Let’s Have Coffee

Happy Friday Eve, my friends!

I really, truly LOVE Thursdays. I think it started when Grey’s Anatomy moved from Sunday to Thursday as I’d look forward to Thursday all week! Now I get to look forward to Grey’s and Scandal and Parenthood and Suits (seriously, if you haven’t discovered Suits, you need to watch it). I also make myself a yummy dinner and enjoy a glass of wine while watching my favourite shows.


If we were hanging out at my place enjoying coffee (or maybe even a glass of wine) here’s what I’d tell you…

I’d tell you

I’m sick of winter. I feel like a major whiner constantly talking about the weather and how crappy it is, especially when I can’t do anything about it, but I’m really really sick of the cold and snow.

I’d tell you

I’m sick of feeling down and negative because of the weather. I really am a positive person (I promise!) but I feel like the weather has me down. I’ve been daydreaming of beach vacations for the past two weeks, but sadly, I am not in a position to actually take said beach vacation, so I’m stuck with daydreaming. For now…

I’d tell you…

I’m thinking of ways to sneak myself into a suitcase bound for Phoenix. How unfair is it that my friend is going to Phoenix and I’m stuck here in the snow?!

That said, I’m thinking of going to Nicaragua sometime in the next year. Another friend just got back from two weeks there and she said she loved it. I’ve also always wanted to learn how to surf (I had plans to take lessons before my trip to Hawaii was cancelled last year) so, Nicaragua? Maybe?


Not Nicaragua. Still a beach.

I’d tell you

I’m obsessed with The Good Wife. I started it on Netflix a few weeks ago when I was home sick and have been watching as many episodes as I can since. I’m already nearly done Season 3.


No spoilers please! I know something crazy happened this weekend, but I’m going to wait until I get to that episode to read about it!

I’d tell you…

I’m feeling pretty good about my training so far. My Monday and Tuesday runs felt great and I’m working on a plan for the rest of the week. The run I’m not really looking forward to is Sunday. It looks like I’ll be running indoors, which is less than desirable. Does anyone have any good plans for passing 3 hours on a treadmill?

I’d tell you…

I really like rest days. I also really like running days. However, there’s something relaxing about knowing I can just go home, put on my PJ’s and chill for the evening. (Which watching The Good Wife, of course).

Tell me: If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

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I’m also linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud today.


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28 thoughts on “Let’s Have Coffee

  1. I would tell you that today I was reminded why I love my city.

    I would tell you that I’m RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on NEEDING winter to be over.

    I would tell you that my half marathon in 10 days is so far off my priority radar that I haven’t even been running on nice days.

    I would tell you that it’s rainy today, which makes me happy because there was dirt on my car, but that now all I want to do is curl up with coffee and a book.

    I would tell you that there are friends too far away that I’d like to hug but can’t, and that makes me sad.

    I would tell you that I miss your face, but if I were there I wouldn’t be missing your face, so I suppose this is a silly point.

  2. I would tell you that figuring out how to share all the space with someone isn’t easy but it’s good.

    I would tell you that I wish we were all down by the pool in FL again and that I every time I schlep all my winter accessories on, I wish that even harder. I want some spring! I feel like it would make everything better.

    I would tell you that I need to buy a new business suit, and I wouldn’t tell you why, because it’s the internet, but you might be able to guess. And I’m nervous. And hopeful. And excited.

    I miss both your faces!

  3. Wow Nicaragua, that sounds really cool! And yes, I can’t imagine even imagine what you must be feeling after the winter you’ve had… good on you for training through it. Can you watch the Good Wife on Netflix during your 3 hour treadmill run?

    • Before talking with my girlfriend I was set on Costa Rica, but Nicaragua is very similar and very very cheap! (like $3 for dinner and $0.50 for a beer!)
      I think my plan for my run is to break it into 3-10k runs and bring my iPad with me. Hopefully that will help!

  4. I would tell you that three weeks after I came home from a holiday I want another one, preferably in Northumberland so I can look at ruined castles. I would tell you that I’m looking forward to seeing my family at the weekend because we’re all getting together for Mother’s Day and sis-in-law’s birthday celebrations and I really need to sort myself out and buy some presents. I would be sympathetic about the winter thing because you must be as sick of it as I was of rain about three weeks ago, when it stopped raining every day (now it just rains every other day!). I would tell you that I can’t imagine having the willpower to run on a treadmill for 3 hours and I’m really going to need a glass of wine in about 2 hours time to put this day at work behind me!

  5. Like you, I’m sick of winter too! Um, three hourse on the treadmill would pretty well suck. The weather doesn’t look that bad this weekend (not that great either though) so hopefully you can maybe go outside? I think the longest I’ve gone on a treadmill is 2 hours and it helped to break it up a bit and have a fresh playlist. Good luck!

    • I’m considering breaking it up between inside and out somehow. I’m just tired of running in the snow and cold, so I’m protesting. Except the only person I’m hurting is myself. Go figure 🙂

  6. I completely know what you mean about the weather. It was nicer for the last few weeks of winter than it’s been for the first few weeks of spring. Over it. Thankfully there’s always hope that it won’t last too long. Although snow in May definitely isn’t a rarity in these parts…

    • I’ve accepted the May snow storm as the norm. Thankfully it’s usually surrounded with nice weather on either side. This never ending grey and snow is getting me down and I don’t like it!

  7. Thursdays are a great TV day. I love scandal & parenthood. I just started watching Suits on Netflix, and it’s great!
    I am also sooo sick of this weather. This week has been the worst. Since my cold half marathon last weekend I am just so, so done with this. I have felt really down and low in energy all week. I need some sunshine and stat!

    • The lack of sun has been awful. Normally we’re blessed with some sunshine when it’s cold, but this week has been all snow and cloud. Ick. Here’s hoping it starts to improve soon!

  8. I am SO sick of the cold & snowy weather too!! It’s sad that I’m looking so forward to 50 degrees FINALLY on Sunday!! Only, it’s going to get cool again after that. Boo!! I’ve never seen the Good Wife, but have heard good things! Maybe I’ll have to try it… 🙂

    • That show makes me cry every freaking week. Sometimes I’ll leave it to Friday to watch because after watching Grey’s and Scandal my blood pressure can’t take much more 🙂

  9. I would tell you i am thinking about pulling a chunk of my mutual funds in the fall to go to Cuba with a friend even though she doesn’t want me to use that money.
    I would tell you that I have date #4 with the new guy tomorrow and I am nervous but excited. I would tell you that I really really think this could go somewhere and we seem to be on the same page about it even though there have been no conversations about it.
    I would tell you I miss your face and all the faces from florida and that we all need pool time together with drinks.

    • Because I’m an accountant, I must say: Leave the money! The withholding you have to pay is crazy AND you won’t ever get the RRSP room back. But my non-rational OMG I need a vacation side completely understands 🙂

      I am squeeing SO HARD for you about new guy. Seriously!! SQUEE!!!!!!!

      I super miss your face too ❤

  10. I’d tell you I’m sick of winter too and a beach of any kind or a trip to Phoenix are both good ANY time of year. Well, maybe not Phoenix so much in the middle of summer! I’d also tell you the Self magazine tutu story make me cranky today.

  11. I feel you on the weather – it’s always the first topic that comes up with my friends because we’re all so lethargic from 4 solid months and below average highs and snow every week.

    Just got into Scandal over Christmas break and I am hooked on Thursday nights. Had to move my Friday morning gym visits to a different time because I don’t get enough sleep.

    • I LOVE that you moved your gym time for Scandal time! I didn’t even watch last night because I was home too late, but I’ll be catching up as soon as I get home today!!

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