Weekly Plan: 1/7-1/19

Happy Monday my friends!

Weekly Plan (1)

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I woke up yesterday morning finally feeling human. HOORAY! I actually woke up at 7:30 and got a ton done, so I feel really ready to hit the week running. It’s been a while since I felt ready to tackle the week and I have to say, it’s a great feeling.

Saturday I went to see Lone Survivor and oh my. I’m just speechless after seeing the movie. I had a white knuckle grip on my arm for a lot of the movie and I think it was wonderfully done. I highly recommend seeing it.

Right now I’m getting ready to pour myself a drink and enjoy Tina and Amy host the Golden Globes. I missed their awesomeness last year as I was flying to Yellowknife on Sunday evening for my 3 long weeks in the cold and dark. I have to say, I’m so very very (very VERY) thankful that I’m in Calgary this year. Seriously, so thankful!


First let’s look at my plan, and how it played out, from last week:


Monday 14km run (to make up missing my run on January 1)
Greatist WOD
10k run
Tuesday Off Off! Nailed it!!
Wednesday 10km run
Greatist WOD
Yin Yoga
None of the above
Thursday 11km run N/A
Friday Greatist WOD Great big fail
Saturday 8km run
Yoga Sculpt
Nope. Not a chance.
Sunday 13km run Runner’s World Core workout from Feb 2014 issue

And now the plan for this week:

Monday Greatist WOD
RW Core
Tuesday 10k steady
Greatist WOD
Wednesday 10k steady
Yin Yoga
Thursday 10k steady
Greatist WOD
Friday Greatist WOD
Saturday 10k steady
Yoga Sculpt
Sunday 15k long run

As you can see, per my schedule, I’m on week 11 and it’s highly modified. I’ve removed anything that it’s an easy paced run since I’ve primarily taken 6 weeks off, and I’d like to ease back into running. I’m also very much not running the scheduled 26k long run because, uh, no. After such a long time off I think that would be a terrible idea.


Anyone wanna guess?

You got it – green smoothies!

I also have some of the new Special K breakfast sandwiches, so one may make an appearance, likely on Friday, if I don’t feel like prepping a smoothie.


This week is another (highly) modified Runner’s World Cookbook recipe: Chicken with Mint, Peas and Feta. Except…..my store didn’t have any mint, so I added in some basil and dill instead. I figure I can make some of those changes 🙂

I completely blanked on taking pictures, so the posting of the recipe will have to wait for the next time these return to my lunch rotation.


This week I’ll be snacking on 2% Greek yogurt, trail mix, apples and bananas.

It’s getting healthy up in here!


Ahhhh, dinner. The typical tie where I don’t have much planned – and this is true again. Sunday I had brussels sprouts and salmon (yum!) and I think I’ll be enjoying lots of protein and veggies during the week again. I have lots in my freezer and I’m ready to eat healthy!

Tell me: Do you have a plan for the week?

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