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After feeling the winter blues for a while this week, I had a massive giggle fest with my girls on Thursday and I felt so much better! It was definitely what I needed. I could tell you what it was about, but then you’d look at me, squint your eyes and say, “I don’t get it’. So just trust me that laughing until you cry is nearly always the best medicine!

I don’t have a lot planned this weekend: cleaning, two runs, a trip to Costco and getting ready for the week. Nothing too spectacular, but I do enjoy my quiet weekends.

I have some awesome news coming your way on Sunday (that’s tomorrow!) and a giveaway for Friday (provided I get my butt in gear and do some cooking this weekend! Hence the Costco trip!), so February appears to be off to a killer start. And?! I’m giving the SeaWheeze registration one last chance on Monday. Here’s to hoping the kinks are worked out and my gal pals and I are able to get in 🙂

Hope you’re having an awesome Saturday!



^^ I pretty much love everything about Anna Kendrick, I think it might be bordering on inappropriate…… I mean, really

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Links I’m Loving

Two orcas have been captured and are on their way to the Sochi Olympics <– I do no like this story. At all. But this link is a petition. Will it do any good? I have no idea, but I do know my heart is sad for the two orcas.

Orange Cranberry White Chocolate Bars via The Healthy Maven

39 Absolutely Perfect Comic Sans Valentine’s Day Cards via Buzzfeed

10 Reasons Pants Are The Worst via Hello Giggles

What You Must Know About Your Nutrition via Feminie Muscle <– iron, B12, how to lose weight, and milk….do we need it? A great post and podcast!

8 Runners Habits That Would Make Your Mom Cringe via Slow is the New Fast <– I can relate to all of these, except…popping a squat. I’ve seriously never had to. And….I’ve just jinxed myself.

The Best Ever Banana Bread via The Healthy Maven

Home Made Coconut Butter via Nutty for Life <– so easy and so yummy!!

Sixty Super Game Day Eats via Sweet Bella Roos <– okay, so the Superbowl is tomorrow (or so I’m told) so if you’re looking for some last minute treats, check these out. I may make them just because – I think the Superbowl is an excellent excuse to eat some delicious food!

Steps to a Healthier Body Image via Lift Me Up Fitness <– this: “THIS IS WHO I AM AND IF SOMEBODY DOESN’T LIKE IT THEY CAN JUST GET OVER IT.” times ONE MILLION!!

WIAW: Why we need all the macronutrients by The Real Life RD

It’s Okay… via Olive ‘N Wine

So Hi via RoseRunner <– this post is full of hilariously awesome gems. I love it.

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Setting Goals (And What To Do Instead) via Greatist <– I found this eyeopening for me. I definitely fall into the “once won’t hurt me” trap; likely far more often than I should!

37 Life Lessons in 37 Years via Huffington Post <– love love love this. So much.

Wellness Calendar: February 2014 via Back To Her Roots <– I ❤ printables.

Tell me: What are some of your favourite links of the week?


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