Thinking Out Loud: 1/16

The only thing that could make Thursday’s better would be the return of Grey’s and Scandal. Why oh why do I have to wait until February 27?! <– oh, hello first world problem!


I’m pretty certain my post last week was one of the worst posts ever. Sorry about that. Apparently my cold stole my brain! Thankfully I started feeling human on Sunday/Monday and that put me in a super chipper mood. Seriously. I was singing in my head on the way to work on Monday and I’ve been all smiles since. Yup, feeling healthy really does affect how I feel about myself!

I’ll warn you, my brain appears to be fully operational this week – that means I have a lot of random thoughts for you 🙂


Only one more week until SeaWheeze registration opens. I really, really can’t wait. Like, seriously can’t wait. I’m so excited to run with race with such an awesome and amazing group of girls. I still want you to run it with me!


On Monday I moved into an office with a window. A window. You know this means I’m going to post about one gazillion pictures of sunrises on Instagram, right?! Sorry, not sorry about that. Right now the sun rises around 8:30 (nope, not joking about that) so that means I have a great view of the sunrise, but I can’t wait until the sun is up before I am. I’ll be pumped when I can wake up to sunshine instead of waking up before the sun (and I don’t drag my lazy bum out of bed until nearly 7am on weekdays!).

photo (16)

Dreary and snowy on Monday.


On Saturday I went out for dinner and ate polenta fries. Oh my gosh, you guys, I swear those could fix everything that’s wrong in the world. They were so, so good. And then I had ravioli with mushrooms, cream sauce and truffle oil. Gah! To. Die. For. Oh my. It’s been a while since I treated myself to a dinner out and I’m so glad it was so delicious!

photo (15)

I also wore pretty earrings.


I’ve started making (tentatively and likely to change a million times) plans for a few trips once my debt is paid off. In the fall I’d like to go back to NYC (probably in December since it was so pretty last time) and goodness knows I’m in desperate need of a vacation on a beach where someone ensures there is always a drink in my hand. I’m also considering a 2 week EuroTrip in Spring 2015 with visits to Berlin, Paris and London and while I’m at it, I might as well sort of plan to hike Machu Picchu sometime in 2016, right?!

I fully realize most (if not all) of these will change, but it’s certainly nice to have some adventures planned!


I kind of, but not really, feel bad for calling out Purolator and CanadaPost for being incompetent on Twitter last week. I don’t like being negative on social media, but to have Purolator return a package twice to the vendor when my address was 100% correct and to have CanadaPost just not be able to figure out my address was highly frustrating.

All’s well that ends well as I received my mugs and my goodies from North Coast Naturals. Look for a giveaway coming up in the next week or so, too!

photo (19)


Last week someone told me via Twitter that they loved my blog and found me to be inspiring and then I felt all sorts of warm fuzzies! Whenever someone tells me how much they love this little space of mine, I’m surprised. Truly. I’m certainly not an English major (I’m pretty sure that’s evident on a daily basis) and I’m a middle of the pack runner, so to hear that someone likes my space always makes me smile. Thanks for making me smile, Sharon!


Merlin has decided 5am is an appropriate wake up time. No. No it is not. For a split second I considered just getting out of bed when he wakes me up. Then I laughed, shut my door, rolled over and went back to sleep.

Morning person I am not! <– anytime you hear me say I might go to the gym in the morning, remember this. As much as I wish I could work out in the morning, I’ve pretty much given up even trying.


A few times this past week, in certain situations, I’ve thought or said, “Story of my life”. And then? I start singing the song. And? I actually quite like the song. I’m 30 and I like a One Direction song. #sorrynotsorry

Tell me: What’s random in your week?

PS – Don’t forget to head over to Amanda’s and link up!

8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 1/16

  1. Canada Post has seriously been having some issues lately… I’ve had to deal with packages/letters being SUPER late since a little before Christmas. What gives? I swear… next year I’m going to have to send out my Christmas cards in the beginning of November just for them to get there on time. Ugh. I love the old-school feel of snail mail, but it’s definitely a pain in the *ss. And I seriously can.not.WAIT until the sun starts rising earlier… When you wake up around 4:30 and have to wait 4 hours until you see some daylight, you’re not exactly motivated to get much of anything done. Although I suppose I shouldn’t complain since we’re having some gorgeous weather. Above freezing in January? I’ll take it!

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