Hansons Method: Tempo

Here we go again – another post breaking down the Hansons Training Method!



This week I’m going to blabber about tempo runs. I’ve previously talked about tempo runs using the Running Room method, and I’ll warn you, the Hanson method is a bit different from the Running Room.

A lot of training plans (Running Room included) have you run your tempo runs at a pace that is slower than your marathon or half marathon goal pace. While speedwork is included in these training programs, you don’t really run at race pace until the day of the race.

The Hansons method has you run your tempo runs at your marathon goal pace, so quite a bit different from the other methods.

Similar to the speedwork, they include a handy calculator to determine your pace per mile for tempo runs.

photo (53)

Again, I’m going to stick with my 4:00-4:15 marathon pace for my tempo runs (these are actually a little quicker than my guesstimated finish times of 5:00-5:30 for the 50k).

This means my tempo runs will be completed at a pace of 9:09-9:44/mile or 5:41-6:02/km.

Looking at these paces and seeing what my average pace is for a tempo run, I’m pretty much on par with where I should be.


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10 thoughts on “Hansons Method: Tempo

  1. that’s interesting – i’ve always understood tempo runs to be at faster than race pace (which is why they’re generally shorter than my race pace runs). maybe i’ve had it wrong all along!

    • Huh. When I’ve done my clinics with the running room, our tempo runs have always been slower than race pace and the only time we hit race pace or faster was speed work. I guess everyone has a different idea on how to do them.

  2. I have never heard of the Running Room method. I’m relatively new to tempo runs too. I basically run faster than my marathon pace and it’s tough! My tempo runs so far have not been that great and I blame winter!

  3. I remember when I lead an RR clinic. The discussion of how fast Tempo runs came up often. It sounds like you are running right on pace for your goal.

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