Let’s Talk Cross Training

I think by now, after me posting many (many!) weeks of running and workout plans, y’all can see I’m fairly good at running (provided I’m not sick or injured) but I’m absolutely awful at fitting in cross training.


I really really want to change that, but I really struggle with the want to pick up weights after going for a long run.

I have no problem making myself run on the days where I may not exactly want to run, but for some reason I’m awful at applying that same mentality when it comes to cross training.

I’m not exactly sure what the answer is, but I do think making it easy it key for me. No fancy equipment, no crazy, “I will work out six days a week” plans.


In. Out. Done. <– That’s what she said. Heh. 😉

So starting this week I’m using the Nike Training Club app on my phone for workouts. I’ve had this app for nearly two years and every time I use it I remember why I absolutely love it.

Some of the workouts require very little equipment, many of them ask for dumbbells (which I own), a stability ball (own one too!) or a resistance band (own that too!) so it’s pretty darn easy for me to do it in my living room.

My condo also has a full gym that I can use, so, not much room for excuses there!

I set myself up with a 4-week plan (new in the last update of the app) with the goal of “get toned”. The NTC app has three goals: get lean, get toned, or get strong and in each of those you can select beginner (me – for now!), intermediate or advanced. There are also 15 minute quick fix workouts that include abs, yoga, stretching and focused workouts.

My plan for the next four weeks is to complete my three strength workouts M/W/F and also do a 15 minute ab workout 3x/week as well. I know my core is really week and that definitely makes running a challenge, so to help with that, abs it is!

I’d like to include yoga, but I really don’t want to get too crazy with my plan here. If it works, I’ll do yoga 2-3x per week, but if not, I won’t beat myself up over it.

I also hope this will help strengthen my legs so I can stop dealing with lower leg issues.

Tell me: How do you motivate yourself to cross train?

12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Cross Training

  1. Everyone always says: You’ve gotta find something that you like. I think it’s kind of like running–often times you start because you know that it’s good for you, and after a while it is habit. Even if you never find yourself craving a cross training session, it can at least become a pleasant experience! Just make it nonnegotiable. Also. Fear of getting hurt does it for me 😀

    • I definitely struggle with finding the time. I’ve looked into crossfit, but I really can’t justify the cost, especially in Calgary where I’ve heard our boxes have the highest prices to join.

  2. I LOVE NTC!!! I want to start doing different workouts to kind of challenge myself more, but I love doing cross-training in the am fresh out of bed… and I can’t think that early so picking a workout and having someone talk me through it is the best way to go. Also lots of hot yoga for me, too.

    • For some reason I continually forget and then remember about NTC. I’ve just been doing the 15 minute workouts this week, but 15 minutes of abs is KILLER!
      I cannot workout in the morning. I’m finding I need 60-90 minutes to get functional before I can run/workout, so here’s hoping I can motivate myself after my runs to do *something* 🙂

  3. I am the exact same way. I just don’t get the same thrill or rush from other exercises that I do from running. Therefore, it’s hard for me to stick to a workout plan faithfully. I’ve been on a running hiatus for a few weeks now and have had no choice but to embrace cross training.

  4. I love NTC, I’ve used it on/off since it came out. I find cross training with running a struggle often, mostly just time-wise.

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