A Day of Food: Run Day

Since I posted a few weeks ago about not talking about food (much) on here, I decided I was going to do a sampling of what I eat throughout the week.

WIAW Run Day

However, instead of doing it every Tuesday (or similar) I’m going it based on training. So, today is a running day, I’m going to show you what I ate last Thursday. I had a 15km tempo run scheduled for after work, so here’s what I ate throughout the day.


I’m a creature of habit. I wake up and turn on the coffee machine, feed Merlin, wander aimlessly for a minute or two and then pour some coffee in my facehole.

 photo (44)

After a few sips of coffee I move on to my smoothie. I’ve been drinking a smoothie for breakfast for about a year. I’m still not tired of them, so I’m going to continue with my smoothie trend. My original smoothie recipe can be found here and another recipe can be found here.

photo (40)

After I get to work I put more coffee in my facehole. On Thursday it was Starbucks Tribute blend VIA with a Splenda, because I’m healthy like that.

photo (45)


Around 10am I start to get a bit hungry, so I pull out the trail mix and enjoy. I buy this at Costco and even measure out the 1/4 cup serving, mainly because I’d eat the whole bag if I could.

photo (47)

Note: that’s probably about 1/3 of what I brought. Yes, I ate it all.


My lunch varies from week to week. This week I made an enchilada casserole, inspired by the Oh She Glows cookbook. It’s mostly vegan, except that I did top it with cheese. Really, how could I not?

photo (49)

Since the picture of it in my container for work doesn’t look all that appetizing, here’s what it looked like when I made it.

photo (50)

Also, Reese’s mini eggs for lunch dessert.

photo (46)


For my mid-afternoon snack I brought some Greek yogurt. I’d previously been having granola bars, but I found I was pretty hungry before I ran, so I experimented with something higher in protein. I think it worked.

photo (48)

Just before 4pm I was a bit hungry, so I also ate an orange knowing it would be easy to digest in time for my run.

photo (51)


Once I get home from work I basically walk in the door, change and go straight for a run, be it outside or a treadmill (Thursday was a treadmill day). I mix up my Vega Pre Workout Energizer, slam it back and head to the gym.

photo (52)

And here is where the rest of my day when completely off.the.rails. I noticed a niggle when I started running, but I know it takes my body a while to warm up, so I didn’t concern myself with it much at first. I stopped after 1 mile on the treadmill to do a quick stretch. Once I reached two miles and the niggle was a bit more than a niggle, I knew I wasn’t going to make the full 15km.

And….at that moment my phone rang (I use my phone for music when I run). It was my friend who had has a horrible day at work and was going to be stuck working ridiculously late. I decided to skip my plan of eating a healthy omelet and grab a beer and sandwich and meet my friend for dinner.


T’was not quite what I had planned and I completely forgot to take pictures, so here are generic picture of a sandwich and a beer.



Sometimes life just happens.


After chatting for a bit, I headed home (it’s about a 20 minute drive home) and snacked on a date stuffed with PB because they are oh, so good.

photo (53)

I also made myself a pot of tea and watched Grey’s before crawling into bed.


I started the day off by counting the water I drank, but forgot to mark it down every time I filled up my cup. I’m guessing I probably had 2 cups before leaving for work, about 70 oz at work, 2 cups while running and another litre (at least) after my run. I realize my measurements are all over the place, but guesstimate it to be about 3L. Or so.

Most evenings I also have tea and that’s another 750mL of liquid in my belly.

Since its Wednesday and I posted about my daily food, I’m also going to link up for What I Ate Wednesday, but I don’t expect this will be a totally regular thing 🙂


I also decided to log my daily food into My Fitness Pal. I still don’t count calories, but I think it’s good to sometimes check in with what I’m eating. I’ve noticed some weight gain and I think tracking my food for a day or two (since I pretty much eat the same thing every day) can be helpful.

photo (48)

Since MFP tells everyone to eat 1200 calories (and that’s a freaking joke) I calculated my BMR from the formula in this post and it tells me my BMR is between 1219 and 1287. That’s what I burn just laying in bed. Once I factor in sitting at my desk I burn 1585 to 1673, and that doesn’t even consider the calories burned from a run. Now, it was a bit of a crapshoot because I don’t exactly know my body fat, which is why I calculated it as a range. Also, since I pretty much just sit at my desk all freaking day I went with the mostly sedentary multiplier, even though I also run frequently.

photo (47)

So, based upon this, I’d say I’m probably consuming enough calories. That said, if I’m hungrier one day, I’m going to eat more. It’s as simple as that.

Tell me: Do you eat differently on the days that you run?

12 thoughts on “A Day of Food: Run Day

  1. Isn’t it awesome knowing your right on track? Glad you decided to take a second and calculate how many calories you should be consuming. Eh, it just makes my day that the post was helpful 🙂

    All of your meals look great. I’m with you on topping the casserole with some cheese. I mean like you said, why not?

  2. I’m so boring, I pretty much eat the same breakfast, snacks and lunch everyday. Dinner is pretty much the only unknown. And honestly, I like it that way. I know what sits well on my less than “rock-like” stomach and stick with those foods. On days that I do a tough/long run or a workout I make sure to get some extra recovery food in me.

    • I’m so boring when it comes to food, which is why I don’t regularly do WIAW posts. I find it so easy to have breakfast and lunch be the same, I’m just on autopilot when it comes to grocery shopping and preparing food for the week.

  3. I actually don’t! I like to track my macros rather than calories that way I know I am fueling correctly since obviously eating all carbs is not going to help me run or recover from a run! I never do over a 40 minute run though I think if I did a long run I’d for sure add more carbs !

    • I definitely need to do more research on tracking macros. It’s only something I’ve heard of recently. I’d just hate to have “filled up” in one area and not be able to eat something I wanted because of it 🙂

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