Hansons Method: Long Runs

Here we go.

Everybody’s favourite.

The long run.



Again, this is totes different from the other long runs from other training programs, so stick with me.

I mentioned before the idea of Hansons is to train you for the tail end of your race, and not run an easy 32km and gut out the last 10k.

So, I’ll be coming into these runs on relatively tired legs – my day off is Wednesday, Thursday is tempo, Friday is recovery and Saturday is an easy run, so I’ll have ran a heck of a lot of miles before hitting up my Sunday long runs.

Again, we’re going to use my handy marathon finish time spreadsheet (from this post) and use a goal finish pace of 4:00-4:15.

According to the chart, I’ll be completing my long runs with a pace of 9:53-10:29 per mile or 6:08-6:30/km.

Previously to this, a lot of my long runs were completed in the 6:24 average pace (I’ve been trying to negative split my long runs with a focus of finishing strong) so this seems like it will line up nicely with what I’ve been doing previously to this program.

My long run on Sunday was completed at an average pace of 6:18/km, so that’s pretty much bang on for the long run pace. If you want to keep up with my runs you can always follow me on RunKeeper (it’s free!) and be a creeper 🙂

Tell me: Do you pay attention to pace, or distance on your long runs?





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