Glass Slipper Weekend Recap – Part 1

I realize it’s taken me a while to recap this past weekend and it’s because I’ve been struggling with how to put it all into worlds. I mean, I can pull a page out of The Bachelor and use the word amazing about a hundred times, but I’m pretty sure you’d all leave comments with a link to a thesaurus at the end of the post.

I really wanted to write it all in one post, but I have way too much to say (not a surprise) so it’s going to have to be a two parter.


Thursday was my travel day – I woke up at 4:30, slammed back some coffee and headed off to the airport. I’m happy to report there were no issues with my flights heading to Jacksonville. Given my track record of flying with United I was very pleased I made it all in one piece 🙂

Kelly met me at the airport and we headed to her house and enjoyed some beers on her balcony while waiting for her husband to come home so we could grab some dinner.

photo (1)

Although Jacksonville was two hours ahead of Calgary I still had no problem falling asleep at 11pm (9pm) and sleeping for nearly 10 hours. What can I say? I like my sleep!!


Friday was…….interesting.

Originally the three ladies were supposed to all fly in and land at 4pm to give us time to hit up package pickup and the Expo before it closed at 7pm (let me just say that 7pm is freaking early to close package pickup!), except….it didn’t quite work out that way.

Kelly let me know at 9:15 that Kelly’s (yup, there were two of them) flight was delayed. Slightly after that Lori let us know her flight was delayed and we weren’t entirely sure when they’d be arriving. The only one who didn’t appear to be delayed was Ann (foreshadowing here). We spent a few hours printing off waivers and hugely enlarged photos of ID from Kelly and Lori and crossed our fingers we’d be able to pick up their kits before we picked up Ann from the airport.

Just before lunch time Kelly and I hit the road to drive from Jacksonville to Orlando. We made a plan to check into the hotel, grab lunch, hit the Expo, get Ann from the airport, head back to the Expo and then go back to the airport. Oh, the best laid plans……..

Of course we found out that Ann’s connecting flight was delayed and we didn’t have her info to pick up her bib.

Frick <– that’s not quite was I said, but it was close. You get the idea.

If you’re wondering why all these flights were being delayed it was because of storms in and around Orlando. Except….there kind of weren’t any. Kelly and I were rained on for all of 3 minutes and then it was over.

After grabbing food Kelly and I met Lexie at the Expo and started our quest of grabbing race packages for everyone. Since we weren’t sure if Ann would be able to make it to the Expo in time to grab her bib and we were running at 10k at 5:30 on Saturday morning I confirmed with no fewer than three people that she’d be able to pick up her bib on Saturday morning.


I can’t imagine WHY I’m single. I mean really.

Tip: Disney does do race day bib pickup only (not your package). This isn’t advertised because having 35,000 people in line to pick up bibs would be a freaking disaster, but if your flight is somehow delayed or you absolutely cannot make it to the Expo to get it, you will be able to get it on race day – just make sure you have your ID and waiver. <– I’m sure Disney now hates me for making this known. I’d still much rather get everything the night before, but in case of the unthinkable, this is good to know.

After grabbing packages for Kelly and Lori, Kelly, Lexie and I hit up the Expo for a lap before heading back to the hotel. We basically had enough time to get our keys and drop our bags and then I received an email from Ann saying she had landed. The three of us piled into Lexie’s mini-van – aka: the Swaggar Wagon –  (seriously BEST! THING! EVER!) and made the trek to the airport to grab Ann and Kelly.

There’s no way I can accurately describe the fluster-cluck that was the airport, so just believe me when I say it was a complete and total fluster-cluck. Flights were waiting for gates, the luggage belt was getting jammed. Total. Disaster. And some dude was power tripping with his whistle. Orlando airport: You.Are.Drunk.

Thankfully, we were able to chat and giggle and all that while waiting. Once we had Ann and Kelly safely in the van we headed back to the hotel as Lori wouldn’t arriving for a while. It was decided beers were in order. Not ten minutes after we had arrived back at the hotel Lori let us know she had arrived……20 minutes after that we left. What can I say, we wanted to finish our beers 🙂

By the time we had Lori safely in the van it was 9pm, none of us had eaten and we needed to wake up at 3:15am to get to the race.

Uh. Oops.

Any kind of sit-down restaurant was quickly vetoed, so we went to Publix to get dinner. Except….we were tired and our brains couldn’t brain. At all.

I decided cheese and crackers, a fruit tray, a veggie tray and beer sounded like an excellent idea for dinner.

Finally finally we made it back to the hotel and crammed some food into our faces before setting our alarms for 3:15 and collapsing into bed around 10:30pm.

Except…..I didn’t sleep.


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18 thoughts on “Glass Slipper Weekend Recap – Part 1

  1. I think this will need to be a several parter, not just two parter. You know, to capture the real essence that was a truly epic weekend.

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