Ways in which living with a cat is similar to living with a toddler

Thank you all so much for your love and comments on my post yesterday. I’m torn between feeling glad that I’m not alone in this and feeling sad that magazines and the media have completely skewed our way of thinking of food and calories. I have something a little more light-hearted for you today, so I hope you enjoy it!

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen the occasional picture of my pretty guy, Merlin. (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, why the heck not?!).

photo (54)

Some days his pretty is his only saving grace. Truly. I’ve often uttered, “You’re lucky you’re cute” in response to something he’s done.

I’m also fairly certain that he’s training me to be able to one day (maybe?) live with a toddler. (Or convincing me I should stick to cats. I haven’ yet determined which).

1. You pee with the bathroom door open. Now, I’m sure this is likely for somewhat different reasons, but I’m also sure toddlers will likely cry outside the door like the cat. However, I’m pretty certain a toddler won’t hop up on your lap for cuddles while you’re peeing. Maybe.

2. You’re woken up at early hours because they’re hungry. Unlike a Merlin, who tells me this at 5am by jumping on my bed and meowing, I have a feeling a toddler would more likely call out from their bedroom. But what do I know, maybe toddlers also like to hop up on the bed and roll around until you a) kick them out of the bedroom and shut the door, or 2) feed them.

photo (16)

3. They crawl up your leg whenever you’re in the kitchen. Merlin does it because he wants to be picked up. I think toddlers do it for that reason also?

4. If they eat and then play, they puke. Pretty self-explanatory there.

5. They celebrate poops. Again, pretty self-explanatory. But really, don’t we all?

6. They make up silly little games. Merlin’s current favourite is “I must beat you into the bedroom anytime you walk into the walk-through closet. He zooms past me and jumps up onto the bed.

photo (56)

7. You’re constantly asked “Why? Why? Why?”. Maybe Merlin doesn’t so much ask, “Why?” as he does chat all.day.long. Yes, it does eventually stop being cute.

8. Forget the actual present; boxes are the best! Put a big empty box in front of a cat or a toddler and I’m sure they’ll be pleased as punch!

9. At the end of the day when they curl up into you and purr (okay, maybe purring is only the cat) everything is right with the world. Whoa. How is that for super sappy? 🙂

photo (55)

Tell me: What would you add to the list?

Who likes cat videos?!

I realize the answer to this question is pretty much everyone. I mean I’ve lost hours of the day watching cat GIF’s on Buzzfeed, so I’m pretty certain I’m not the only person who loves a good cat video.

Carly requested a video of Maverick fetching, so I did my best to film it, but, like a cat, he wasn’t 100% on board with the whole fetching thing. I’ll see if I can get him to cooperate later this evening, but I’m gonna be packing up my laptop pretty soon to make the trip back to Calgary.

I also have a video of Maverick being vacuumed. As Merlin is absolutely terrified of the vacuum (he hides in the closet if I even move the vacuum, let alone turn it on) it’s pretty funny that Maverick thinks it’s quite possibly the greatest thing ever!

Yes, I know I held my phone the wrong way for both of those videos – I’ll try to do better next time 😉

I’ve spent most of today resting, while I’m feeling pretty good, it’s obvious the race depleted nearly all of my energy reserves, so my butt is firmly planted on the couch at my dad’s and I enjoyed some delish lobster mac and cheese for lunch (that I neglected to take a picture of because I was hangry and needed to get it into my face-hole stat!).

I’m flying home ass early tomorrow and hope to have the recap up for y’all before the end of the week.

Now it’s time to stuff some leftover turkey and pumpkin pie in my face-hole.