Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 1/2


As always, thanks to Amanda for hosting!!

Thursday…..Monday….it all kind of feels the same to me today.

I’ll warn you in advance, this is going to be incredibly rambley and random seeing as this is my first day back at work in almost two weeks and I am most certainly not used to waking up at 6:30…

  • I slept for 10 hours last night. I was in bed at 8pm and asleep by 9pm. Considering most of my break I was in bed between 12 and 1 and up at 9, I’d say I did okay yesterday.
  • I woke up yesterday with another freaking sore throat. I am so very not impressed. At. All. Seriously. I was sick for nearly 4 weeks, well for a week and now possibly sick again?! Not cool, body, not cool at all. I plan on putting myself to bed early again today.
  • I had a rough moment on NYE when right before midnight, I realized I was extremely happy to see 2012 go last year because I knew 2013 would give me a fresh start, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t exactly where I thought I would be at the end of 2013. I allowed myself a 3 minute pity party and then I realized being upset about it wouldn’t change anything, so now I’ll be taking bigger and better steps to make sure I end 2014 as best I can.
  • I wore my Team Canada hockey jersey to work today. I dressed it up with boots and pretty earrings, but I’m pretty dang comfortable today. I may also be listening to the hockey game online. Maybe.

Hashtag: Bathroom Selfie

  • I think my cat was glad to have me all to himself again. He slept next to me all day yesterday and snuggled with me all last night as well. What can I say? He’s definitely a momma’s boy.
  • As much as I don’t like waking up early, I’m definitely glad to be back into a routine being back at work. It’ll be nice to get back to eating healthier foods and running regularly (once this silly sore throat goes away!).
  • I’m working all weekend marking exams. While I’m looking forward to the extra cash (bye bye debt!) I’m not looking forward to waking up early all weekend and missing out on hockey games. However, I am taking Monday off work to catch up on errands and sleep.


Tell me: What’s random in your world today?

6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 1/2

  1. Yeeeeeep, today definitely feels like a Monday, but the good nes is that tomorrow is Friday. Uhm… can it be like that every week? 😀 And I know what you mean about just wanting to get back into a semi-normal routine. I love the holidays, but daaaaang I could definitely use some normalcy in my life again.

    Happy New Year, girl! Hope you feel better soon ❤

  2. Today wasn’t Monday!? 😉 Seriously I felt the same way. The past couple weeks have been wonderful but I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular routine as well.
    Best of luck in 2014, I’m sure you’ll make it rock harder than 2013… its all about perspective and believing it will be Ah-mazing!

    • I’m working all weekend. Boo-urns. It’s only marking exams, but I’ll be in a classroom instead of on my couch. However, I am taking Monday off, so that should make up for it! 🙂

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