up by Chocolate Milk! via Slow is the New Fast <– my fellow Canadian runner Nikki is giving away five amazing prize packs for runners. This is limited to Western Canada (sorry other peeps) and the prize is really super awesome! Go forth and enter, my friends 🙂

The Tight Butt Workout via The Fit Chronicles <– because everyone wants a tight butt 😉

The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo via Greatist <– this past week was #RunWeek on Greatist and they had so many awesome articles dedicated to running. I thought this was great, breaking down all the terms us crazy runners use on a daily basis.

Find Your Best Race Weight via Active Times

Josh Radnor Explains Why Fans Shouldn’t be Mad at the Ending of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ via The Huffington Post <– WARNING: spoilers. I mean, you probably already know that, but still. Spoilers.

How ‘How I Met Your Mother Should Have Ended’ via The Huffington Post <– I’ll say it again SPOILERS. Also, if you watched, what did you think about the ending?

I Actually Like The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ending. Here’s Why via Thought Catalog <– I actually quite agreed with this. Oh. Also. SPOILERS. 😉

What’s Your Excuse? (Why This Is a Stupid Question and What to Ask Instead) via Nia Shanks <– shaming people is silly and unmotivating, a better approach 🙂

30 Convincing Reasons to Start Running NOW via Greatist <– seriously. Do it. What are you waiting for?

SEO for Blog Images via Sweet Miles <– I’m probably way behind on SEO stuff for my blog, so I found this post super helpful. Now the key is to actually do it 🙂

SeaWheeze Shorts – The Latest Lululemon Snafu via LuluAddict Blog <– I just….ugh. I had so much fun at SeaWheeze last year, it’s really disheartening to see lululemon miss the mark. Again. I hate to say it, but I’m going into the race with low expectations. Regarding the shorts – people paid $128 to run a race and get shorts, and now they can’t?! That’s just awful – I’m glad I’m not in this situation, but I’d be livid if I were.

What Are Macronutrients: Carbohydrates via Jessie Loves to Run <– the second installment in Jessie’s great series on food and fueling 🙂

I Get to Run via Mile Posts <– a reminder I sometimes need: I don’t have to run, I GET to run 🙂

75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For a Jog via BuzzFeed

Stress and Exercise + April Abs via Healthy Nest <– this post inspired me to listen to the Balanced Bites podcast wtih Jen Sinkler during my run on Thursday and I loved it. I’m not paleo and I’m not a CrossFitter and I still loved the podcast, I really really highly recommend downloading it and giving it a listen. Heck, I even purchased Lift Weights Faster (then I kind of regretted it because of the price and because I suck at actually doing cross-training workouts, but I’m hoping I can use that to motivate myself instead of curling into a ball and having buyers remorse) after listening to the podcast.

The Itch via The T-Rex Runner <– It’s obvious I love the way Danielle writes and I really love her thoughts on feeling the itch to run again, instead of the I have to run feeling.

The Best Start Up Launch Idea Ever via Ramblen <– I’m pretty certain no idea is better than walking around with a ram wearing a sandwich board 🙂

“Clean Eating” – I’m Tired of Feeling Guilty via Clean Eating Veggie Girl <– I can relate to so much in the post. Yup, I eat processed PB. Yup, I love me a Diet Coke every so often. Who freaking cares?! Life is too dang short to not enjoy what we eat. The end 🙂

FYI Friday – A New Measure of Health via Pretty Little Grub <– as many athletes are well aware, BMI measurement is a crap-shoot. Jen’s post is on ABSI and how it more accurately measures your health.

Running Math via Running with Ollie <– if you’re a runner, these will all make sense to you!

Tell me: What are some of your favourite posts from the past week?


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Link Love: 3/29

Wow. Nearly the end of March already. It seems so crazy that one-quarter of 2014 is already done.


I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past two weeks. This exact time last year is definitely when I was at my worst. My anxiety was the highest it was, and I just felt so unbelievably lost. I’ve had feelings of the lost-ness and sadness creep in over the past few weeks and I’ve been doing my best to be thankful.

Thankful that I’m in a far better place than I was last year and thankful that I have a great job, good friends and the sweetest cat ever. Instead of being stressed about running (like I have been over the past few weeks) I’m trying to get back to using running as a way to de-stress. A way for me to be alone with my thoughts and to figure things out – I haven’t been doing that lately.

Last April was a new beginning for me. I started a new job and really committed to making myself happy, and I hope I can continue to make myself happy through Spring 2014 as well.

Enough heavy thoughts for a Saturday – here’s what I loved this week! 🙂



^^ sorry not sorry



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I’m Excited…

Treating Myself Well

You guys blew me away with all your comments and love this week. Seriously. Thank you ❤ I smiled so hard while answering comments all week!

Link Love

The Secret That Helped Me Increase My Web Traffic via Treble In the Kitchen <– a few weeks ago I mentioned about wanting to grow my blog and become self hosted, Blog School is a way to help me grow my blog, so I’m really considering joining for six months to see where it takes me.

How to Find Images for Your Blog that Don’t Suck via Blog Genie <– Thanks to Tara’s post about Blog School, I’ve been checking out the Blog Genie site and these image sites rule. You won’t regret poking around – I promise!

10 Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30s <– I’ve certainly been feeling a bit lost over the past while (maybe you’ve noticed?) so I appreciated the advice for two reasons. 1 – I’m doing fairly well at some things and 2 – not every 30-something has it all figured out. But I’m working on it.

Are Most Bloggers Liars? via Erica House <– I really like this post from Erica and I think she’s really brave for sharing it with the world. I agree that I sometimes struggle with what to share and what not to share. I want to be honest with anyone reading, but I also think it’s okay if I don’t share everything about my life.

Healthy Bloggers – Are They Telling the Truth? via The Fit Chronicles <– a follow-up by Alison on Erica’s post above. Note: I’m not trying to criticize or crap on HLB’s as a whole, but I can honestly say I have looked at some bloggers meals and thought “There’s NO WAY I could survive on that” and “but what about CARBS and DESSERT?” and I figure if I’m thinking it, others might be as well. I do think there can be pressure to look a certain way online, especially when it comes to food and fitness. In light of this (and whoa, tangent!) I’m going to be posting a sampling of my daily eats over the next few weeks and am going to highlight running days, rest days and weekends in an attempt to give a good cross-section of what I consumed to fuel my body and workouts. (Yes, even after this post)

Chocolate Coconut Butter via My Whole Food Life <– I have plans to make this over the weekend and maybe even try my hand at nut butter!

8 Tips To Have A Positive Body Image and Stop Obsessive Eating Habits via Your Trainer Paige <– Anytime I have a bad week (or a bad few weeks) my default is to start obsessing over food, my weight, exercise and bring in negative selftalk. This was a much-needed read for me this week.

Men Are Posting Pictures of Their Penises in Socks on Instagram For Cancer Awareness and It Is So, So Good via Buzzfeed <– probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. And, yes, that means it’s better than the cat in a shark suit riding a Roomba.

Ibuprofen and Running <– if you’re a runnier, read this. The end.

Run This Year April Instagram Challenge via Running Hutch <– I’m taking part in RTY (aka Run This Year) with a goal of running 2014km in 2014. I’m not 100% certain I’ll make the mileage, I’m already behind by roughly 150km (oops!) but we’ll see. Either way, I’m excited to give the April Instagram challenge a go.


Happy Heart Virtual 5km via Darwinian Fail <– I know there are a lot of virtual races out there, and I don’t often participate in them, but I’m going to be joining Krysten to run 5km on April 22 (or anytime from April 21-27) to honour what would have been her dad’s 61 birthday. All funds raised will go straight to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Please consider donating and joining in on the virtual 5k on April 22.

Real Talk: The Time I Got Life-Changing Clarity From Using a Compost Toilet In the Desert For Four Days via A Life Less Bullshit <– still loving Nicole’s posts. Truly. It made me realize how often I do this – how often I go into a situation with my mind already made up, not to mention how much time I spend agonizing over and dreading something I’m “completely sure” I’m not going to like. I can’t tell you how much I relate to this.

What Happens To Your Body During an Ultra Marathon <– I was kinda scared to read this…..

Ultrarunning: Are We Meant to Go the Distance <– yet another post making me feel awesome about running 50km…

Why Runners Can’t Eat Whatever They Want <– sadface. And also, so true!

Why Magazines [Geared Towards Women] Suck via Olive to Run <– I love Cori’s blog and I love that Cori isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. While I’m a magazine subscriber (kind of, I have a NextIssue membership) I’ve very much gotten away from reading Self (never, ever, ever again!), Glamour, Cosmo, etc and focus on reading magazines like Food, Runner’s World (although there are a few too many weight loss articles for my taste) Running Times, etc.

What is LAME is when you bandit a race, take things that paying runners paid for while taking thirteen selfies of men without consent and then monopolizing on it.  [See my friend Erica’s post for more information and Runner’s World’s hilarious rebuttal.]

See?! Mad love for my pal Cori for writing this! ❤

What’s the Best That Could Happen via Run Pretty <– I really love this post from Presley. It’s a great way to flip worries on their head. A lot of times I look at things from the “what’s the worst that could happen” standpoint, but why don’t we flip that and look on the positive, “what’s the best that could happen?”.

27 Little Struggles Only Runners Know via Thought Catalog <– ha! So true!

What Are Macronutrients? via Jessie Loves to Run <– a really good post that breaks down the macronutrient categories (carbohydrates, proteins, fats and….alcohol) and why each one is important.

Just (Don’t) Do It via Must Love Jogs <– first, can we talk about how clever the name of this blog is?! I love it! Second, this is a really good post breaking down elite runners moving from Nike to other smaller companies.

Let’s Talk About Poop via Nutty About Health <– I couldn’t not share this, I mean, really 🙂 Also, you’re welcome. Heh.

Supporting Those In Your Community via FueledbyLOLZ <– I love Hollie’s blog because she doesn’t bullshit her posts. She’s an awesomely fast runner and writes wonderfully. I love her thoughts on the race bandit and the SELF magazine kerfuffle from this week.

 If you are going to take from the community, then you must give back.  You cannot take and not give back.

This woman was running a marathon and they were judging her for what she was wearing

See? That Hollie is one smart cookie 🙂

How to Avoid Crisiticm via The Fit Chronicles <– I very much believe that if you can’t be criticized, you’re probably doing it wrong. Thanks for the reminder, Alison!

Helpful Blogging Tips via Eat Great BE Great <– I’ve become a bit, shall we say, obsessed in making my blog more awesome, so anything with tips and links I read 🙂

Blogging Tactics via Sweet Miles <– again, help for the ole blog. LOVE IT!

Holy crap, lots of links this week, hey?!

What can I say – when I see something I LOVE I want to share it!!

Tell me: What’s your favourite link from the past week?


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Link Love: 3/22

Last weekend I had high hopes for an awesome weekend, but it ended up being super low key instead. This weekend is shaping up to be all kinds of awesome. So much so that I’ve dubbed it the Weekend of Awesome. No, I don’t have high expectations at all for this weekend, why do you ask? 🙂

So far I’m looking at a movie (or two!) dinner and brunch. Sounds excellent to me!



photo (41)

My running outfit on Monday. I kind of look like a 4-year old picked out my clothes.



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Weekly Plan: 3/17-3/23 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 8)

Injuries Happen

Link Love

9 Everyday Stretches for a Healthy Body via The Sweet Life with Erika <– I LOVE stretching, I try to get in a good session every evening while watching some TV to keep myself limber and from getting (more) injured.

FLTW: Why Everyone Should Try Therapy via Better with Sprinkles <– I’m really interested in adding this book to my reading list and I very much agree with Sam’s suggestion that anyone and everyone can benefit from therapy at some point.

10 Best Foods for Runners & Run Happy Recipes via rUnladylike <– this is a continuance of Jesica’s post from last week, so of course, I had to share!

12 Lessons You Need to Learn Before Settling Down via Thought Catalog

17 Delicious Ways to Take Oreos to the Next Level via BuzzFeed <– ummm, all of these. Yes please.

30 Things You Thought You’d Understand By Age 30 via BuzzFeed <– Truth.

The Truth About PB2 & Powdered Peanut Butter <– this was linked to a smoothie recipe I’d posted that contained PB2. My thoughts? Meh. I consume peeps, so I’m not overly concerned about it – i’ts not like I’m eating a container of PB2 per day. I tend not to get my panties in a wad because something isn’t 100% organic or the picture of health. I’m all about balance 🙂

Reflections from 30,000 Feet via Think-It <– a wonderful post on friendships, relationships and broken ribs.

5 Foam Rolling Mistakes to Avoid via HuffPost Healthy Living

One Minute via The T-Rex Runner <– I wish I had something eloquent to say about Danielle’s amazing post, but (for once) I’m at a loss. Just, read it.

Why Don’t Cops Believe Rape Victims <– terrifying and fascinating all at the same time.

Why I Hate Insagenix & Dr Oz via Eat From The Oil Patch <– I love this post from Tatum SO MUCH! As much as we want to hope for it, there are no quick fixes for weight loss and getting healthy. It takes work and effort. Once upon a time I was crazy and tried Alli because I needed to lose weight. While it may not be quite as bad as some of those fat burner products, it’s certainly not good for you, I mean just take a look at some of these side effects. Gross, right?!

Landmarks Up Close and From Afar via TheChive <– these give some really cool perspectives and the pictures are gorgeous!

32 Embarrassing Things You Do When You Live Alone via Thought Catalog <– ummm. No comment.

Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal via Oh She Glows <– I’m loving Angela’s cookbook and I really love that she’s sharing recipes that didn’t make the final cut. This is perfect for a lazy weekend, or even a grab and go on your way to work!

This Winter Wasn’t the Coldest but It Was One of the Most Miserable via FiveThirtyEight Science <– a breakdown of the winter that just.won’t.end.

10 Ways I Am Not Your Typical HLB via The Healthy Maven <– I love that Davida wrote this. I wholeheartedly agree with all of her points with the exception of #2 (love me some Harry Potter) and #5 (love me some spaghetti squash!)

64 Mind Blowing Facts That Will Make You Feel Increadibly Happy via BuzzFeed <– I grinned like a fool through this entire article. LOVE IT!

60 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind via BuzzFeed <– even though some of these are kinda gross, I’m not bothered. The only food I’m weird about are bananas. Truth.

Healthy Means…. via Snack Therapy <– yup, still loving my girl, Carly!

Girl Takes 13 Instagram Selfies With Unsuspecting Hot Men As She Ran the NYC Half Marathon via BuzzFeed <– so I may now make this my goal for races. 🙂

8 Raunchy Things Runners Do And Why via Shut Up + Run <– these are so, so true. I can honestly said I’ve never blown a snot rocket, peed myself or vomited. The rest? Well…….

Female Bathroom Protocol via Vodka & Soda <– all of these! Yes! Why don’t people follow the rules?!

The 64 Best Fitness Apps of 2014 via Greatist <– I have a few apps on the list and I can say they are awesome!

Tell me: What are some of your favourite links of the week?


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Link Love: 3/15

Let’s see if I can get my ish together enough this weekend to get this posted on Saturday for y’all!


I do have a fun weekend ahead, I have free tickets to the Calgary Auto Show, so I’m planning on stopping by with a friend, I also have dinner reservations for dining week. Look at the menu! Dinner2

Doesn’t that just look amazing?! I’m also hoping to go see Need For Speed…partly because I love Aaron Paul and partly because I love action movies with cars 🙂

I’m also semi-obsessed with the missing airplane and have been reading all the links I can; however, I’m not including them in here becuase I feel like it’s all speculation. A friend of mine has his pilot’s license and he’s explained some of how radar and transmitters and the like work, but none of it seems to make much sense at all. It’s all just so, so weird.


Popular This Week

Runner Spotlights #78 <– I was featured by Road Runner Girl this past weekend

Injuries Happen

Thinking Out Loud: 3/13 <– alternative title: Why I Don’t Talk About Food On the Blog…Much.

Glass Slipper Challenge: Race Photos

Link Love

3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Running Form via Cotter Crunch <– I’ve been very lax in incorporating strength and cross training into my routine, so I hope I’ll be able to find a way to do these a few times a week.

Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition for Runners via rUnladlike <– I’m way more focused on my nutrition during this training cycle than I was before, this was such a good read for me!

Social Media-ers Who “Give Me The Sads” via Snack Therapy <– I could mouth kiss Carly for this post. LOVE!!

Lemon Bars via BogaBabe <– Dianne is one of my favourite people 🙂 And who puts unsalted butter on toast? Assholes, that’s who.

Socia Media Sunday: Twitter – What NOT to Do via Running with Ollie <– Lea has some awesome tips and links to use when growing your Twitter following.

Why are we so tired so much of the time via Calgary Herald <– tired? Take a nap! 🙂

Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies + Sea Salt via strivetostride <– Yes please!!

Here’s What Happens When You Ask a Bunch of Adults to Label Male and Female Reproductive Systems via Buzzfeed <– probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Coconut Oil Pulling: 2 Years Later via Carla Birnberg <– So I just started oil pulling about 2 weeks ago, so it’s really interesting to read a post about the effects after a number of years. I’m definitely on the fence about whether some of the claims made are factual but I will say my teeth feel cleaner and are whiter, so there’s that…

Oil Pulling Might Be The Next Big Thing – Or Not via HuffPost Healthly Living

Could You Spot an Eating Disorder via <– this article is terrifying and eyeopening and is very much worth a read.

Plenty of Time via The T-Rex Runner <– this post from Danielle definitely got me thinking and I’m definitely guilty of the “oh I have time” mentality. I know I want to take more risks and do bigger things in my life and now I don’t really have an excuse for not thinking about it.

26 Boozy Desserts to Get you Tipsy This St Patrick’s Day via Buzzfeed <– because who doesn’t love a good boozy dessert?!

You Could Use These Sweet Backgrounds via TheBERRY <– wanting a cooler iPhone background? Check these out! Tip: download TheBERRY app and then save the pictures from the app for your phone.

41 People Share Their Favourite Apps That No One Else Knows About via Thought Catalog <– because apps are fun!

Bachelor Juan Pablo Final Episode via Some Guy in Austin <– I’ve been loving these posts all season, especially since they come from the perspective of a guy. I’m keeping him in my reader for Andi’s season of The Bachelorette.

Seven Reasons Why You Might Want a Cake Shaped Like a Baked Potato via Emry at Home <– Because I love Emry, her girls and her writing. And, uh, the cake looks a little, well,….you’ll see……

Running Times – Minutes/km in Minutes/mile <– a super handy conversion chart for us runners!

The Greatest Obituary Ever! <– if you haven’t read/seen this already, it’s worth it. I promise!

Why Whole 30 Is Not For Me… via Healthy Helper <– it was super fitting that this was posted the same day I talked about not talking about food on here.

Blogging Pet Peeves via Running4Cupcakes <– I always like knowing what people love/hate about blogs and design.

Obesity & Body Shaming: There Is a Difference via Live, Love and Run <– this is really really eyeopening and compares obesity and body shaming. Also, make sure you watch the videos.

10 Things People Get Wrong About Anxiety via HuffPost Healthy Living <– if you have an anxious person in your life, please please take a read through this. You can also check out my series on anxiety to see how it affected my life and how I deal day-to-day.

Tell me: What link did you love this week?


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Link Love: 3/8

Sometimes I feel like being a grown up means exclaiming how quickly weeks or months pass by – this week is no different. And Saturday went by in a flash because I completely forgot to post this! Enjoy my Saturday link love on your Sunday 🙂


Being a grown up also sometimes means complaining about losing an hour of sleep because, ugh. But – if it means I can run after work and not have to run on a treadmill, I’ll take it!! 🙂




Popular This Week

Current Training Plan

Upcoming and Past Races

Hansons Method: Tempo

Link Love

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Partner via Psychology Today

It’s a Dude Thing via The Berry

New Ambassadors and An Update via FitFluential <– In case you missed it, I’m a new FitFluential Ambassador. WHEE! Congratulations to everyone else who was selected! Applications will reopen in the Spring, so if you think you’d like to join, stay tuned 🙂 And even if you just barely meet the requirements, still apply!! I truly didn’t think I’d be selected because my blog is so teeny, and I was, so you really never know 😀 All day Thursday I was checking my email (because for some unknown reason I thought Thursday was the last day of Feb, even thought I knew it wasn’t) and then commented to Ann and Heather that I was waiting to hear from FitFluential…..Not 10 minutes later I had the email in my inbox. SQUEE!!

32 Simple Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep via Greatist <– Normally I’m a champion sleeper. I don’t regularly have issues falling asleep or staying asleep, but for the past 10 days or so, sleep and I haven’t been on the best of terms. I’ll have one night of great sleep, following by a few nights of not-so-great sleep.

How I Accidentally Dated Two Guys for a Year via Thought Catalog <– Umm…..

22 People Share Weird Things They Do In Private via Thought Catalog

What Goes Up Must Go Down via Fueled by LOLZ <– “When you have a significantly good or bad race, you are still the same person before the race.  The race itself is a reflection of good, bad and mediocre training.  You have not changed because of the race”. I LOVE this from Hollie, it’s so important to remember!!

Bloggers: Let’s stop apologizing via Healthy Nest

What If Everbody Ran? via Mizuno <– LOVING this website

Albany Marathon Race Recap via rUnladlike <– I love the tidbits Jesica has in her post about her marathon! “Discuss pooping at length – Did you go yet? Was it a good one? Do you think you’ll have to go again before the race?” and At mile 7, I made a deal with myself that rather than thinking about how many more miles I had to go, I would set small goals. The first goal was to get to the half marathon point (13.1), the next was to get to mile 17 (because that’s when you are finally counting down miles in the single digits), and then to 20 (because there is just a 10K to go) and then to 23 (because you can do anything for 3 more miles). Setting these smaller goals really helped me mentally.

Let’s Talk About Lent via My Radical Commitment <– I love Krissie. My head dang near exploded earlier this week when I saw a post about “what foods to give up to lose weight over Lent” (no, I’m not linking to it) so my heart sang when I read this “And I don’t think the purpose of Lent is misery. Growth and discomfort? Yes. But not misery.” It’s also not about freaking losing weight!

Why You Need to Mess With Your Routine via A Life Less Bullshit <– if the opening line is This is a story about menstrual cramps. But really, it’s a story about perfectionism. you know it’s going to be a good post! 🙂

Toxic People Don’t Make Exceptions via Thought Catalog <– a really interesting read

Learn the Risks of OTC Medications via Live From La Quinta <– a super important read if you’re a runner and use painkillers/anti inflammatories when training.

How to Get More Facebook Interaction….and Be Seen via Jasmine Star Photography <– I’m sure this is something that frustrates all bloggers. How the heck to we get people to see what we post on Facebook?!

Want to Make Better Decisions? Here’s a Mental Trick via Storyline Blog <– I really like the mental trick presented here: To make better decisions, imagine your life one year from now. From that perspective, look back on where you are now and think about how you wish you would have handled your current situation. The next time I have a tricky decision to make, I’m going to remember this.

26.2 Reasons Why You Should Run A Marathon via Thought Catalog

When I Grow Up via Olives ‘N Wine

Tell me: What’s your favourite post of the week?


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Link Love: 3/1


It’s March.


Does “In like a lion, out like a lamb” apply for -30C weather?! Because if so, I’m looking forward to some spring-like temperatures at the end of the month.

This has felt like a bit of a weird week for me – only working two days (woo hoo!) – and I’ve barely posted on my blog. That said, I regret nothing 🙂 I love vacations and sometimes time away is very needed.

I also had to declare Bloglovin’ bankruptcy. With over 600 unread posts there was no way I was catching up. Whoops! Link love might be a bit light this week, but I had no problem coming across things I love!!


Popular This Week

Oh hai

Weekly Plan

Thinking Out Loud

My Ramblen Bio <– I’m so freaking excited I have a bio. Woo!!!!!

Glass Slipper Recap – Part 1

Glass Slipper Recap – Part 2

Link Love

Mini Me Animals <– my heart seriously exploded because of the cute.

7 Signs Someone is Your Person via Thought Catalog

#keepingitreal via Running on Sundays

The Oscars/Academy Awards: Running Edition 2014 via Read.Bake.RUN.repeat

Eating Disorders: The Men’s Issue No One Talks About and Why That Has to Change via Greatist

Try This Tuesday – Up your dosage of self care to get back to YOU via The Small Change Project

The Past Doesn’t Dictate Who You’ll Become via Jasmine Star Photography Blog

A Better Version Of Myself (that I owe to running) via Running with Rhyno

Body Image: The Way My Stomach Looks via Nutty for Life

Coconut Cashew Butter via Hungry Heathy Girl

If you’ve read or written an awesome post this week – link it up in the comments for everyone!!


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Link Love: 2/22

Well happy Saturday, friends!


I’m coming to you from sunny/rainy Orlando today! I’ve already ran 10km and now it’s time for a shower and FOOD!!

I certainly couldn’t let a weekend go by without posting my favourites of the week. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy 🙂



I’m pumped that I’m an ambassador for Ramblen. I found out a few weeks ago and squeed since I’m working with Danielle, who is basically my blog crush and I totally want to be her best friend. I can be kinda creepy sometimes. Sorry.

Popular This Week

Weekly Plan (Ultra Marathon Training Week 4)

Hansons Method: Long Runs

Thinking Out Loud: 2/20

Link Love

1 Year and Life Lessons via Darwinian Fail <– I’m not sure how I only recently discovered Krysten’s blog, but I very much love it. Although we’ve had different struggles over the past few years, this post really spoke to me. Sometimes beautiful and important life lessons arise from what looks like suffering and adversity. I couldn’t have said it better myself. ❤

Why Runners Should Cross Train via FitSugar <– I know, I know.

New Backgrounds via TheChive <– 50 gorgeous photographs in case you’re looking to change up your desktop background. My work computer was finally updated from XP to Windows 7; however, I can no longer change my background to anything fun. Boo. So change up yours for me!

The Dos and Don’ts of Dating via Finding My Fit <– I have a few girlfriends who are experiencing this same angst as Karla over dating. Ugh. Dating.

Homemade Peanut Butter Twix Bars <– I’m going to need to make these soon!

How Compression Apparel Works via Competitor

The Promise You Can’t Keep in Marriage <– I LOVED this post. And it’s so freaking true.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Cumin via Joy The Baker <– one of these days I’ll actually make and post all the recipes I find. Cooking for one can just be so….uninspiring. Any Calgary runners/bloggers wanna come by for dinner? (This is a 100% serious invite, you’d even get to meet Merlin!)

The Truth About Being Healthy via A Life Less Bullshit

there will never, ever, ever be a time when going running and preparing a healthy meal is as easy and effortless as laying on the couch eating an entire sleeve of Oreos

I could make out with Nicole for the above. LOVE IT!!!!!!

I Wasn’t Looking for An Affair, It Just Happened via Psychology Today <– short version: Unhappy marriages don’t cause infidelity. Being unfaithful causes infidelity.

How to Handle Feelings of Inadquacy Due to Social Media via Feminine Muscle <– Personally, I don’t post everything about my day. I don’t post about the argument I had, or the massive zit on my face. Why? Because I don’t always want to be negative. So, just know, my life really isn’t exactly how it appears on my blog, on Twitter or on Instagram. I’m not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes; I just have a platform where I can choose what I want to share, so sometimes, not all of it gets shared. Is that good or bad? I’m not sure.

Feel Your Fears via The Healthy Maven

Tell me: What’s the favourite post you read this week?


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Link Love: 2/15

Ahhh, the day after Valentine’s Day.




I had an enjoyable night in with steak, wine and The Mindy Project last night – just what I needed! 🙂

I’m delaying my run until late morning/early afternoon, but I’m just super excited to run outside today!!


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How I Learned to be Kinder (from the I’m Fit Possible blog)

Thinking Out Loud: 2/13

Hansons Method: Speedwork

Link Love

We Are All Just Figuring Things Out As We Go via Thought Catalog <– so so great. Read this post.

25 Ways To Become the Happiest Version of Yourself via Thought Catalog <– I loved reading this and, being a relatively happy person, I have to say I quite agree

The Game Plan via The T-Rex Runner <– I good reminder that I really need to stop slacking on my cross training!!

The #REALFITSPRO Project: Issue 1 via Lift Me Up Fitness

How To Find YOUR Happy Weight via Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish <– if you’ve been working hard to lose weight, maybe a shift in what YOUR weight is, is necessary, this post is a great read and has awesome suggestions

Valentine’s Cards for Single People to Give to Themselves via Buzzfeed <– a day late, but they’re still great!

16 Graphs That Perfectly Illustrate Twentysomething Life via Buzzfeed <– heck, I’m 30 and I can relate all too well to some of these.

It’s Okay….Part 6 via Snack Therapy <– dang I love this girl!!!!!

My Brain on Exercise: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression via Feminine Muscle <– this post really (like really) spoke to me. As I was reading Taylor’s words I could feel her emotions. The struggle, the loss, the helplessness. While I don’t believe I’m fully able to manage my anxiety through exercise alone, it was a huge struggle for me to finally be okay with taking something to help me to function “normally”.

7 Ways To Become Self Reliant via Thought Catalog

Canada Has A Beer Fridge That Only Opens With A Canadian Passport via Buzzfeed <– the beer in the fridge is kinda shitty, but who freaking cares! CANADA!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Keep It Real About Our Bodies via Runners World <– I have some mad love for Lauren Fleshman.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake via Smitten Kitchen

9 Historic Olympic Cities and What They Look Like Today via Buzzfeed

Tell me: What are some of your favourite links of the week?


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