Thinking Out Loud: 3/20

First off: Happy first day of Spring.



How’s the weather where you are?

Considering Calgary can get snow any month of the year, I’m cautiously excited about spring, and I won’t be taking the winter tires off my car until mid-May <– not a joke!

But, it’s spring 😀

Thinking-Out-Loud (1)

Last week I talked a bit about why I don’t talk much about food, or do WIAW posts on the blog. I loved all of your comments and knowing how much you all like seeing what people are eating, I think I’m going to try to post my eats periodically. I probably won’t do it every week (I’m really not that organized) but I’ll try to do it at least monthly, especially as my training increases and I need to eat MOAR FOOD.

This week I wanted to talk about something similar: why I don’t post workouts on my blog.

A lot of HLB’s (or, healthy living bloggers) post quick circuit workouts on their blogs throughout the week and yet, I don’t.

So why is that?

I’m not a personal trainer

This is my main reason, I’m not a personal trainer. While I love fitness and exercise and have spent a lot of time learning, I’m not qualified to give you any real fitness advice and I don’t know your body or what you need.

I’m not creative

This is also a big one, I’m not fully creative enough to come up with a great workout for you. I’d likely just be slapping a bunch of different exercises together because I can and not because it’s 1) a good workout and 2) the best workout.

There are better options than me

Really. There are. There are so many options out there for amazing workouts you can do at home. I mentioned the Nike Training Club app yesterday (if you didn’t download it yesterday – why?! It’s free and awesome! And, no Nike didn’t pay me to talk about their awesomeness), this is probably one of my favourite ways to get a great workout in. Another awesome resource is the Greatist site. They have a workout posted each day that you can do. I’ve followed their workouts off and on for a while and I really like them. They’re designed to be quick and effective and I find them wonderfully challenging.

Sure, I could slightly modify a workout from the NTC app, or Greatist, but that doesn’t seem very honest, and I’d rather you check out the app and the site to see if it works for you. Just because they work for me, doesn’t mean you’re going to love them.

There are some awesome bloggers out there who are trainers and who do post great workouts, I’m just not one of them. Maybe one day, but for now I’ll stick to running and doing what other people tell me to do 😉


Thanks Amanda for hosting!

Tell me: What are your thoughts on workouts posted on blogs? Do you do them?

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11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 3/20

  1. OK, so YOU don’t know my body or what kind of workout I need, but *I* know my body and what I need. I love to see what other people are doing for their workouts and I can tell at a glance whether or not it is something that’s beneficial for me. So, even though you aren’t a personal trainer, you are training for something (an ultra marathon, for heaven’s sake) and part of what you’re doing in your training may be something that I want to incorporate into my train. But how will I know that if you don’t talk about training? Does that make sense? We all have to be responsible for our own workouts, but variety is awesome and seeing what other people do helps me to add variety to my workout.

  2. Can you believe that it’s been gorgeous here for a couple of weeks and then we get hit with a snowstorm on the first day of spring? I’m not exactly surprised, but I’m definitely over winter.

    To be honest, I completely gloss over workout posts on most blogs… but that also might have a lot to do with the fact that I don’t really have a scheduled workout routine, so that kind of info isn’t really valuable to me.

    • I had the most amazing run outside yesterday and then this?! Ugh.
      I’m also not surprised; just really, really tired of winter!

      I think some of it is what interests me. A post about running? I’m going to read it. A post with: 15 squats, 10 lunches, 30 burpees, whatever, just doesn’t resonate with me. I value cross training, but I’m just meh about those posts. Maybe I’m a jerk… :/

  3. I am a personal trainer and do post workouts on my blog. Not my own workouts, but workouts that I’ve created to support a piece of training advice or education that I’m sharing.

    I think it’s fine to post workouts on your blog if you’re not a personal trainer, but I do think it’s important to include that disclosure so that people who happen upon your site and don’t know that you’re not certified can weigh that information into their decision to do your workout or not!

    Agree with bdm63 that lots of people are curious as to how their favourite online peeps train!

    • I’m loving all of this feedback!
      I definitely agree that it’s very important to indicate if you’re a personal trainer or not. I think I’m more apt to try out a workout designed by a trainer, just because I’d hope it would be designed in that order for a reason.

  4. Yay for Spring! I’m also being cautious here in Nova Scotia. 😉 I don’t usually post workouts on my blog, since I’m also not a trainer. But I do recap my week of Running on there. I enjoy reading people’s posts on their runs/workouts. It usually motivates me!

    • Recapping my running week is one of my favourite posts. I love seeing what other runners do because it gives me ideas for other training programs and ways for me to mix up my training plans.

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