Picky About Bananas

Last week I added Picky About Bananas to my Twitter profile and my blog header, and I thought it might be time to explain this.

This originally started out as a joke with a few friends. If you ask if there are any foods I dislike, I’d likely originally tell you, “Not really” and then as we discussed it more, you’d come to learn that I have a few qualifiers as they relate to food. Especially bananas.

See, I like bananas. I eat a banana nearly every day.

However (and this however is a big one) I will not eat a banana with spots. I prefer my bananas somewhat on the green side. As soon as I spot a spot, my bananas become baking or smoothie bananas and not snacking bananas.


These bananas became smoothie bananas.

photo (57)

These bananas are acceptable for eating.

On top of my issue with spots on bananas, I also don’t really like the smell of bananas. If I’m eating the banana it’s not a big deal, but if you are eating a banana and I am not, the smell is quite off-putting. I’ll probably email Ann and Heather and tell them I had to, ugh, smell a banana. Ew.

Of course bananas aren’t the only food I’m picky about…

  • Cantaloupe and honeydew melons. Just ick. I love fruit. I love fruit salad. If your fruit salad contains any of the two aforementioned melons I will avoid it at all costs. It’s gross, cheap, filler fruit. Pass.
  • Apples. I like apples, I really do, but the peel. Oh, the peel. The way is squeaks on my teeth just drives me absolutely insane and I cannot handle it. At all. It’s a weird sensory thing for sure. Sorry apples, I miss you.
  • Milk. I don’t dislike dairy products, I think cheese is amazing, but milk kind of grosses me out. However, I will drink milk in a latte without a second thought. But you won’t ever catch me drinking a glass of cold milk. Hork.
  • Red onions. These are probably the only food I’ll actually not eat. I love Greek salad, but will eat around the red onions, I just can’t do it. At all.

Tell me: What’s your weirdest food quirk?


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45 thoughts on “Picky About Bananas

  1. Your “edible” banana is too green. A banana worthy of human consumption can have NO green on it and NO brown on it. There is about a half hour window where a banana is worth anything. My coworker eats the bananas like you showed in your first picture. PLAIN! Not in a smoothie or banana bread like God intended them to be used. Guh-ROSS!

    • I disagree on the greenness factor 🙂

      I LOVE bananas as snacks – they’re Natures Snickers, you know. However, one must always break pieces off the banana and eat that way and not eat directly FROM said banana 😉

  2. I feel exactly the same way about bananas, I have issues with raw tomatoes – I can sometimes eat cherry tomatoes but not often, I hate the texture of avocados, all slimy and ick, and don’t do milk not even in tea or coffee, I generally refer to it as ‘the work of the devil’!

  3. So funny about the bananas. I’m the opposite, the softer and browner they are the better. Although, that means they have more sugar content so I’ve been trying to like more greenish bananas.

  4. I actually don’t like the way eating a banana sounds lol, if I am eating one obviously I don’t notice it but if a friend is eating one it sure grosses me out!

  5. I cannot do milk. Growing up lactose intolerant it’s always been synonymous with gut cramps for me. Cheese though? BRING IT ON. Although when I think about cheese too hard I get weirded out by it, same with eggs but I still love them.

    In addition to milk, I also cannot do raw onions (of any kind), any onions in big pieces (including cooked), and 90% of mushrooms (the exception is weird forest-y mushrooms like chantrelles and oyster). Depending on my mood, I have mixed feelings regarding raw tomatoes, asparagus, celery and bell peppers. And sometimes certain fruit (peaches, pears, plums, nectarines) bring on various digestive results for me so I have to be choosy then I eat them. Why does eating have to be so difficult sometimes?

    • I’m so sad for you that you can’t eat yummy things like necatrines because of tummy issues. Nooooo!

      I LOVE egges, but I know exactly what you mean about thinking about them too much. However, I’m the person who would make a gross comment at the breakfast table about them, and then keep on eating 🙂

    • I really didn’t think I had any food issues until I started having a conversation with a friend about my banana issues; it spiraled from there 🙂

  6. I’m SUPER picky about bananas. There are about two days that I will eat them. They have to be perfectly yellow, no green left but not a spot of brown on them. I can tell if a banana is right by the smell. I crack it open and if it’s smells “green”, I toss it!

    • The only food worse than bananas for ripeness is avocados. Those suckers can go bad in 8 hours.
      Random: if you put avocados and bananas in the same place, the avocado will make the bananas go brown. Even though they were still technically fine, I had to change them into baking bananas because of the colour. Sad.

  7. I am almost the same way about bananas.. i will eat them green or just ALL yellow. The brown ones go into the freezer.. mmm banana cupcakes.

    My biggest issue is eggs. I cannot eat breakfast burritos, or eggs mixed into things like that. I won’t touch fastfood breakfast sandwhichs that have eggs either. I do love omlets, scrambled with cheese or overeasy. But mixed scrambled eggs with things? gross.

    With you on the red onions, so nasty. And olives.. bleh

      • Love mushrooms! Especially stuffed.. that’s cool, i’ll give you my olives 😉
        I know my mom thinks it’s weird, she keeps finding recipes for egghash casserole type dishes and i’m just gagging at the thought

  8. I’m the exact same way with cantaloupe and honeydew – definitely a filler fruit. And I’ve never been able to drink a straight glass of white milk (it literally made me puke as a kid) but I can have it on cereal, in a latte, with chocolate added to it, so it’s not an allergy thing. My biggest food quirk is mayo. I hate it with a passion. I hate the look, the smell, the everything. I even have a difficult time eating homemade Caesar salad dressing because it resembles mayo. Oh, and don’t try and fool me by calling it aioli, not gonna happen, I know it’s just fancy mayo.

    • I’m with you on milk being okay in any form (chocolate included!) except for plain. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone with that one.

      Ha. Aioli very much is fancy mayo. I’m sure it’s because at a restaurant it sounds better than “mayo with things mixed in”.

    • At one point I probably had a dozen bananas in my freezer waiting to be made into banana bread. I certainly don’t throw them out, but they really aren’t edible 🙂

  9. See I’m the compete opposite with bananas — I can’t stand the green ones, but I adore the spotty ones. They DO reach a point of no return though… at which point banana bread happens. But to be honest, I rarely ever get there… I guess that’s what happens when you eat 2+ bananas a day. And apples… I can’t bite into them. They have to be sliced up and cored or I won’t touch them.

    • Yes! It’s the biting into the apple that I can’t deal with. If I slice it a certain way I can do it, but honestly? I’m kind of too lazy to cut up an apple every day 😉

  10. It’s funny, I am crazy about chocolate milk (although my stomach is not) but I will never drink plain milk on its own. Let’s be real though, chocolate makes everything just that much better if you ask me 🙂

    • Yes! Chocolate milk is totally okay! I even saw strawberry milk in the store the other day and nearly bought it because I used to love that stuff as a kid. I’m fairly certain if I tried it now, I’d gag 😉

  11. I started grinning from ear to ear when I read this! I couldn’t agree more. It drives my husband nuts, but I will go to multiple stores to find exactly what I am looking for!

  12. I love this! My ex BF had the exact same hangups about bananas. I actually don’t like the taste of bananas when they’re too green, but overripe ones DEFINITELY irk me! I recently discovered a sale on organic bananas, and I don’t know if I can ever go back…they were so delicious!

    The food quirk I’ve held on to for the longest (but am working on) is cooked fruit. I can’t handle the texture of cooked fruit. I’ve never liked pie as a result 😦 I’ve learned to like apples and SOMETIMES peaches, but that’s prooobably the only exception!

    • What?! You don’t like pie?! I’m so sad for you! 😉 I totally understand the mushiness factor though – overcooked fruit isn’t always appealing.

      I don’t think I’ve ever purchased organic bananas – I’ll be sure not to, to save my bank account 🙂

  13. My tastes have changed. I never ate green bananas nor spotted ones but the ones that were JUST RIGHT. Now I like them with spots. No one in my family does so they give them all to me! As a kid, I used to hate apple peels. Now I’m too lazy to clean it and I like the texture.

    • When my mom would peel apples for apple pie, I’d always eat the peel – now it’s definitely a sensory thing. I just hate how they feel on my teeth – I wish I could get past it, I LOVE apples!!

  14. Haha I’m the total opposite! I need them to be spotty in order to eat them. They just taste better to me! But it is funny how different people like bananas in different stages!

  15. Bananas – definitely not an uncontroversal topic ;). First off, I won’t eat bananas as is. This might make me the odd one out in the blog world but snacking on a banana? Doesn’t happen for me. On the other hand mashed and caramelized banana is a must in my oats and yes to banana softserve. Which you’d guess was the same as eating a banana plain but I swear frozen banana tastes different than fresh.
    Raw onions are another no-go for me as is raw garlic. If a dish has them their flavour is overpowering all others and I can still taste their pungent aftertones for hours afterwards. Unpleasant.

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  17. Oh samesies with bananas! The smell of ripe bananas is revolting. I’m picky about a lot of foods, but most of all, I can not stand mushrooms, they’re squishy and mushy, and a fungus. Ugh.

  18. I have about ONE MILLION food quirks. I like have to eat something green everyday or I freak out. I’m so weird. I really have no food quirks when it comes to food safety, after I’ve purchased it, of course – I’ve drank expired green juice, ate yogurt that’s been out for hours…

    • I NEVER put my lunch in the fridge at work. Even if it has yogurt in it, AND I’ll put the yogurt back in the fridge when I get home if I never ate it. Hasn’t killed me yet…. 😉

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