Thinking Out Loud: 2/13

Who’s ready for some random?!

I know I am!!


Once again, thanks to the awesome Amanda (aka – Spoons) for hosting!!


I’m going to be hanging out with Merlin tomorrow. That will be my Valentine’s Day.

Up until about 10 days ago I had dinner plans, but #lifehappens and they were cancelled, so instead I shall be opening up a bottle of wine, cooking up a steak and chilling with my favourite Valentine, Merlin.

Cats really do make the best Valentine’s.

Is it super lame of me to admit I’m hanging out alone? *shrug* Whatever. I know I’m awesome.


It turns out the reason I’m currently single is because I’m too perfect. 😉



I thought it was because I spent 20 minutes laying on the bathroom floor playing with my cat and taking pictures of him.


I feel like I’m finding my stride (ha! see what I did there?) with running this week.

Last week was certainly an off week, but I do feel like I’m killing it this week.

For my speedwork on Tuesday I took my beta-alanine and man, that stuff is amazing. It has a super weird side effect in that it makes your skin tingle, but it sure does reduce fatigue! Bam!


I’m addicted to watching the Olympics. Addicted.

This weekend I will run and then plant my bum on the couch for the remainder of each day to watch as much coverage as a can.


I’ve also decided I should compete in the biathlon. I can’t really ski, and I’m not so good at shooting, but it looks like a sport I can possibly learn? Maybe?

Problem: I have next to no upper body strength – I should probably work on that.


I’ve been swamped at work this week. It’s been awesome; however, this means I’m so far behind reading and commenting on blogs and responding to comments.

By the time I get home and run, I’m done. I plant my bum on the couch and then go to bed at 10. Yup, I have a grandma bedtime.


I’m pretty certain The Mindy Project is my new favourite show. I loves it. So much.


I think I’ll add catching up on Season 2 to my list of things to do this weekend 🙂


In seven days I will be in Florida and I can’t freaking wait!

I’m so ready for some time away from life and to just relax with some super awesome and amazing people!

I was a tad stressed this week because I was lacking in a cat sitter (#lifehappens) but I found one! Woohoo!!


A very heartfelt post of mine was shared on the I’m Fit Possible blog yesterday. If you didn’t see it, head on over and check it out.


Tell me: If you were to complete in an Olympic sport, what would it be? Do you have any plans for tomorrow?


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5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 2/13

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll probably be hanging out on my own tomorrow as well — such are the joys of being in a long distance military relationship. Be my Valentine? 🙂

    And the Olympics. Gah. Addicted. I’m all about the snowboarding, naturally. I actually had hopes of competing when I was younger, but a freak accident kind of squashed those dreams. Ahh well. It’s still fun to watch 🙂

    • I’m totally going to Tweet you pictures of myself drinking wine! 🙂 I’ll totally be your Valentine!!

      I’m an awful skiier, I’m horribly knock-kneed, I think I need to try snowboarding, maybe I’d be better? I really want to learn, but I’m terrified of getting injured before a race!

  2. I saw a card last week and it’s my motto for Valentine’s Day. “You’re single, you know it. Pet your cat”. Ok I don’t have a cat but I have Jemina, the toy rabbit I’ve had forever and she’ll do. I know lots of people have issues being single on Valentine’s Day but I’m not one of them, there are worse things than being single, I’ve been some of them and this is good in comparison. Today is the 30th anniversary of Torvil and Dean winning the ice dancing Gold (it’s a big thing in the UK, we don’t really do winter sports – it rains too much!) so it would be skating but I’m just not that dedicated. One of my oldest friends used to row in Uni and I once went to watch her row and it was cold and snowy and she was rowing in what looked like a leotard and I just don’t want anything that much!
    Also don’t worry about the 10pm bedtime, on schoolnights, I have to be in bed at 9:30pm!

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