Link Love: 3/15

Let’s see if I can get my ish together enough this weekend to get this posted on Saturday for y’all!


I do have a fun weekend ahead, I have free tickets to the Calgary Auto Show, so I’m planning on stopping by with a friend, I also have dinner reservations for dining week. Look at the menu! Dinner2

Doesn’t that just look amazing?! I’m also hoping to go see Need For Speed…partly because I love Aaron Paul and partly because I love action movies with cars 🙂

I’m also semi-obsessed with the missing airplane and have been reading all the links I can; however, I’m not including them in here becuase I feel like it’s all speculation. A friend of mine has his pilot’s license and he’s explained some of how radar and transmitters and the like work, but none of it seems to make much sense at all. It’s all just so, so weird.


Popular This Week

Runner Spotlights #78 <– I was featured by Road Runner Girl this past weekend

Injuries Happen

Thinking Out Loud: 3/13 <– alternative title: Why I Don’t Talk About Food On the Blog…Much.

Glass Slipper Challenge: Race Photos

Link Love

3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Running Form via Cotter Crunch <– I’ve been very lax in incorporating strength and cross training into my routine, so I hope I’ll be able to find a way to do these a few times a week.

Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition for Runners via rUnladlike <– I’m way more focused on my nutrition during this training cycle than I was before, this was such a good read for me!

Social Media-ers Who “Give Me The Sads” via Snack Therapy <– I could mouth kiss Carly for this post. LOVE!!

Lemon Bars via BogaBabe <– Dianne is one of my favourite people 🙂 And who puts unsalted butter on toast? Assholes, that’s who.

Socia Media Sunday: Twitter – What NOT to Do via Running with Ollie <– Lea has some awesome tips and links to use when growing your Twitter following.

Why are we so tired so much of the time via Calgary Herald <– tired? Take a nap! 🙂

Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies + Sea Salt via strivetostride <– Yes please!!

Here’s What Happens When You Ask a Bunch of Adults to Label Male and Female Reproductive Systems via Buzzfeed <– probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Coconut Oil Pulling: 2 Years Later via Carla Birnberg <– So I just started oil pulling about 2 weeks ago, so it’s really interesting to read a post about the effects after a number of years. I’m definitely on the fence about whether some of the claims made are factual but I will say my teeth feel cleaner and are whiter, so there’s that…

Oil Pulling Might Be The Next Big Thing – Or Not via HuffPost Healthly Living

Could You Spot an Eating Disorder via <– this article is terrifying and eyeopening and is very much worth a read.

Plenty of Time via The T-Rex Runner <– this post from Danielle definitely got me thinking and I’m definitely guilty of the “oh I have time” mentality. I know I want to take more risks and do bigger things in my life and now I don’t really have an excuse for not thinking about it.

26 Boozy Desserts to Get you Tipsy This St Patrick’s Day via Buzzfeed <– because who doesn’t love a good boozy dessert?!

You Could Use These Sweet Backgrounds via TheBERRY <– wanting a cooler iPhone background? Check these out! Tip: download TheBERRY app and then save the pictures from the app for your phone.

41 People Share Their Favourite Apps That No One Else Knows About via Thought Catalog <– because apps are fun!

Bachelor Juan Pablo Final Episode via Some Guy in Austin <– I’ve been loving these posts all season, especially since they come from the perspective of a guy. I’m keeping him in my reader for Andi’s season of The Bachelorette.

Seven Reasons Why You Might Want a Cake Shaped Like a Baked Potato via Emry at Home <– Because I love Emry, her girls and her writing. And, uh, the cake looks a little, well,….you’ll see……

Running Times – Minutes/km in Minutes/mile <– a super handy conversion chart for us runners!

The Greatest Obituary Ever! <– if you haven’t read/seen this already, it’s worth it. I promise!

Why Whole 30 Is Not For Me… via Healthy Helper <– it was super fitting that this was posted the same day I talked about not talking about food on here.

Blogging Pet Peeves via Running4Cupcakes <– I always like knowing what people love/hate about blogs and design.

Obesity & Body Shaming: There Is a Difference via Live, Love and Run <– this is really really eyeopening and compares obesity and body shaming. Also, make sure you watch the videos.

10 Things People Get Wrong About Anxiety via HuffPost Healthy Living <– if you have an anxious person in your life, please please take a read through this. You can also check out my series on anxiety to see how it affected my life and how I deal day-to-day.

Tell me: What link did you love this week?


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12 thoughts on “Link Love: 3/15

  1. First of all, those stuffed dates look AH-mazing! Can’t wait to hear how they are. Thank you for sharing so many awesome links! I’m glad my nutrition post with Kyle was helpful! Thanks for the link love! Happy running!!!

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