Why You Should Run SeaWheeze

In 2012 I found out about SeaWheeze about a month before the race, and it was most certainly sold out at that point, so right then and there I decided I’d be running SeaWheeze in 2013.


I wasted no time in signing up for the 2013 SeaWheeze race even though I had no one to go with. No matter, I was able to meet up with my friend Lexie and we had the most amazing time together (you can read my recaps here, here, here and here).

Now with just 15 days to go before 2014 SeaWheeze registration, I want to encourage you to sign up so you can run it with me!


For SeaWheeze 2013 I strayed from my tried and true Running Room plan and used the Lululemon provided plan and I think it worked out pretty well for me, considering I PR’d and all 🙂

Right now I believe there are 4 (including me) awesome ladies from Calgary coming, my friend Lexie from Vancouver (and her sister, I think?) and (hopefully!) a from Victoria. In my perfect world, we will rent an amazing suite close to the start/finish line (unlike my looong walk last year!) to maximize awesomeness (killer hotel room and location! location! location!) and minimize the cost.

So, I want to convince you to sign up for SeaWheeze to run it with me! (Just register after I do, so I get my spot, okay?!).

Never ran a half marathon before?

Don’t worry about it. The race is 7 months away. Let me tell you, seven months is more than enough time to get training. Seriously!

SeaWheeze doesn’t really focus on being competitive, as there are no age group awards, the idea is just to run and have fun while doing it! Perks also include exclusive Lululemon gear (sorry credit card), free massages, an awesome brunch, yoga and a concert.

Not sure how to train?

That’s where the Lululemon training plan and I come in!

You may not know this, but I spent years coaching speed and synchronized swimming and, although I’m not certified, I really want to be your coach/cheerleader/person to inspire and motivate you to run SeaWheeze!

If you’re in Calgary and are planning to run SeaWheeze – let me know! I want to connect with you – maybe we can go on runs together, or we can meet for coffee, or email back and forth about how you feel your training is going. You can also download RunKeeper (it’s FREE!) for your iPhone (and Andriod, I think?) so we can keep up with each other’s training – you just need to friend me here.

I’ll be updating my blog with the training plan once it’s released and I hope to do a weekly training post as well to answer any questions, address any training issues and just keep people motivated!

Still on the fence about it?

Leave me a comment below or send me an email through my contact form with any questions or concerns you may have. I had so much fun in Vancouver last year (Vancouver is one of my most favourite cities in the world) that I plan on running SeaWheeze every year!

Are you a guy and thinking about running SeaWheeze? Not to fear! About 10% of the people last year were guys – and you’ll be surrounded by a sea of females all in Luon, it’s a can’t lose situation!!

Tell me: Will I see you in Vancouver in August?

14 thoughts on “Why You Should Run SeaWheeze

  1. Just found your blog through @eachcoach and its so nice to find another ‘local’ blogger. I’m in Vancouver and have done Seawheeze for the last two years. I am actually on the fence about this year…

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    • This is such a great race if it’s your first! I had so much fun last year 🙂
      Last year Lululemon had a great training plan – I highly recommend it! (I’ll be posting about the training program and such once it’s posted). You can take a peek at the program from last year here: http://cowgirlruns.com/current-training-plan/seawheeze-training-plan/
      The Running Room is also great – I followed their plan for my first half, and it’s fun to run with a group, but I’m not sure if their plans will line up with SeaWheeze.

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