A Day of Food: Sick Day

I have a confession to make……I really enjoyed talking about food with all y’all last week.

I’m glad I decided to do a WIAW post because it really showed that what I thought my feelings were about sharing my food, weren’t actually my feelings about sharing my food. Did that make sense? Maybe?


Anyway before I even posted my food last week, I was already taking pictures of what I ate when I was home sick. See, I’m approaching this whole posting food on my blog thing as a way to show how I eat for different days: sick days, running days, lazy days, etc.

While I’m a super boring eater, I do eat differently depending on the day and my hunger levels (and sometimes I even remember to take pictures!) and while I would never claim to the healthiest person out there, I do think it’s important to show how I fit food into my day.

Typically, when I’m not feeling well, I revert back to being a six year old. White bread and easy carbs for me please 🙂



You would need to pry coffee from my cold dead hand for me to give it up. Yes, even when I am sick. Sorry, not happening.

(Shout out to Ann for the kick ass mug for my collection!!)



Instead of my usual green smoothie, oatmeal sounded pretty much perfect to my feverish and dizzy body.

These were amazing. Seriously amazing. I’m so glad I picked them up and I can’t wait to eat more of them! ❤



Mmmmm. Nuts. <–TWSS

That is all.



I popped over to the store to buy….something? I think it was zucchini for dinner, anyway, I saw bagels and I just knew I was going to be shoving a bagel into my facehole for lunch.

I love bagels so much, but rarely eat them and I appreciated every bite of this one – topped with dill cream cheese. So yum!



Cheese and crackers will always be the most perfect snack. Always.



This pan of amazingness is all thanks to Amy. When she posted about sweet potato, zucchini and runny eggs I knew I’d be making it sometime soon. It just sounded like healthy comfort food to my sick body. I even branched out and sprinkled nutritional yeast on it to give it a cheesey flavour. Who am I?!

Tell me: What do you crave when you’re feeling under the weather?


 I’m also going to link up for What I Ate Wednesday for the second week in a row!


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25 thoughts on “A Day of Food: Sick Day

  1. I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday with a fun email! As I said–I swam, was aqua-rungry, then got to studying, and my twitter thing sometimes doesn’t tell me I have a new message. booooo. I hope you are sufficiently recovered to enjoy some of that gelato!! In terms of what I give up on my sick days, I think it depends on what type of sick it is–when I am nauseated, gingerale is always a go to, as is cereal, eggs, and oats. And cinnamon raisin bagel thins. But really? whatever is appealing at that point!

  2. It’s so hard to “eat healthy” when you feel sick, isn’t it? But the important thing is to listen to your body and eat what sounds good! 🙂

  3. Your dinner looks FABULOUS & so professional. Whenever I’m sick, I crave only carbs.. and lots of them. Some people will have a loss of appetite, however mines the complete opposite. I literally eat everything!! LOL

  4. That looks awfully healthy for a sick day! Mine would be picture after picture of chips. Ha ha. I love that dinner combo you made…I really should do it again soon. Runny eggs are delish!

      • I’m totally laughing because I just saw that you prefaced the link to this post with, “I don’t always eat that healthy when I’m sick…” and I think the first thing I commented was that it looked so healthy! Ha ha.

      • Probably because of the bagel. *shrug* It was freaking delicious!
        I really wanted a second bagel for dinner too, but went with the veggie option because I reasoned my body needed nutrients 🙂

  5. Hope you are feeling better! My sick eats are always a bit different but like you, I can’t skip my coffee! Even when I was pregnant I drank decaf because I just love the taste and comfort of a good cup of coffee!

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