Weekly Plan: 3/31 – 4/6 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 10)

Well, last week was a pretty big week for me. I celebrated working at my currently company for one year, ran 30km on a treadmill and logged my longest mileage week ever! With 8 weeks remaining until race day I’m thinking I may have found my stride?

weekly plan

I’m scared I may jinx myself by saying that, but I will say I had a pretty great week of training. Finally. And the weather didn’t always cooperate, either.


Monday 7k easy 8km easy
Tuesday 5x1km speed Done. Total mileage 11.2km
Wednesday Off Off. Yay!
Thursday 15km tempo 4km. Whomp whomp.
Friday 12k easy 12.8km tempo
Saturday 7k easy 8.5km easy
Sunday 29k long 4km 😦

Total planned mileage: 80km. Total actual mileage: 48.5. Not great, but not awful. Still more than last week.

I. Am. Pumped. About this past week. Truly. So awesome! Thursday didn’t feel great. I know I don’t warm up until I hit about the 2 mile mark, so I waited until I hit 2.5 miles before making any decisions. I had a niggle that just wouldn’t go away. Right at the moment I was about to stop, my phone rang and it was a friend having a work crisis, so I showered, picked up sandwiches and beer and met my friend for dinner.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. I mentally prepared to do the run on the treadmill because the weather just looked like it wasn’t going to cooperate. Everything I did on Saturday was to prep for my 30km run on Sunday. I made sure to hydrate and fuel well and went to bed early. I woke up and debated running outside as I didn’t look too awful; however, there was a lot of snow accumulation and the weather only continued to get worse. I gathered all my supplies (water, gels, phone, iPad) and headed to the gym. For some reason my body just didn’t want to cooperate. My legs felt fine; however, I felt weak, was overly sweaty and was shaky and dizzy. I kept with my rule of running a minimum of 2 miles before deciding, but similar to Thursday I needed to stop. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and like I just needed to sit and rest.

photo (46)

Lately I’ve been giving myself not much time in the mornings of my runs. I think in the future I’ll need to wake up 90 minutes before my run so I can eat more than a few dates and give my body some time to wake up before asking it to run.

Here’s what week 10 looks like…

Monday 13km easy
Tuesday 4 x 1200m speed
Wednesday Off
Thursday 15k temp
Friday 12k easy
Saturday 15k easy
Sunday 16k long

Total planned mileage: 80km

Looking at the rest of my plan, it seems like nearly every week will be roughly 80km until race day. Gulp.

I really felt successful in this past week, so that’s helping give me some confidence for the remainder of my training. I know I’ll need to concentrate on eating the right foods, stretching, massage (I went for one on Sunday!) and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

Tell me: What’s the longest mileage week you’ve had?

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Plan: 3/31 – 4/6 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 10)

  1. I think the highest mileage week I ever run was about 60K or sightly higher. I can’t imagine doing an 80K week because a) I don’t have the time b) my body wouldn’t forgive me! Ha ha Good luck this week. Sigh. this weather is totally derailing my training. I feel I should be at a better point right now but it’s not to be 😦

    • I’m have the same stuggle with the weather. I even went to run outside yesterday and when I got outside I saw there was FAR more snow than appeared from my balcony. So back inside I went, changed and hopped on the treadmill for all of 2.5 miles 😦 I really hope it starts to improve for us soon!!

    • I’m trying to remember that being tired is all part of the program. I’m so used to resting more, that this is a change for me, but so far I’m enjoying it!

  2. My milage was so low last week because I was in Nica (which you need to e-mail me about!!). I do 30 miles or so when the weather is nice… in the winter, when the weather is crap, I’m lucky for 20. This week I’ll be at 29-30, hopefully, guessing that I do a full 15 tomorrow and then 3 shakeout miles Sunday.

    • First I need to figure out WHEN I want to go and when I CAN go. I still need to save my pennies so I can afford it 😉 It’s been a rough 18 months, finanacially, but things are looking good for sometime Winter 2014/15 for the trip!

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