Link Love: 4/5


The fourth month of the year.

Less than two months to my first ultra marathon.

Link Love April 5

Both my mental health and my physical health are really hoping for a change in the weather. It’s needed. Never ending winter is tough, and it’s especially tough for me. Running keeps me (mostly) sane (I’m sure some people might argue that point) and the lack of sun is really getting to me. I’m also sick of listening to myself complain. I mean really, how many times can one person complain about the weather?! Goodness.

Random Factoid

A really close friend of mine is studying to be a pilot. Every so often he has an awesome factoid for me….

Question: Why is first class in the front of the plane? (Hint: It’s not so us lowly folk can feel jealous as we walk past).

Answer: Planes are more fuel-efficient with the weight in the back of the plane. The further back the centre of gravity of the plane, the more fuel-efficient it is. So having fewer people in the front of the plane (aka – first class) makes the plane more fuel efficient.

Isn’t learning fun?! 🙂




Popular This Week

Once again you guys totally blew me away with your support and comments ❤ Seriously!

And, two totally amazing ladies (Katie and Christina) offered to pop some items in the mail for me! 😀 (more on that when they arrive).

Picky About Bananas <– so glad you could relate!!

A Day of Food: Run Day

Eating Like a Runner: Part 2

Eating Like a Runner

Link Love

Instead of just collecting links and posting them on Saturday, I’ve also tried to Tweet out links to my favourite posts throughout the week. I think it’s important to share the blogging love, so I’m hoping you may have seen some of these awesome posts throughout the week as well.

Tell me: How do you promote your favourite posts?

Improving Fitness via FueledbyLOLZ <– Hollie has such a realistic approach to her running and training. I adore it. It’s refreshing. That’s she’s insanely fast also helps 🙂 She also recently got engaged. Congratulations!! ❤

Social Media Sunday: Blog Stats Reveal via Running with Ollie <– I really love that Lea is so open about her blog. I’ve learned a lot from her social media series and through her blog planner (which I should probably start using).

40 Must Have iPad Apps for 2014 via LifeHack <– I had to bookmark this because I was reading it on a break and really wanted to remember some of these.

What the Number On the Scale Really Means: A Primer On Weight Fluctuations via Greatist

Giveaway: Get Powered Up by Chocolate Milk! via Slow is the New Fast <– my fellow Canadian runner Nikki is giving away five amazing prize packs for runners. This is limited to Western Canada (sorry other peeps) and the prize is really super awesome! Go forth and enter, my friends 🙂

The Tight Butt Workout via The Fit Chronicles <– because everyone wants a tight butt 😉

The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo via Greatist <– this past week was #RunWeek on Greatist and they had so many awesome articles dedicated to running. I thought this was great, breaking down all the terms us crazy runners use on a daily basis.

Find Your Best Race Weight via Active Times

Josh Radnor Explains Why Fans Shouldn’t be Mad at the Ending of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ via The Huffington Post <– WARNING: spoilers. I mean, you probably already know that, but still. Spoilers.

How ‘How I Met Your Mother Should Have Ended’ via The Huffington Post <– I’ll say it again SPOILERS. Also, if you watched, what did you think about the ending?

I Actually Like The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ending. Here’s Why via Thought Catalog <– I actually quite agreed with this. Oh. Also. SPOILERS. 😉

What’s Your Excuse? (Why This Is a Stupid Question and What to Ask Instead) via Nia Shanks <– shaming people is silly and unmotivating, a better approach 🙂

30 Convincing Reasons to Start Running NOW via Greatist <– seriously. Do it. What are you waiting for?

SEO for Blog Images via Sweet Miles <– I’m probably way behind on SEO stuff for my blog, so I found this post super helpful. Now the key is to actually do it 🙂

SeaWheeze Shorts – The Latest Lululemon Snafu via LuluAddict Blog <– I just….ugh. I had so much fun at SeaWheeze last year, it’s really disheartening to see lululemon miss the mark. Again. I hate to say it, but I’m going into the race with low expectations. Regarding the shorts – people paid $128 to run a race and get shorts, and now they can’t?! That’s just awful – I’m glad I’m not in this situation, but I’d be livid if I were.

What Are Macronutrients: Carbohydrates via Jessie Loves to Run <– the second installment in Jessie’s great series on food and fueling 🙂

I Get to Run via Mile Posts <– a reminder I sometimes need: I don’t have to run, I GET to run 🙂

75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For a Jog via BuzzFeed

Stress and Exercise + April Abs via Healthy Nest <– this post inspired me to listen to the Balanced Bites podcast wtih Jen Sinkler during my run on Thursday and I loved it. I’m not paleo and I’m not a CrossFitter and I still loved the podcast, I really really highly recommend downloading it and giving it a listen. Heck, I even purchased Lift Weights Faster (then I kind of regretted it because of the price and because I suck at actually doing cross-training workouts, but I’m hoping I can use that to motivate myself instead of curling into a ball and having buyers remorse) after listening to the podcast.

The Itch via The T-Rex Runner <– It’s obvious I love the way Danielle writes and I really love her thoughts on feeling the itch to run again, instead of the I have to run feeling.

The Best Start Up Launch Idea Ever via Ramblen <– I’m pretty certain no idea is better than walking around with a ram wearing a sandwich board 🙂

“Clean Eating” – I’m Tired of Feeling Guilty via Clean Eating Veggie Girl <– I can relate to so much in the post. Yup, I eat processed PB. Yup, I love me a Diet Coke every so often. Who freaking cares?! Life is too dang short to not enjoy what we eat. The end 🙂

FYI Friday – A New Measure of Health via Pretty Little Grub <– as many athletes are well aware, BMI measurement is a crap-shoot. Jen’s post is on ABSI and how it more accurately measures your health.

Running Math via Running with Ollie <– if you’re a runner, these will all make sense to you!

Tell me: What are some of your favourite posts from the past week?


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10 thoughts on “Link Love: 4/5

  1. That’s crazy about the SeaWheeze shorts! Glad I got on there right at 10 or I would be SOL. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I’m going to go to the SW any more ( I’m the only one of my group who got in) but the deciding factor will be who the musical act is. I feel bad because I know there are people who didn’t get in that would love my spot but I’m still figuring out if it will be worth it financially.

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