Thinking Out Loud: 2/6


Last week I mentioned I felt like I had been drinking the haterade and this week doesn’t feel much different.


To be honest, it’s been a challenging week and there has been more tears and less sleep that I would have liked. Yes, I’m doing okay, it’s just been a challenge. I’m thankful I have a great employer that gave me the day off on Tuesday, and wonderful friends who love and support me.

Now, enough about my week.


This picture is of a promo being run by a local radio station.

And you know what? It rubs me the wrong way.

Very much so the wrong way.

After having personal experience in how fragile a marriage can be, this really really bugs me. And this contest!? Just trivializes the whole damn thing.  Right now, if you get married, there’s a 40-50% chance you won’t make it. Think about that. How many things would you do if you knew you had a 50/50 chance of failure?

I certainly didn’t get married thinking I’d get a divorce; heck, it wasn’t even an option for me. And yet, a radio station thinks it’s okay to get married and then, 90.3 hours later get divorced?!

That just hurts my heart.

I get that being extreme and creating controversy creates ratings, but do we really need to trivialize marriage in order to get those ratings?!

Unrelated: Miley Cyrus. Really?!

Given the laws around divorce in Canada (you must be separated for 1 year before one will be granted) I suspect this won’t be a legally binding marriage, but regardless or the legality or not, I find the entire concept behind this deplorable.

Tell me: What are your thoughts on this contest? Does it rub you the wrong way like it does me?

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16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 2/6

  1. Oh my goodness, this is insane. Considering that I’m in the middle of planning my wedding, things like this just seem to taunt “what you’re doing is stupid,” when really, what I’m doing is making a commitment that means a whole hell of a lot to me.

    This DOES trivialize marriage, it IS infuriating, and it bothers me on many different levels.

    I just…..ugh.

  2. Ugh that totally rubs me the wrong way… but sort of unrelated, controversy gets way more attention than anything else… my Lulu post got more hits on the blog in the shortest period of time than any post I’ve ever written.

    PS I nominated you for a Liebster award: (Sorry if you have already been nominated or done it before, I just nominated a bunch of my favorites!)

    • I saw this DAYS ago and can still barely come up with a conherent thought that isn’t FULL of profanity! You’re very right, controversy gets more attention and they are getting attention they’re looking for.

      Oh cool, I need to check that out. Thanks 🙂

  3. I agree. My biggest comment to this is, and some people think same-sex marriage is ruining the sanctity of marriage? Are you F-ING KIDDING ME. When shit like this is happening, that’s what’s ruining the sanctity of marriage yet there are people all over the world spending so much time, energy and money trying to keep same sex couples who are in love from getting married. Ridiculous.

    Also, marriage is frickin’ hard. Almost two years in and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Also so so rewarding. But hard. They don’t usually tell you how hard it’s going to be…

  4. What in all hell… 😯 I always feel like I’m past being able to be surprised by some of the daft things that people will come up with, but time and time again my theory is proven incorrect. Who comes up with sh*t like this?! Marriage is a serious thing, and I hate it when people blow it off like it’s nothing. No wonder our society is so messed up…

  5. That’s just disgusting! I don’t understand what radio station would want to promote something like that. And I really can’t believe people would sign up for it. Like, why just why? What is it proving?

  6. It’s just so weird… I don’t even really get it. Like, what? Who even came up with this? In California, close to 75% of marriages end in divorce, and it pisses me off that same-sex marriage just became legal last year, because people believe that it was going to ruin the sanctity of marriage. Ha!

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