Link Love: 2/15

Ahhh, the day after Valentine’s Day.




I had an enjoyable night in with steak, wine and The Mindy Project last night – just what I needed! 🙂

I’m delaying my run until late morning/early afternoon, but I’m just super excited to run outside today!!


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Link Love

We Are All Just Figuring Things Out As We Go via Thought Catalog <– so so great. Read this post.

25 Ways To Become the Happiest Version of Yourself via Thought Catalog <– I loved reading this and, being a relatively happy person, I have to say I quite agree

The Game Plan via The T-Rex Runner <– I good reminder that I really need to stop slacking on my cross training!!

The #REALFITSPRO Project: Issue 1 via Lift Me Up Fitness

How To Find YOUR Happy Weight via Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish <– if you’ve been working hard to lose weight, maybe a shift in what YOUR weight is, is necessary, this post is a great read and has awesome suggestions

Valentine’s Cards for Single People to Give to Themselves via Buzzfeed <– a day late, but they’re still great!

16 Graphs That Perfectly Illustrate Twentysomething Life via Buzzfeed <– heck, I’m 30 and I can relate all too well to some of these.

It’s Okay….Part 6 via Snack Therapy <– dang I love this girl!!!!!

My Brain on Exercise: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression via Feminine Muscle <– this post really (like really) spoke to me. As I was reading Taylor’s words I could feel her emotions. The struggle, the loss, the helplessness. While I don’t believe I’m fully able to manage my anxiety through exercise alone, it was a huge struggle for me to finally be okay with taking something to help me to function “normally”.

7 Ways To Become Self Reliant via Thought Catalog

Canada Has A Beer Fridge That Only Opens With A Canadian Passport via Buzzfeed <– the beer in the fridge is kinda shitty, but who freaking cares! CANADA!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Keep It Real About Our Bodies via Runners World <– I have some mad love for Lauren Fleshman.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake via Smitten Kitchen

9 Historic Olympic Cities and What They Look Like Today via Buzzfeed

Tell me: What are some of your favourite links of the week?


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One thought on “Link Love: 2/15

  1. To be honest I feel off the blog reading/loving wagon this week. Super busy so I am power reading this weekend! I am delaying my run until it warms up today. (Hopefully I won’t have to wait that long)

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