January Goals

Just because I set myself some goals for the year, doesn’t mean I’m going to give up setting some monthly goals for myself as well.

January Goals

Since much of December was spent without much of a routine, I definitely want to focus on eating healthy and running more in January. Having a half marathon and a 50k on the schedule are definitely motivating as well!

1. Run

Missing nearly 4 weeks of my training schedule means I can’t just jump back into what’s on the calendar. I’m going to spend some time each week tweaking my distance and intensity to make sure I still run, but don’t injure myself.

2. Do Yoga

This is a carryover from my 2014 Goals: to do yoga twice per week. In at attempt to make this happen I’ve already signed up for a hot yin class at 9:15 on Wednesday and a Yoga Sculpt class at 1pm on Saturday.

3. Cross Train

I was doing really really well with the Greatist WOD’s up until I got sick and then I pretty much stopped cold turkey. So I’ll be starting the 3-day (M, W, F) program this week. This will mean I’ll have a run, WOD and yoga all on Wednesday but I think I can hack it. If it gets to be too much, then I’ll start moving things around.

4. Meal Plan

Since I was winging it for most of December, meal planning fell off the radar. I’ve since purchased the Runner’s World Cookbook and Eat and Run, so I’d like to try at least two new recipes as part of my meal planning. Anytime I read a vegan or vegetarian cookbook I get this crazy idea that maybe I’d like try eating vegan, then I remember how much I like steak and the thought is gone. But, I would like to try one vegetarian/vegan meal per week as part of my meal planning.

5. Budget

With my goal of paying off debt (is anyone sick of hearing about this yet?) I want to do my best to stick with my budget and no-spend goals for the month. I’d also like to do some brain storming to see where I might be able to bring in some extra income in order to get everything paid down sooner. I’m really hoping to have some contract work come May, but anything I can get before then would also be a blessing.

Tell me: Do you have any goals for January?

3 thoughts on “January Goals

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  2. Ugh, I need to get on board with #4 and #5. Those two actually go hand-in-hand for me, because when I don’t meal plan, I eat out wayyy more often. I think your no-spend goals are amazing. My reason for budgeting is so I can spend all of my money on travel. Haha, priorities.

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