Treat Yourself Tuesday: 3/4


It feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve done one of these posts.


I’ve now been back from Orlando for a week, but I’m still thinking about it with today’s post – I’m sharing the goodies I picked up while I was there 🙂

tumblr_loti4hiXHm1qf9unmo1_500 (1)

tumblr_loti4hiXHm1qf9unmo2_500 (1)

I will never get sick of those.

My first stop on the way out of Jacksonville was Walgreens. I wanted to pick up a sewing kit (that I never really used, but the scissors totally came in handy) and then I picked up a bazillion (okay, four) Eos lip balms. Kelly thought I was a bit crazy, but really, these are hella expensive in Canada and they had flavours I hadn’t tried before. I also live in the freaking desert so my lips are dry all the time!!

photo (25)

I also did some damage at the Expo picking up two belts (what? One holds my bib). Buying two came in handy as Lexie borrowed one for both of her races. I actually picked them up because I realized I didn’t bring anything to carry my phone/fuel in. Oopsie.

photo (24)

I also picked up some Nuun – again, fun new flavours!

photo (26)

On our Saturday trip to the Expo I grabbed a pair of shoes. Shoes! I wasn’t planning on buying any, but they were 30% off and Ann said she’d disown me if I didn’t. I’d been eyeing the Newton Distance shoes for a long time, so it seemed like a good time to pick them up!

photo (23)

Finally on Monday I treated myself to a trip to Universal Studios. Kelly, Lexie and I headed there mainly to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and make ourselves sick on rides.

photo (20)

It. Was. So. Fun.

photo (19)

photo (21)

Tell me: How have you treated yourself this week?

Thanks to Becky for hosting 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: 3/4

  1. So glad you got to enjoy the weather somewhere warm!! And I love all of your running treats! Thanks for linking up 🙂

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