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Once again it’s Saturday! I hope you partied last night and slept in this morning 🙂

I most certainly did not party last night. I was in bed before 9pm (yup, on a Friday. I’m a party animal, I tell ya!) because I was exhausted. If I didn’t make dinner, I probably would have been asleep by 7pm.

I have a TON of awesome posts to share with you again today. There are a lot. This leads me to believe a) I read too many blogs (probably true) and b) I read blogs written by awesome bloggers (also true).

I hope you’re able to find an awesome post or two in here.

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Link Love

Why I Won’t Apologize For My Body via Lift Me Up Fitness <– read this. Then read it again. And maybe again. This post was awesome and I really needed to hear these words this week.

How To Know If You’re A Controlling Person via Storyline Blog <– this post came to me at just the right time. I’ve been questioning the actions of someone in my life for a while, to try to understand them so I can predict the outcome, just as mentioned in the post. It was a good reminder that I’m responsible for my life and to live my life in the best way that I can (something I’ve really been focusing on for the past year) and I can’t do a dang thing about what someone else does – even if it’s frustrating as all heck.

Crossfit: A Love, Hate Relationship via The Little Honey Bee <– Amy does a great job articulating my issues with crossfit – namely if it isn’t strength training and Paleo, it’s bad.

Blogger Etiquette: Commenting via Sprouts and Squats <– I love this honest post from Jan. Like Jan, I don’t comment on every blog I read, but if you comment on my blog, I always try to visit your blog and leave a comment AND I try to respond to comments (I’m just not sure how the notification works in WordPress….do you guys actually get my replies? Bueller?)

Why Tracking Calories or IIFYM Isn’t For ME, (but it may be for you!) via Life Me Up Fitness <– dang, Janine is NAILING me with her posts this week. I LOVE THIS one 🙂

Removing The Perfect Life Perception via The Big Man’s World <– I do my best to be real here, without divulging too much infomation about certain personal situations. I don’t do it to be secretive, but because I respect the privacy of people in my life. I no way try to appear perfect, but I do try to keep the whining and pity parties to a minimum.

Enough Is Enough via Lift Me Up Fitness <– this post kills it. Truly!

How Big Is Your Penis via Buzzfeed <– I, uh….think the quiz might be, err, rigged.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Married to Save Money via Long Drive Journey <– take this to heart kids, your life does not begin when you get married, so make sure you’re living it now.

A Double Standard via Nutty for Life <– what are you thoughts on the messages from magazines?

11 Facts Everyone Should Know About Orca Captivity via Buzzfeed <– after watching Blackfish I’m a little passionate about this (if you haven’t seen Blackfish and The Cove, watch them!)

I Wish I Could Stop via Keep It Up David

Body Love vs. The Desire To Be Thin via Honey I Shrunk The Gretchen <– this is such a great post. I think it’s so true that a lot of times we’re stuck because being told to love our body and seeing pictures in the media saying we must be thin to be worthy. Love love love Gretchen! (Also, read Terra).

#YOLO: How to Live Life to It’s Fullest via Feminine Muscle <– I LOVE the points Taylor makes in this post.

Q&A Part 1: Blogging and Biz via Fit Foodie Finds

My Love/Hate Lululemon Relationship via Read.Bake.RUN.Repeat <– yeah, Krista said it with far less profanity than I would have. Actually, if you want to know how I feel, just read my Twitter stream or my comment on her blog because OH.MY.GOSH. what a clusterfuck Thursday was. My tolerance for bullshit is all of about zero on a good day so all this #unicornhappyyoga bullshit about did me in.

27 Truly Magnificant Peanut Butter Desserts via Buzzfeed

Why Companies Should Eliminate the Popularity Contest via RunWiki

Tell me: What’s a post you loved this week?

11 thoughts on “Link Love: 1/25

  1. Giiiirrrll, you and I am soul sisters. I am very passionate about Cetaceans in captivity. I thought that it would be a no brainer for people to get behind this cause, but I am finding there are a large number of folks who continue to think that keeping whales in a bat tub is ok. I guess before the civil war there were people who thought slavery was ok, or men who thought women shouldn’t vote– I putting anyone who has been educated and yet still continues to support Seaworld in this category.

    • Back in 2010 I went on vacation to Mexico and ended up going to Xel-Ha and had, oh, four or five too many drinks. Anyway…..I had previously watched The Cove and I was so upset seeing the dolphins in these tiny enclosures. I’m certain if I had a few more drinks I would have jumped in the tank and attemption to free the dolphins. It’s just so heartbreaking.
      I nearly got into with my mom about SeaWorld too. I can say with certainty I will NEVER step foot in one. Ever.

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