How How I Feel Affects My Body Image

Ugh, what a totally awkward post title, but I’m assuming y’all understand what I mean šŸ˜‰

It’s no secret that I’ve been not 100% healthy for a little over a month. I’ve done my best not to whine about it, but not being able to run, cross train and go to yoga has really started to affect me.

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Last Wednesday I had an absolutely crap-tastic treadmill run. I set out to do an easy 10k and 5 minutes in I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen. I kept trying to stay positive and set a mini goal of making it to 30 minutes and then evaluating from there. Well, at 23 minutes I stopped running and walked the remaining 7 minutes.

Crap-tastic, indeed.

What I noticed after the run, is I started feeling bad about my body.

I started picking at how my pants fit, at how I’d gained (a small amount of) weight over the Christmas break.

Pick. Pick. Pick.

I know that feeling unwell and not being able to do the things I know I capable of doing affects how I feel about myself – this was a perfect example.

Gaining 4-6 pounds because I’ve been sick for, oh, roughly six weeks, and survived off alcohol and sugar for a week over Christmas is hardly significant. Like, barely.

My clothes all fit the same(ish), and I don’t feel all wibbly-wobbly (mostly) when I move.

But –

I don’t feel healthy.

Running, yoga, cross training: these are all things I include in my life because they make me feel better. It’s one thing to choose not to run because I have other commitments, it’s another to be unable to run because I’m not well.

I’m perfectly fine making a choice to take a day or two off from running when it’s my choice, but I really do feel like my body is betraying me with this dang cold because right now?! It’sĀ not my choice.

I made the decision to take last Thursday off from running because my run on Wednesday made me feel worse. <– dumb.

I have no issues running through a cold (the sinus infection was completely different) but I’m not willing to push my recovery to healthfulness back just so I can get a few runs in, especially if those runs top out at 20 minutes because I can’t continue.

Can we also talk about how frustrating it is to run for 20 minutes and then have to take a freakingĀ shower because I may have only ran for 20 minutes but I’m still a sweaty beast and needed (seriously, needed) to shower. How freaking stupid.

It’s certainly been eye-opening for me to see the distinct connection between how I feel health-wise and how I feel about my body.

Tell me: Does how you feel health-wise correlate to how you feel about your body?

10 thoughts on “How How I Feel Affects My Body Image

  1. There is an absolute correlation! Feeling ill has you on a negative bent to start with, and then anything else that could be negative is infinitely more noticeable. I’m coming off 6 weeks sedentary because I had major surgery, and if I could count the number of times I tried to will myself to recover faster so I could get back to being active, I’d be a gazillionaire. Too bad bodies don’t work that way and actually need to, oh I don’t know…heal and stuff. Doesn’t make the picking at things go away, but I always try to recognize and redirect those thoughts. And if I run 5 minutes or 50, I’m going to need a shower. Ugh.

  2. Oh my gosh, one is totally based on the other. When I’m sick or injured I automatically think I’m heavier, flabbier and lazier. Ha ha. Our contentedness shouldn’t rely on our ability to work out or run but somehow that’s just naturally what happens. Thanks for sharing!

    • I can’t count the number of times I’ve called myself “gross” because I’m sick. Ugh. You’re so right, one really shouldn’t rely on the other!

  3. yes, there is a big connection between my health and how I feel about my body. I’ve had an injury that has kept me unable to do any kind of cardio for the better part of 6 months now. It’s so hard, to feel good about my body, when I can’t go out and exercise as I would like. To be honest it keeps me down at times, not full out depressed, but just a bummed feeling. I try to find upliftment in other things. But yes I fully agree on the correlation between health and how we feel about our bodies.

    • Oh man, I can’t imagine not being able to do cardio for 6 months, that’s a long time! I definitely try to enjoy my rest time and have a cup of tea instead of dwelling on it!

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