Weekly Plan: 3/10 – 3/16 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 7)

Happy Monday my friends!! 🙂

weekly plan

I hope everyone survived losing an hour of sleep over the weekend. Yesterday involved a nice long nap as Saturday involved 3 bottles of wine and a late night. Oopsie.


Monday 7k easy Off – I was exhausted and nearly fell asleep at the grocery store, so rest was more important
Tuesday 12x400m speed 12x400m speed. Total 12km
Wednesday Off Off 🙂
Thursday 9k tempo 8km tempo; total 11.2km
Friday 7k easy 6km easy – this run was a struggle
Saturday 14.5 easy 7.1km – another run that was a massive struggle
Sunday 14.5 easy 12.78km – I debated skipping this one, but decided I was going to do it and I’m glad I did!

Two of my runs this week were awesome: Tuesday and Thursday; two of my runs this week sucked: Friday and Saturday; and one run was just okay: Sunday. Running after going to bed at 1am, and drinking 3 bottles of wine was a challenge, but I’m really glad I did. The weather this weekend was amazing and it seemed a shame not to take advantage of it by running outside. I also followed up Sunday’s run with a nap 🙂

I’ve been reminding myself that part of this program is running on tired legs, so even when I don’t really want to run I need to do it so I can finish my 50k!

Monday 7k easy
Tuesday 8x600m speed
Wednesday Off
Thursday 9k tempo
Friday 7k easy
Saturday 10k easy
Sunday 16k long

I’ve been having some front shin pain after my run on Sunday, so I’m considering taking today off from my run. Monday’s and I don’t always seem to get along (as evidenced by my skipped runs on Monday’s) plus I’m getting together with my girlfriends to watch the finale of The Bachelor. I can’t say I’ve loved this season of The Bachelor and I think Juan Pablo is a complete jerk, so I have to say I feel sorry for whoever he picks.

I’m also linking up with AmandaKrysten and Ericka for #bestfoot Monday today :)

Bestfoot This Week Link Up[4]

Tell me: What are your thoughts on this season of The Bachelor?

Tell me: Is there a day that you struggle with on your run schedule?


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19 thoughts on “Weekly Plan: 3/10 – 3/16 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 7)

  1. I agree that Mondays are always tough for me. So often that ends up being an unplanned rest day for me. I haven’t been watching the Bachelor this season because I couldn’t stand Juan Pablo when he was on the bachelorette. I hated that they chose him for the Bachelor!
    I was so happy that the weather was good this weekend. The trails were crazy eh! It was like it was the middle of summer, but all the runners just looked so happy to be outside!

    • I cannot STAND Juan Pablo – at all. He’s even worse now than he was on The Bachelorette.

      I was dodging people (and puddles!) the whole time, but it was awesome 🙂

    • My downfall is over-thinking it. I’m trying to just get out there and run, even if it feels crappy, because it’ll help me finish (that’s what I tell myself, at least!)

  2. You had a great week of training! When is your 50k? I’m going to do my first 50k in October :0 I don’t watch the Bachelor, although I feel like I should since everyone I know does, lol. For some odd reason I find my Saturday morning run sluggish, it follows my Friday rest day which is weird. Maybe it’s now become mental. 😉

    • My race is June 1 – it seems to be creeping closer and closer.

      I always find my first run back after a rest day to be a bit of a challenge, it’s strange.

    • Oh, it definitely wasn’t all me! I may have wound up in the ER if it was all me! My shin is still cranky today, but I’m wearing compression sleeves and picked up some more KT tape so hopefully after a couple of days off I can get back to it by the end of the week.

  3. Yep, I totally know the feeling of running on tired legs! I normally find that after a couple of miles I don’t feel so bad… most of the time! 😉 I just try to remind myself that it’s all miles in the bank!

    • I make a deal with myself that I’ll run for a certain number of miles or minutes and then reevaluate. Once I hit about 5k I’m usually fine for the rest of the run. I keep telling myself the whole point of this training program is running on tired legs!

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