Treat Yourself Tuesday: 1/7

Happy Tuesday, my friends – or for me, a Tuesday that feels like a Monday.


Thanks to Becky for hosting!

I treated myself to a day off yesterday as I spent all weekend marking exams. Between Saturday and Sunday I marked for 20 hours (12 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday) so I felt I deserved a day off (yes, after not working for nearly two weeks) so I could do things like clean my house, do laundry and buy groceries!

I also decided I needed to do something about my wine situation. When I moved into my condo I put all my wine in moving boxes, and it stayed in moving boxes until yesterday. It was nearly impossible to find a bottle and I was convinced I had no wine to drink. Ha! Not likely.

I picked up some simple wine racks from Ikea – since they were going in my closet I wasn’t too worried about the look of them (although I may paint them at some point) I just wanted to get organized.

photo (95)

photo (99)

As you can see, Merlin was pretty pumped to have a box to hang out in as well.

After organizing my closet (I really should have taken a before picture!) it looks way better. Judging by the wine still in cardboard boxes, I may need to pick up a few more racks (5 more should do it!) but that will have to wait a bit since I’m on the saving money train.

photo (100)

While at Ikea I also treated myself to some carafes. I had originally planned on buying some at Crate and Barrel on Boxing Day, but I never did end up going to the store, so when I saw some cute ones at Ikea for not very expensive I decided I’d pick them up!

photo (97)

Since this entire post appears to be wine themed, I thought I should include the totally fantastic wine travel mug my mom bought me for Christmas (no, I won’t be traveling with it in my car!) and another carafe I received for Christmas two years ago. I love it, but I’m always nervous about using it because it’s very fragile glass and I don’t want to break it.

photo (96)

Tell me: How did you treat yourself this week?

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