Link Love: 1/4

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve done one of these posts – the holidays just really threw me off. It’s okay, it was a good thing, I really did need a break, even if my break consisted of primarily chilling on the couch πŸ™‚

I hope you’re all enjoying a relaxing Saturday. I was up early after going to the movies with a friend last night (47 Ronin was pretty good – but that said I went into it with pretty low expectations) and am spending the weekend marking exams. Considering it’s cold and snowy out, and I probably would have just laid on the couch all weekend, I’ve decided this isn’t a bad way to spend it πŸ™‚


Before I dive into the links, I thought I’d do a bit of a phone dump. Lots of these are from my Instagram account (if you aren’t already following me, you can do so here) and some are just pictures that ended up on my phone and never being posted.



photo (86)

photo (87)

photo (88)

photo (89)

photo (90)

photo (91)

photo (92)
photo (93)

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Link Love

Warning: this is long since I’m two weeks behind, but I promise you this is filled with very awesome links, blogs and articles πŸ™‚

14 Fucks I Refuse to Give in 2014 <– sorry not sorry about language πŸ™‚

Where do you feel love? Body maps show emotion’s effects <– really really interesting

The Healing Power of Cat Purrs <– feel free to give me my Crazy Cat Lady card any day

Divergent Faction Quiz <– I’m half Amity and half Erudite

the top 10 books for the top 10 New Year’s resolutions via Jess Lively

The Small Change Project – Resources <– you won’t be disappointed! (Katie is the sister of one of my super close friends, so I’ll take every opportunity to pimp out her awesome stuff!)

Fitness Essentials and Non-Essentials via Snack Therapy

Two-week healthy eating meal plan: January 2014 via Back to Her Roots

Living Intentionally via The Real Life RD <– a big change I made in 2013 was to live my life with more intention instead of just floating and I’ve noticed huge differences in my happiness and choices.

Feeling Anxious? Screw Keeping Calm – Get Psyched and Carry On via Greatist <– a very interesting take on dealing with anxiety

Don’t Share Your Resolutions! via Storyline Blog <– uhhh, too late? But very interesting.

Would You Rather: Running Style Survey #7 via Olive to Run

Writing our 2014 Story via rUnladylike

Top 35 Healthy Recipes for the New Year via Eat, Live, Run

free January wallpaper via Jess Lively <– I always look forward to these and change my desktop background each month!

8 Favourite Vegan Lunch and Dinner Recipes of 2013 via Oh She Glows

Words That Should Never Be Used to Describe Food via Snack Therapy

Making Life Even Awesome-er via The Small Change Project and Lifestyle Design Camp

What she hears when you say “I’m fat” via Run To The Finish

See ya lata 2013 via Hungry Runner Girl <– I just love Janae so much and I love how honest she is in her posts. Xoxo.

The Greatest Impact You Have May Come Out of Your Pain via Storyline Blog <– oof. That is all.

Wellness Calendar: January 2014 via Back to Her Roots

When it isn’t convenient via Hungry Runner Girl <– again, more awesomeness from Janae

Please don’t fix yourself via Jess Lively <– READ THIS

A Single Resolution via The T-Rex Runner <– Danielle is awesome. The end.

Perspective via Olives ‘n Wine <– so good. So, so good!

It’s Science: The 15 Studies from 2013 That Matter to Your Health Most via Greatist

Why “eating normally” was such a struggle for me and how I overcame it via Jamie Mendell <– A great (seriously, really great) read if you compare your eating with someone else, or just have a bit of a struggle.

Tell me: What blogs/links/articles did you love this week?

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