Let’s Talk Cross Training

I think by now, after me posting many (many!) weeks of running and workout plans, y’all can see I’m fairly good at running (provided I’m not sick or injured) but I’m absolutely awful at fitting in cross training.


I really really want to change that, but I really struggle with the want to pick up weights after going for a long run.

I have no problem making myself run on the days where I may not exactly want to run, but for some reason I’m awful at applying that same mentality when it comes to cross training.

I’m not exactly sure what the answer is, but I do think making it easy it key for me. No fancy equipment, no crazy, “I will work out six days a week” plans.


In. Out. Done. <– That’s what she said. Heh. 😉

So starting this week I’m using the Nike Training Club app on my phone for workouts. I’ve had this app for nearly two years and every time I use it I remember why I absolutely love it.

Some of the workouts require very little equipment, many of them ask for dumbbells (which I own), a stability ball (own one too!) or a resistance band (own that too!) so it’s pretty darn easy for me to do it in my living room.

My condo also has a full gym that I can use, so, not much room for excuses there!

I set myself up with a 4-week plan (new in the last update of the app) with the goal of “get toned”. The NTC app has three goals: get lean, get toned, or get strong and in each of those you can select beginner (me – for now!), intermediate or advanced. There are also 15 minute quick fix workouts that include abs, yoga, stretching and focused workouts.

My plan for the next four weeks is to complete my three strength workouts M/W/F and also do a 15 minute ab workout 3x/week as well. I know my core is really week and that definitely makes running a challenge, so to help with that, abs it is!

I’d like to include yoga, but I really don’t want to get too crazy with my plan here. If it works, I’ll do yoga 2-3x per week, but if not, I won’t beat myself up over it.

I also hope this will help strengthen my legs so I can stop dealing with lower leg issues.

Tell me: How do you motivate yourself to cross train?

Tales of the Scale


Hi. This scale is totally tongue-in-cheek and I hope y’all can appreciate that an not be offended because OMG I’m talking about the SCALE today!

This morning I decided to weigh myself. When I did I saw a number that was higher than I normally like for it to be.

A year ago, seeing a number in my higher range would have affected my whole day. I would first shame myself for not being more mindful about food, for eating that cookie and drinking that beer, and then I would continue to be in a bad mood, shaming myself throughout the rest of the day. All because of a silly number on a scale.

While the past year has certainly been a challenge for me, so much good has come of it.

I no longer value myself based upon a weight or a size.

I am confident in my body and it’s ability to carry me through marathons.

I remember reading an article in a magazine with some famous person who was, most likely, a size zero. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of she weighed herself every day and if the number was slightly high (we’re talking a pound) she’d put on her skinny jeans and only eat carrot sticks.

That stuck with me for years.

I have a suspicion a lot of my weight shame and judgement, came from this quote. I feel so often we’re told that if we aren’t bothered by the number on the scale, then we’re not okay. We’re told we should be upset with higher numbers. At least, that’s what a lot of celebrity quotes and magazine quotes would lead us to believe.

Well friends, I believe it’s okay to be okay with the number on the scale, no matter what that number is.

For me, I have a number that, as I get close to it, I know it’s time to be a bit more mindful of food and exercise. That number does not define me, but I know I feel better physically when I’m not at that number. You probably have a similar number, too. I believe that’s okay; it’s okay to prefer to be a certain weight, or a certain size. We’re allowed to feel comfortable and confident in our bodies, but remember, we, as people are not defined by that number, or that size.

I won’t weigh myself more than once a week (if that) because if I start to more frequently then I know I’ll start to equate that number with my self-worth. A few years ago I worked with a girl who would weigh herself every morning and announce her weight to other co-workers. While I was impressed with her resolve to watch what she was eating and lose weight, it became painfully obvious over a number of weeks and months that she was deriving her self-worth from that number each and every morning. It became burdensome for co-workers to hear about it every morning.

Good and bad days should never be defined by a number (not even the number in your bank account!).

I’m not indicating what my number is, because my number is different from your number. We’re all built differently and as such, someone my height may be 10 pounds heavier or 10 pounds lighter and it will be healthy for them.

Do you have a healthy relationship with your scale and body?

Plan for the Week: Oct 28


Whew. Last week kicked my bum! I had a great time attending my conference, it’s given me a lot to think about for my personal career and I’m excited to see what I’m able to do with my career after this.

I’ve been feeling a bit fluffy since the conference; I usually get sucked in by the cookies in the afternoon, and I was too tired to get too many workouts in (6km run on Tuesday, cross-training on Wednesday, 10k run on Saturday), so my focus this week is workouts and healthy eating with lots of protein and veggies.

photo (80)

I find it easiest to plan my weeks when I eat relatively simply and almost the same every day. Come Friday I’m usually looking for a change, and I found out I have enough points at a local grocery store to get a free dinner, so that’ll be my Friday dinner to mix things up for the weekend.


After taking a break from smoothies for a few weeks, last week reminded me of how much I love my morning smoothie. I’ve made smoothie freezer packs again to speed up my mornings.

My green smoothie recipe is here.


As I’m back in the office, I’ll be bringing my lunches with me and I’m going back to a tried and true staple, sweet potatoes. I’ll have these baked up beforehand and will top with cottage cheese (for protein!) and salsa (for flavour!).


If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty good at eating on a schedule, my morning snack will remain my tried and true trail mix and I’ll bring an apple and cheese to have as an afternoon snack.


Last week I ended up making an omelet with random frozen veggies and butternut squash – the squash was sooooo good in the omelet! I’ll have an omelet a few times for dinner during the week and might play it by ear for a dinner or two as well. I have lots of frozen veggies, chicken, fish and pot pies in the freezer, so I certainly won’t go hungry!


This is my last week off running until I start training for my half marathon, so I’ll be throwing in a few runs and will focus on cross training as well to keep my body balanced. So far my plan for the week is as follows:

Monday – cross training (minimum 45 minutes of Nike + Training Club)

Tuesday – 6k run

Wednesday – cross training (minimum 45 minutes of Nike + Training Club)

Thursday – 10k run

Friday – off

Saturday – 10km run

Sunday – cross training (minimum 45 minutes of Nike + Training Club)

and then I’ll start my half marathon training plan on Tuesday!


When I’m busy, my focus is usually on just keeping things together, housework will usually suffer before exercise and eating healthy. As such, my condo is a bit of a disaster zone! After my course on Sunday I grabbed groceries and did four loads of laundry (for ONE person!!) and by the time that was done I was ready for bed! I want to focus on a zone of my condo each night this week (for 45-60 minutes) to get everything together.

Monday – vacuum and mop

Tuesday – clean and tidy bathroom

Wednesday – organize desk area (aka – “the drop zone”)

Thursday – general tidy/pick up

Friday – off (because who wants to clean on a Friday?!)

Daily I make sure my clothes are pick up and put away and that my kitchen is tidy. I’m not a fan of hand washing dishes, so sometimes those pile up a bit, but not too much 🙂

What do you have planned for the week?

Do you eat the same thing everyday or does that get boring?

Ab Challenge

photo (42)

As I mentioned in my October goals, I have terrible posture; I stand with my back arched, stomach out and butt out. Sexy, I tell ya.

Instead of posting a picture of my awful posture, instead I give you a picture of me in running clothes – mainly because you can kinda see my abs, my posture isn’t crap and it’s pink. Who doesn’t love pink?!

At 8:30 last night I realized I still needed to get my ab work in and I might have stomped my feet like a spoiled little brat, but I put on my big girl panties and did them. Day one in the books!

For anyone interested (*ahem*, Ann) here’s the schedule. I put my days off on Sunday (because there’s no freaking way I’m doing ab work after a long run/marathon) but change around as you see fit.

Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
Sept 29 N/A N/A 15 sit-ups
5 crunches
10s plank
10 push-ups
19 sit-ups
6 crunches
12s plank
11 push-ups
23 sit-ups
7 crunches
15s plank
12 push-ups
27 sit-ups
10 crunches
20s plank
14 push-ups
30 sit-ups
15 crunches
25s plank
16 push-ups
Oct 6 Off 34 sit-ups
20 crunches
28s plank
17 push-ups
36 sit-ups
29 crunches
30s plank
19 push-ups
40 sit-ups
38 crunches
33s plank
20 push-ups
42 sit-ups
47 crunches
35s plank
21 push-ups
46 sit-ups
56 crunches
37s plank
22 push-ups
50 sit-ups
65 crunches
40s plank
24 push-ups
Oct 13 Off 54 sit-ups
74 crunches
50s plank
25 push-ups
57 sit-ups
83 crunches
55s plank
27 push-ups
60 sit-ups
92 crunches
60s plank
29 push-ups
64 sit-ups
101 crunches
65s plank
30 push-ups
67 sit-ups
110 crunches
70s plank
32 push-ups
71 sit-ups
119 crunches
75s plank
35 push-ups
Oct 20 Off 74 sit-ups
128 crunches
80s plank
38 push-ups
77 sit-ups
137 crunches
85s plank
40 push-ups
80 sit-ups
146 crunches
90s plank
43 push-ups
84 sit-ups
155 crunches
95s plank
46 push-ups
86 sit-ups
164 crunches
100s plank
49 push-ups
90 sit-ups
173 crunches
105s plank
52 push-ups
Oct 27 Off 94 sit-ups
182 crunches
110s plank
55 push-ups
96 sit-ups
191 crunches
115s plank
58 push-ups
100 sit-ups
200 crunches
120s plank
60 push-ups
100 sit-ups
200 crunches
120s plank
60 push-ups

Are you joining in on the October ab challenge?