#MNBChallenge – Week Two

Good morning and happy Sunday, my friends!


Tomorrow is the start of week three, the final week of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge hosted by Lorna Jane and Fit Approach.

Here’s a recap of my week two: nourish.


photo (35)

Go meatless. A picture of the amazing seven superfoods salad from Costco – the cranberries and pumpkin seeds are so good on the salad!


photo (36)

Take your lunch to work day. Surprisingly I had a lunch-hour course and lunch was provided, this pretty much never happens, so I brought myself some snacks and ate the free lunch. Obviously! 🙂


photo (37) WIAW. I don’t track what I eat, so I don’t typically participate in the WIAW blog posts. I only remembered to take pictures of my breakfast (oops) so that’s what was posted.

Tall skinny cinnamon dolche latte, coffee at home, rustic bacon breakfast sandwich (which was unbelievably good. The cheddar bun was amazing).


photo (38)

Smoothie day! Since I make a smoothie for breakfast nearly every weekday (I’m in LURVE with my Blendtec), this was an easy one for me. A morning without my smoothie (like Tuesday) just feels weird.


photo (39)

Go raw.

This was tricky for me, as I tend to eat fairly boring and the same thing for breakfast and lunch all week. I suppose my breakfast could have been considered raw, but two pictures of smoothies in a row would have been silly – so instead I refueled from my 10k run with a date roll. I also take these on my long runs for fuel instead of relying on gels.

Next up is week three: believe.

Tell me: Are you participating in the challenge?

I know it’s super unlikely, but I’m really hoping I might win the $1000 from Lorna Jane 🙂



Week 1


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2 thoughts on “#MNBChallenge – Week Two

  1. Great week! I am looking forward to next weeks challenges actually. The move and nourish were great but already part of my everyday routine. Next weeks believe challenges will have me stopping and thinking and I like that!

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