Weekly Plan: 2/24 – 3/2 (Ultra Marathon Training Week 5)

Hello hello and happy Wednesday!

weekly plan

This is a few days late going up, but it was far more important for me to spend by the pool, shopping and just visiting over the weekend. I know my blog falls off when I travel and I’m okay with that. As much as I love my blog (and I really love it) I also really really love spending time with my friends 😀

I had this post all typed up while waiting for my flight in Jacksonville yesterday and then? I lost it. I’ve been fighting an awful cold all day today (I had a sore throat in Orlando but it decided really come to a head today) so I’ve been chilling on the couch instead of rewriting this post <—first world problem for sure.


Monday 10k run
5k run – I was tired from running the previous 3 days so I cut it short
Tuesday MASSAGE Nailed it!!
Wednesday 6X800m I ran for 15 minutes but my shin was bothering me, so I decided to take it easy
Thursday Off – flying to Jacksonville Check!
Friday Off – driving to ORLANDO Check again!
Saturday 10k race 10k race
Sunday 21.1k race 21.1k race

Now that Disney is done (and it was so much fun!!) it’s time to start thinking about my 50k ultra coming up on June 1. I’m moving back to the beginner +20% plan for the remainder of my training. I know I do well with higher mileage and frequent running, but I also really don’t want to get injured, so I think following the beginner plan is what’s best for me.

Monday Off – Universal Studios
Tuesday Off – flying home
Wednesday Off
Thursday 8k run
Friday 10k run
Saturday 8k run
Sunday 11.5k run

So, there ya have it! I’m hoping to have my race weekend recap up by Friday and I’ll be posting about the goodies I purchased next Tuesday.

Tell me: What are you looking forward to in your training this week?


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