Thinking Out Loud: 3/13

Alternative title: Why I Don’t Talk About Food (Or My Eating Habits) On The Blog….Much.


A while ago I ranted a bit about “healthy living” and was set to talk about food and then I didn’t. So this post sat and sat and sat in my drafts folder. But, I’ve decided it’s time to pull it out of hiding and let it see the light of day.

So, why is it that I rarely talk about what I eat on the blog? (Unless it’s an amazing and probably unhealthy dinner? Remember those polenta fries? Yeah, so do I).


Short answer: I’m boring.

Longer answer: I really am boring.

If you read my weekly plan posts (when I was still posting about food), you’ll see I pretty much ate the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. Heck, my breakfasts have been the same since, oh, March 2013.

(I’m sure those posts weren’t even very interesting for the people reading them. If you bet I were to have a breakfast smoothie next week, or the week after, or the week after that, odds would be in your favour).

That’s not very interesting is it?

If I were to post a WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) post every week, here’s what you’d see:

  • breakfast smoothie
  • trail mix at 10am
  • lunch (I go on different lunch kicks. For a while it was salads, then baked sweet potatoes, then a slow cooker meal. See? Boring)
  • apple or banana around 3pm
  • Vega pre-workout energizer around 5:30 (if it’s a run day)
  • Vega recovery accelerator upon completion of my run (if it’s a run day)
  • Wine or beer (yes, darn near daily, *shrug*)
  • Protein (usually chicken or fish) and lots of veggies; sometimes an omelete
  • Dessert, sometimes tea, sometimes chocolate, sometimes a banana and PB. Really, whatever sounds good to me.

There, now that’s posted you know what I eat nearly every freaking day.

Boring. zzzzzzzzzzz.

The only difference is weekends and I’m usually too busy running around or being lazy to even attempt to remember to take pictures of my food. Seriously.

My eats probably don’t meet the HLB food-to-post standard, and so, I don’t bother posting my food.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting about the Whole-30 diet. And, which I’m certain it has it’s merits, I know I can’t restrict myself like that, especially when I’m training for an ultra marathon.

Food. In mah face!

I treat my food as fuel. Fuel for my body and for my runs. Most of the time, this means my food is pretty dang boring. I’m also not home from my runs until 6:30 at the absolute earliest and I still need to shower and cook/heat up food, so fast food is key (fast here means quick, like reheating something I made on the weekend, not McDonalds). The latest I want to eat is 8pm, and even that is pushing it with my 10pm bedtime.

For the most part, I think I eat pretty dang healthy, but, I don’t count calories, so I can’t even tell you how many calories I consume in a day. I’d say it’s roughly 1600-1800. Ish. I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m not trying to gain weight. I try to eat when I’m hungry and make good choices (most of the time), and not eat when I’m not hungry. Sorry, no magic formula here.

And, after typing all this out, I realized I probably could have just copied this post from Danielle, so go read it too. 🙂

Thinking-Out-Loud (1)

I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud today.

Tell me: what are your thoughts on the WIAW type posts?


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20 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 3/13

  1. I like WIAW posts ’cause I’m nosy and I like to see how others do it. I’ve been posting a food highlights post each week because during the week, my eating tends to be pretty boring too. Breakfast is normally the same thing and lunch is generally leftovers, it’s just easier not to think about it too much.

  2. Oddly enough, I LOVE reading about what people eat. I grew up in a super isolated place where anything beyond basic root vegetables were considered exotic (sweet potatoes included). Food was relatively bland and terribly un-exciting. I was the pickiest eater ever. When I was super young I pretty much survived on cheese, bread, plain pasta, and rice. Yes. My name is Erica and I’m a recovering carb-a-tarian.

    I moved away at 18 and my world was forever changed. I now east relatively normal (I still don’t eat red meat, pork, or seafood). But it’s been a long road getting here. Coupled with the fact I’m a huge planner and LOVE new meal ideas/inspiration, I think reading about what REAL people are ACTUALLY making and eating makes it a more viable option.

    • I love that so many people like to read food posts. I think I might try to post occasionally, but more running focused than “here’s what I eat on a Wednesday” kind of post.
      I think it’s really interesting how where you grew up influcenced your relationship with food, so much. I mean, of course it would, I’ve never thought of it in the way you’ve described.

  3. I love reading what you eat but then again the more i can stalk you the better 😉 Also that and i get really good food ideas from you for running fuel. But if the posts are boring to if they are all the same, why not post them when you do change it up? Like one week focus on sweet potatoes – maybe a recipe or tenchnique? the next week your slow cooker meal. I dunno lol just an idea 🙂

    • I like those ideas! I know I posted a “What I eat as a runner” post in the summer, and think it’s time for a new one. I just have to remember to actually take pictures – I’m terrible at remembering. Bad blogger! 🙂 Same with recipes. I’ll be eating dinner and then remember I should have taken pictures, but I’ll try to do better. Just for you! 😛

  4. I don’t mind doing a WIAW once a week, but there’s no way I could document everything I ate Mostly because the picture taking would drive me insane, but also because my eats really aren’t all that exciting more of the time… at least I don’t think so anyways. I used to be obsessed with food and coming up with creative meals, but that was an ugly sign of my eating disorder. Now that that’s all in the past, I usually can’t be bothered to think about food for longer than it takes to put a meal together (which usually isn’t longer than 10 minutes). So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I totally get where you’re coming from 🙂

    • I’ve also been food obsessed (definitely disordered thinking, but not necessarily an eating disorder…if that makes sense?) and I think that’s why I’m feeling “against” it right now. It’s only been about a year that I haven’t thought and analyzed every freaking bite, so I’m sure I’ll end up relaxing in the future.

  5. I’m kind of the same way. Oh and I don’t necessarily want the world to see how I eat some of the time! I try to eat healthy but don’t always make the best choices and hey, why make myself a target if I don’t need to! Ha ha.

  6. I love this post!! I’ve had a similar one sitting in my drafts folder. I’m a boring eater unless it’s froyo 🙂 I’m a runner not a foodie, but more power to the people that can do all of that!

  7. WIAW makes me feel like I eat a ton. I get real snacky, especially at night or when I get home from work/yoga. I like doing them… because they are easy to not think and just write & bring a lot of traffic to my blog. Is that awful to admint?

    • I love you’re truthful! I don’t think I could do it each week, but I do want to do something with it – maybe I’ll do a monthly one or something. I like to see what other runners are eating to see if I can try something new.

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