#MNBChallenge – Week One

Last week I blogged about the Lorna Jane and Fit Approach Move Nourish Believe Challenge.


I’ve been posting pics all week on Twitter and Instragram, so here’s how week one week for me!


1654119_281965908633701_1340523977_n Monday got off to a rockier start than I anticipated and it just turned into one of those days where a run wasn’t going to happen. Instead of deciding to give up on the challenge before it even began, I decided to take a picture of my running shoes (for sweating it out!) and Merlin (partly because he was in the way and partly because, aside from running, he’s my favourite).


photo (26)

Tuesday’s prompt was to switch up our sweat, so I hopped on the bike instead. I was still feeling a little drained, but knew I’d regret not hitting the gym, so 45 minutes on the bike it was!


photo (31)

Oh planks. I love to hate you. Since I’m only regularly doing 45 second planks, doing 5 minutes of planks was painful, but worth it!!


photo (32)

Unfortunately, none of my friends wanted to run intervals on the treadmill with me on Thursday – I can’t imagine why! So Merlin was my stretching and cool down buddy.


photo (33)

I think this is pretty self explanatory! 🙂 My five favourite fitness items.

Next week’s theme is “nourish” and is all about nourishing our bodies.

Tell me: Have you been participating in the challenge?


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