Glass Slipper Challenge: Race Photos

I bet you thought you were done having to read about the super amazing time I had in Disney, didn’t you?

Well, if you did, you’re mistaken.

See, I neglected to include some of the race photos in my post. My recaps (one, two) were already really really long and I figured no one wanted to see a bunch of race photos.

Then I found some super hilarious (and semi-embarrassing) photos andΒ knew you needed to see them. Especially on a Friday since Friday’s are for fun (and drinking).

ham Finish Castle 10k

I plan on ordering the picture of Ann and I in front of the castle because it’s awesome.

Tell me: Do you order race photos?


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23 thoughts on “Glass Slipper Challenge: Race Photos

  1. I’ve only ever ordered one-the one on my most recent blog. And that was pretty much because it was my first race and there’s a hilarious unimpressed girl on the other side of me while I look pretty focused. Most of the time, I give photographers angry face when I run so the race photos are kinda interesting.

    • I just muster up some strength to ham it up for 5 seconds for the camera and then carry on. Except during my marathon when I was hitting the wall and crying – that picture is not flattering AT ALL!

  2. These are awesome!

    I usually don’t buy pictures because they’re stupidly expensive, but I did buy one of me from the Glass Slipper Challenge. I just had to!

  3. These are amazing and are making me really excited for my race this weekend πŸ™‚ I’ve only run one race (a 10k) that took pictures, and they got one good picture of me but it was waaayyy too expensive to justify buying it. I would have totally bought the picture in front of the castle too, though!

  4. Love them! You look like you’re having so much fun! Wish I was there running it with you too. Of course I look totally constipated in any photo I see from races I’ve been in. Yikes!

    • One day we will run Disney together!! I have plans for WDW (half) Jan 2015, DL (Dumbo) Aug 2015 and quite possibly WDW Dopey in Jan 2016 <– I'm crazy. I think you'd fit right in with my crazy group of girls!!

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  6. Your photos are awesome!!

    I do tend to order a lot of my race photos but it really depends. For the Melissa’s 10K the individual photos were stupid expensive. Offer me a digital download for $7-$10 and I’ll do it. $25 per photo? No thank you. If I’m doing a race at Disney or a longer race where the photographers capture a bunch of photos of me I’ll buy them. I figure, buy the whole package, get all the photos and then the cost per photo doesn’t seem like that much.

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