Link Love: 4/12

I’m so glad y’all love reading my link love posts as much as I love writing them! I really enjoy sharing my awesome finds with y’all!

This weekend while the majority of you are sleeping in and relaxing on your couch with coffee, I’ll be working my bum off marking exams. It puts a bit of a damper on my weekend, but I can’t complain too much as they do pay me well 🙂


Fun Fact

(I started this last week and I’m hoping to continue it!) Eating beets at dinner will turn you pee pink. And then you’ll get scared and think you might die until you remember you ate beets. Then you’ll laugh at yourself and post it on Twitter. #noshame



Popular This Week

Picky About Bananas

Eating Like A Runner

50k Ultra Plan (Hanson’s Method)

 Help! I’m Running an Ultra Marathon <– I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions on this! ❤

Link Love

Stay Lean Without Tracking Your Calories or Macros via Nia Shanks <– this is pretty much what I’ve done in my life. While I take time to plan my meals for the week, it’s much simpler than needing to track every dang thing I shove into my facehole 🙂

Blogging: 13 Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner via Bring Joy <– thanks to Erica for introducing me to Janae, I’m loving her blog!! This post is wonderfully written. I loved all of it.

How to Speed Up Recovery and Get Fit Faster via Eat Spin Run Repeat <– Angela (yup, another one, also Canadian, also a runner) has some great tips for reducing inflammation after exercise. I don’t consume all the foods listed here, so I’m going to add them to my grocery list this weekend!

It’s Okay, part 7 via Snack Therapy <– yay, Carly’s back with another awesome no-nonsense post. She’s been busy with school or something important like that (pfffft, whatever) and I’ve been missing her sass something fierce! ❤

Why You Should Never Ever Get a Tattoo (but having a baby is fine) via The Ugly Volvo <– ha! I loved this. Related: I think I decided on what two (yes, two) tattoos I’d like. I obviously decided while running because that’s when I make the best decisions (see: signing up for a marathon and subsequently signing up for an ultra marathon).

A surprise, a new accessory and a change in plans via Kara Goucher <– Kara’s outlook on her unexpected (obviously!) injury is inspiring. I had chills reading about her decision to move to Oiselle and am so inspired by her attitude surrounding her injury.

Overtraining and Taking a Step Back via Altra Drop Zero <– With my massive increase in mileage and running days I’ve been very conscious about overtraining. I’m constantly asking myself if I feel okay, if I need to sleep more, etc etc. I’ve started checking my heart rate in the mornings to determine if I need to slow things down for a day or two, so far so good, but I’m working to pay attention to my body for the next few weeks.

Why I Wasn’t Convinced by ‘It Starts With Food’ via Better With Sprinkles <– I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m pretty reluctant to hop on any “paleo” “whole 30” whatever restrictive diet bandwagon. I really like reading Sam’s critical take of this book that’s making it’s rounds through the HLB world.

Streaking for Three Years and Counting… via Running with Rhyno <– could you run every day for 3 years? Una has ran a minimum of 5k every day since January 1, 2011. I’m taking part in #RunToCanadaDay (I just keep forgetting to tag my runs and I think I even forgot to mention it on the blog. Whoops) where we’re running (or walking) a minimum of 2k for 90 days and I’m sure I’m going to have troubles fitting it in at times.

What If You Don’t Eat Enough? via Fit ‘n Cookies <– this is something I’ve been really conscious of. I’m running 6 days/week right now and am burning a buttload (technical term) of calories. After tracking my food and making some changes, I stepped on the scale and I had a moment where I thought about cutting calories because I didn’t like the number. I’m working on a post about this, but suffice it to say, eating enough is important, especially when training for something crazy like an ultra marathon.

10 Free Blogging Printables via The SITS Girls <– Are you a blogger? Do you want your blog to be awesome? Then click the link and get some printables!

WIAW: Resting Metabolic Rate via My Healthy Happy Home <– after tracking my calories last week, I came to the conclusion I wasn’t eating enough. Based on the calculations in Giselle’s post, I need to eat nearly 2700 calories a day to keep up with all the running I’m doing. What even. That’s just….insane. Wow.

Stop Playing Small. If You Want It, Own It via A Life Less Bullshit <– I kind of want to be Nicole’s best friend. Seriously. I love her no-nonsense approach to life.

So often, our fear of failure makes us shy away from admitting what we want most. Guess what? Fuck that. I’m over it. WANT WHAT YOU WANT You don’t want to fail? Neither do I. But it’s time to redefine “failure.” Why does failure have to mean not reaching your goal? Why can’t failure instead be marked by not giving your best?

WIAW: Why 1200 is so, so wrong via The Real Life RD <– so the theme of this week seems to be how much do I need to eat and this post is just perfectly timed.

Post Workout Nutrition: What do we need and why? via The Little Honey Bee <– Confession: I never took recovery seriously until last year. In the past I’d run, no drink water, kind of eat dinner and go along my way. No wonder I was tired and sore all the time! Amy breaks down what we need any why and it’s super easy to understand. Also? This:

Drink water. Pee often. It shouldn’t be too yellow.

Google Translate for Runners via Fleet Feet <– LOVE! ❤

9 Things To Know Before You Marry A Runner via Shut Up + Run <– so true. So, so true. Love it!!

It doesn’t get easier, but it isn’t that hard via Run To The Finish <– I love Amanda’s message here – healthy living isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s surely not as difficult as we like to pretend it is. I believe it and it’s so, so true!

Getting healthy, losing weight, feeling happier, they all require the same incremental progress approach.

But here’s the thing, being overweight and taking pills, visiting the doctor frequently, not being able to run around with your kids…that doesn’t sound easy either. Eating food that makes you feel bloated and lethargic, gives you mood swings…hmm easier than 5 minutes to steam some broccoli??

My response? NAILED IT!

My Least Favourite Running Saying via The T-Rex Runner <– this post from Danielle really got me thinking. So much so that I might have to write a post on my thoughts – if I can get them to make sense, that is.

Ask Me Anything – Happy Heart 5km via Darwinian Fail <– if you’re a runner and are probably going to do a training run sometime between April 22 and 25 please sign up for Krysten’s Happy Heart 5k! The money goes to a great cause and you have a chance to win some killer prizes! And – if you’re in Calgary maybe we can meet up for a run?

Apparently water transfer painting is a thing.

And this is what my face looked like while watching the video.


Sorry about that. 🙂

We Have To Be Thin. via Lift Me Up Fitness <– I’m having a moment where I suck at words and I’m not good at articulating what this post meant to me. So I’ll leave you with this

When can we just realize that our bodies are OURS and they aren’t for anyone to “decide” they aren’t good enough?

FYI Friday – Organic is NOT a Synonym for Healthy via Pretty Little Grub <– I LOVE Jen’s posts and I LOVE that she’s a Registered Dietician and she knows her stuff.

Somewhere along the way, organic became a trendy marketing term and people lost sight of what it truly means. Organic refers solely to the method of farming and processing used for agricultural products, it has no relevance to the nutritional value of the product. 

I couldn’t agree more!!

Tell me: What have you loved this week?

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