Link Love: 3/1


It’s March.


Does “In like a lion, out like a lamb” apply for -30C weather?! Because if so, I’m looking forward to some spring-like temperatures at the end of the month.

This has felt like a bit of a weird week for me – only working two days (woo hoo!) – and I’ve barely posted on my blog. That said, I regret nothing 🙂 I love vacations and sometimes time away is very needed.

I also had to declare Bloglovin’ bankruptcy. With over 600 unread posts there was no way I was catching up. Whoops! Link love might be a bit light this week, but I had no problem coming across things I love!!


Popular This Week

Oh hai

Weekly Plan

Thinking Out Loud

My Ramblen Bio <– I’m so freaking excited I have a bio. Woo!!!!!

Glass Slipper Recap – Part 1

Glass Slipper Recap – Part 2

Link Love

Mini Me Animals <– my heart seriously exploded because of the cute.

7 Signs Someone is Your Person via Thought Catalog

#keepingitreal via Running on Sundays

The Oscars/Academy Awards: Running Edition 2014 via Read.Bake.RUN.repeat

Eating Disorders: The Men’s Issue No One Talks About and Why That Has to Change via Greatist

Try This Tuesday – Up your dosage of self care to get back to YOU via The Small Change Project

The Past Doesn’t Dictate Who You’ll Become via Jasmine Star Photography Blog

A Better Version Of Myself (that I owe to running) via Running with Rhyno

Body Image: The Way My Stomach Looks via Nutty for Life

Coconut Cashew Butter via Hungry Heathy Girl

If you’ve read or written an awesome post this week – link it up in the comments for everyone!!


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