Link Love: 3/8

Sometimes I feel like being a grown up means exclaiming how quickly weeks or months pass by – this week is no different. And Saturday went by in a flash because I completely forgot to post this! Enjoy my Saturday link love on your Sunday 🙂


Being a grown up also sometimes means complaining about losing an hour of sleep because, ugh. But – if it means I can run after work and not have to run on a treadmill, I’ll take it!! 🙂




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Link Love

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Partner via Psychology Today

It’s a Dude Thing via The Berry

New Ambassadors and An Update via FitFluential <– In case you missed it, I’m a new FitFluential Ambassador. WHEE! Congratulations to everyone else who was selected! Applications will reopen in the Spring, so if you think you’d like to join, stay tuned 🙂 And even if you just barely meet the requirements, still apply!! I truly didn’t think I’d be selected because my blog is so teeny, and I was, so you really never know 😀 All day Thursday I was checking my email (because for some unknown reason I thought Thursday was the last day of Feb, even thought I knew it wasn’t) and then commented to Ann and Heather that I was waiting to hear from FitFluential…..Not 10 minutes later I had the email in my inbox. SQUEE!!

32 Simple Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep via Greatist <– Normally I’m a champion sleeper. I don’t regularly have issues falling asleep or staying asleep, but for the past 10 days or so, sleep and I haven’t been on the best of terms. I’ll have one night of great sleep, following by a few nights of not-so-great sleep.

How I Accidentally Dated Two Guys for a Year via Thought Catalog <– Umm…..

22 People Share Weird Things They Do In Private via Thought Catalog

What Goes Up Must Go Down via Fueled by LOLZ <– “When you have a significantly good or bad race, you are still the same person before the race.  The race itself is a reflection of good, bad and mediocre training.  You have not changed because of the race”. I LOVE this from Hollie, it’s so important to remember!!

Bloggers: Let’s stop apologizing via Healthy Nest

What If Everbody Ran? via Mizuno <– LOVING this website

Albany Marathon Race Recap via rUnladlike <– I love the tidbits Jesica has in her post about her marathon! “Discuss pooping at length – Did you go yet? Was it a good one? Do you think you’ll have to go again before the race?” and At mile 7, I made a deal with myself that rather than thinking about how many more miles I had to go, I would set small goals. The first goal was to get to the half marathon point (13.1), the next was to get to mile 17 (because that’s when you are finally counting down miles in the single digits), and then to 20 (because there is just a 10K to go) and then to 23 (because you can do anything for 3 more miles). Setting these smaller goals really helped me mentally.

Let’s Talk About Lent via My Radical Commitment <– I love Krissie. My head dang near exploded earlier this week when I saw a post about “what foods to give up to lose weight over Lent” (no, I’m not linking to it) so my heart sang when I read this “And I don’t think the purpose of Lent is misery. Growth and discomfort? Yes. But not misery.” It’s also not about freaking losing weight!

Why You Need to Mess With Your Routine via A Life Less Bullshit <– if the opening line is This is a story about menstrual cramps. But really, it’s a story about perfectionism. you know it’s going to be a good post! 🙂

Toxic People Don’t Make Exceptions via Thought Catalog <– a really interesting read

Learn the Risks of OTC Medications via Live From La Quinta <– a super important read if you’re a runner and use painkillers/anti inflammatories when training.

How to Get More Facebook Interaction….and Be Seen via Jasmine Star Photography <– I’m sure this is something that frustrates all bloggers. How the heck to we get people to see what we post on Facebook?!

Want to Make Better Decisions? Here’s a Mental Trick via Storyline Blog <– I really like the mental trick presented here: To make better decisions, imagine your life one year from now. From that perspective, look back on where you are now and think about how you wish you would have handled your current situation. The next time I have a tricky decision to make, I’m going to remember this.

26.2 Reasons Why You Should Run A Marathon via Thought Catalog

When I Grow Up via Olives ‘N Wine

Tell me: What’s your favourite post of the week?


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6 thoughts on “Link Love: 3/8

  1. Thanks for sharing so many great articles and quotes! I also love the Mizuno campaign too. I’m glad my Albany Marathon Race recap was helpful (and made you smile about race day pooping) ;). Happy running! xoxo

    • You’re so right about some awful articles. I’ve read some that I’ll email to a friend and we’ll rant about it together. Haha!
      Glad you enjoyed the ones I found.

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