Link Love: 2/8

Good Saturday morning my lovely friends!


I’m starting off the weekend by getting my hair done today. Oh, I love getting my hair “did”. I haven’t coloured it since September, so I’m looking forward to having pretty hair for the next day, until I shower and it gets tossed back into a ponytail for the next 3 months.


photo (27)

photo (15)

photo (28)

photo (29)

photo (30) 

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Link Love

2014 NYC Marathon: Will You Apply? via Run To The Finish <—if you’re looking to run, you can enter to win one of 60 early entry spots. I’d love to run the NYC Marathon one year, but I’m not sure if it’s financially in the cards for me just yet….

How Blogging Is Like High School via Vodka and Soda <—I’m thankful I haven’t seen much of this in my blog, but I’m told it happens. I want to make sure I stay true to me throughout this blogging adventure.

Marriage Shouldn’t Work via The Wannabe Athlete <—I love this post, so, so much. So much. Especially given my rant on Thursday. If you’re in a relationship, please read this and please take it to heart.

Biggest Loser Controversy: Does Rachel Have An Eating Disorder via Sarah Fit <—LOVED this! I was getting somewhat irked reading all the criticism surrounding Rachel’s win.

Chia: The Sexiest Food in Running via Laces and Lattes

What’s Wrong With The Biggest Loser via Pappa Don’t Preach

The Biggest Loser & America’s Obsession with Judging via Honey, I Shrunk The Gretchen

WIAW: Food Shaming and Comparison via The Real Life RD

Are You Ready To Date Again? via Erica House

You’ve Said It: I Didn’t Want to Workout BUT.. via Feminine Muscle

I Was A Manipulator (Here’s How I Stopped) via Storyline Blog <—a very interesting take on the subject of lying

Date A Girl Who Runs via The Blonder Side of Life

AEC: Hotties With Cats via TheBerry <—trust me, you’ll want to click this

Tell me: What posts have you loved this week?


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